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The New Mrs. | Lindsey Plantation Bridal Portraits

Jillian might be one of THE sweetest people I’ve ever met.  I’ve known her for years but getting to know her even more during hers and Derek’s engagement has been such a joy!  Her smile actually has the power to light up a room when she’s in it.  She also has the gift of making you feel like the most important person in the room when she’s talking to you.  Her heart is genuine and her hugs let you know that she really cares about you.

I’m can’t wait to share photos from their wedding day later this week, but I’m SO excited to be able to share her bridal portraits from several weeks ago!  These are always SO hard to hold onto and not share before the big day, but it’s so much fun when I can finally release them to the world via the blog.  So, enjoy some of my favorites from her bridal session at Lindsey Plantation!

Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-101 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-102 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-103 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-104

The light + just enough wind + a long veil = gorgeousness!


See what I mean about her smile??

Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-106 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-107 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-108 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-109 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-110 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-111 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-112 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-113 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-114 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-115 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-116 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-117

I love so many of these, but this one might be my favorite!

Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-118 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-119 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-120 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-121 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-122 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-123 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-124 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-125 Lindsey-Plantation-Bridal-Portrait-126

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