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Fabulous Friday | Something Beautiful

I’m not sure where you are in the world and what your weather/day/schedule is like, but take at least 60 seconds and go outside today.  Take a deep breath.  Soak in the beauty around you (whether it’s nature, architecture, or the sound of crickets before you go to bed).  Find something to be thankful for.  It […]

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Most of you probably saw the post on Facebook recently about a mom’s to-do list that included things like cleaning a messy kitchen, picking up after the kids, etc.  But what made it so popular was what she wrote underneath each item.  She was thankful for each thing on her to-do list for various reasons […]

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What Matters

In the midst of late night feedings, more spit up than I’ve ever seen before in my life, and our fair share of diapers, I’m finally beginning to see what matters – what REALLY matters. Family matters.  Midnight snuggles matter.  Smiles matter.  My husband matters.  And Jesus absolutely matters. We are no where near getting […]

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