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Sneak Peak | Allie

Yay for Friday!  And yay for the Olympics starting tonight!!  I LOVE the Olympics… My excitement level is too much to even convey in just a few words.  Some of you know how nuts I am about Clemson football and well, that excitement spills over into other sports from time to time. But, when it’s something like the Olympics, my blood gets pumping as Team USA gets up to the starting line, or climbs the ladder for diving, or (ahh!) when swimmers climb up onto the blocks.  Especially with the more competitive events (i.e. swimming), you’re more likely to find me standing and pacing or jumping up and down as the event is going on.  Because, as we all know, our cheers from home have a direct affect on the athletes! And no, it doesn’t matter if they’re an ocean away… or if the event is being replayed… :-)  My cheers still matter! :-)

So, as you’re getting ready to watch the opening ceremonies tonight and head into the weekend, here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming to the blog next week.  I love this adorable little red head (and her parents too, of course!)!!


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