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Setting a (Photography) Trend

You guys may or may not know this, but I was the one that started the whole “take a photo of your food and share it” thing.  Yep, it’s true.

Almost 4 years ago when I was in France, my brother (the chef) had asked me to take photos of the food I’d be eating.  So, each time we sat down to eat, I pulled out my camera and explained to everyone I was taking a photo of our meal because my brother was a chef.  And so started the trend of all of us taking photos of our food.

Granted, it wasn’t with my phone… and I wasn’t posting these immediately… but, you know.  I had a hand in it ;-)

This dessert?  If memory serves, it was delicious.

I had no idea how similar these photos were until I put them side by side.

One of my first selfies… before we knew what that term meant!

We kept taking pictures of his food (it was in really good light!), but he was super hungry…
But he was with us!  We weren’t keeping a stranger from eating lunch!

See??  The light was really good!

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