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Photos for the Grandkids

Some of my favorite photos from wedding days are when the couple is so wrapped up in what the day is all about that they completely forget I’m there.  This day is fully about them and the beginning of their family and their adventure and while I hope they remember me and how much fun we all had capturing these memories on their wedding day, chances are slim that their kids or grandkids will ever know who I was.  But that’s kind of the point.  The wedding isn’t about me and what amazing photos I’M taking, it’s about this couple and the first day of their marriage!

And while those photos are romantic, enduring and show how connected the bride and groom are, one of my goals is to get several photos where you can clearly see the bride and groom’s faces.  Because THOSE are the photos their kids and grandkids will want to have.  Those are the photos their kids and grandkids will have on display at their own weddings down the road.

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These photos below… THIS is why I take the photos above!
The groom’s grandparents at this past weekend’s wedding had just recently celebrated 62 years of marriage.  SIXTY TWO!  And I’m pretty sure I stared at their photo and the others for several minutes each.  I love how Jennifer and James honored their grandparents and parents not just with these photos but with their names and wedding dates and how they were related was attached to each frame.  It was so sweet and so special and I couldn’t let this sweet couple leave without getting a photo of them with their wedding photo.  Jennifer gave them her bride’s bouquet after the anniversary dance as a gift for being the longest married couple at the reception.  It was beyond precious and the smile on her face still shows how happy she was about it all!


So yes, we will take plenty of those romantic and connected portraits at your wedding because I want the two of you to look at them and remember how in love the two of you were.  But we’ll also take some photos for your kids and grandkids too :-)  Because they’ll want to see your faces, discover where they got some of their features from and take a step back in time to the day their family began.

Jennifer + James | Sabrina Fields Photography - October 12, 2017 - 10:05 pm

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