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Happy Valentine’s!

How adorable is this photo?!?!  Kim DeLoach is so stinking creative and I’m so thankful that her talents have captured some very sweet memories for us over the years. I’m excited to love on these two little girls today and to show them how we can share that love with others.  We’re headed to papa’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Ideas!

Valentine’s may or may not be your most favorite holiday.  For the longest time, it seemed the only reason it existed was to single out all of the single people who weren’t getting flowers and candy sent to them.  And I went through my phases of wearing black on February 14, having girls nights, or […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, before you skip over this post entirely, hear me out.  I know that today isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday.  Some are against it because they believe it’s a day made up just to get us to spend money on things like flowers and candy (which in reality, most people I know like those things so […]

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Valentine’s Day – aka Single’s Awareness Day

I get it.  I really do!  Even though I dated a little bit during and after college, I was never dating anyone ON Valentine’s day.  Or Christmas or my birthday (not really anyway) for that matter.  But, looking back, it’s a really huge blessing!  Because now, I get to celebrate with the only person I […]

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