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Megan + Josh | A Lion’s Gate Manor Wedding

Even though they’d known each other since high school – they went to prom together twice! – they’d gone their separate ways for a while before reconnecting several years after college.  But this time, it was right.  Megan and Josh were meant to be together and now they get to start their forever side by side.

They were both a little nervous.  But once they saw each other at their First Look and were able to hug and talk for a few minutes, they were ready for the day!  And what a day it was… Lion’s Gate Manor is tucked away in the woods behind a gorgeous home and it truly felt like we’d stepped into a fairy tale for the afternoon.

Friends and family surrounded them the entire day, but it was each of their little girls who loved on Megan and Josh the most.  I’m pretty sure they actually stole the show with their cuteness and loving hugs for each other.  After all, they became sisters on Saturday!

Megan and Josh, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  It was so beautiful and I hope you enjoy a look back on your first day as husband and wife!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-101 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-102 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-103 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-104 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-105 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-106 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-107 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-108 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-109 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-110

Such a sweet first look!!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-111 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-112 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-113 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-114 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-115 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-116 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-117

Every part of this house was gorgeous… the front where Megan and Josh had their first look, inside, and the backyard!
There really wasn’t a bad place for photos anywhere!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-118 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-119backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-120 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-121 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-122 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-123 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-124 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-125

The bridesmaids were gorgeous, but these flower girls were precious!


I loved the navy and khakis… especially with all of the green as a backdrop!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-127 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-128 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-129

Oh my gosh, how adorable is this family photo??

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-130 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-131 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-132 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-133 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-134 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-135 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-136 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-137 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-138 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-139 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-140 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-141 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-142 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-143 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-144

I say a prayer before every wedding… for the bride and groom, for my own energy to last the entire day, for my equipment to work and that God would allow me to capture sweet moments as the day unfolds.  This photo of Megan coming down for the ceremony was one of those moments I prayed for!  She was such a stunning bride and I love this image.  It happened so quickly but now it’s frozen in time.

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-145 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-146 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-147 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-148 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-150 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-151 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-152

This little grove on the other side of the ceremony location was like a DREAM!!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-153backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-154 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-155

I honestly could have stayed down here for ages…

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-156 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-157backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-158

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-159 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-160 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-161 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-162 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-163 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-164 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-165 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-166 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-167

Look at the smiles on their faces!!  I love this :-)

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-168 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-169 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-170

Look how beautiful this backyard is!!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-171 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-172 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-173 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-174

Megan’s parents and her grandparents out on the dance floor – two of the MANY cute couples at the wedding!

backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-175 backyard-wedding-lions-gate-manor-176

Ceremony & Reception | Lion’s Gate Manor
Wedding Coordinator | Vicky Long
Wedding Dress | The Castle, Mori Lee
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Thomas & Sons
Hair & Makeup | Pink, The Beauty Boutique
Florals | Shawna Cothran and Phyllis Atkins (bride’s mother & grandmother)
Wedding Invitations | Vista Print
Minister | Rodney Graham
DJ | Ken Mayfield
Videography | Barry Burnett
Cake | Lee Ann Turner
Catering | Tim Holmes Catering

Becklin + Frank | A Tyger Pines Arabians Wedding

So many of us had been waiting for over a year for this day to come.  I still remember meeting Becklin and her mom for the first time and falling in love with both of them.  And when we met up for their engagement session (one year and one day before the wedding!), Frank was as kind and genuine and fun as Becklin herself was!

A year felt like a long time away and I’m sure to these two, it definitely felt like an eternity some days!  But I loved seeing Becklin’s posts and countdowns to May 13.  They were SO excited and SO ready to become husband and wife and to begin their adventure together. I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with these two and their families.

The biggest thing they wanted for their day was for God to be given all the glory, honor and praise… and that’s exactly what happened.  They had a First Look (which you guys know I love!) and during their time together celebrated communion and prayed before we did much else.  It was beautiful.  And I also love that Ben was capturing their day on video so they have that to look back on their day with too!

Their family and friends gathered outside for their early evening ceremony.  They prayed over Becklin and Frank and everyone agreed to support them, guide them and pray for them and their marriage.

We left feeling so encouraged not just by this sweet couple but by their friends and family and especially their faith.  God is going to do so much with these two and I can’t wait to see His plans unfold for them!

I’ve already written way too much, but I’ve also posted way too many photos from their day, so it all works!  Enjoy this extra long post from this really special day!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-101 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-102 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-103 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-104 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-105 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-106 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-107 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-108 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-109 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-110 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-111 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-112 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-113 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-114 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-115 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-116 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-117 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-118 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-119 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-120 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-121 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-122 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-123Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-124

Becklin… what a stunning bride you are!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-125 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-126 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-127 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-128 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-129 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-130

This is why I adore First Looks!  You don’t get to hug each other like this when you wait until the ceremony to see your bride/groom-to-be!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-131 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-132 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-133

Frank’s wedding gift to Becklin was this hope chest that he built himself!  So that’s what they used to take communion off of.

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-134 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-135 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-136Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-137 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-138 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-139 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-140 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-141

For as gorgeous as Becklin is, Frank is just as dapper.

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-142 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-143 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-144 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-145 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-146 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-147 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-148

I still can’t get over how beautiful this location is!


Her daddy hadn’t seen her dress at all so she did a First Look with him too!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-150 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-151 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-152Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-153 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-154 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-155 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-156 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-157 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-158 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-159 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-160 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-161 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-162 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-163 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-164

Between the flower girls and this precious ring bearer, my ability to handle all things cute and adorable was filled to the brim!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-165 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-166 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-167 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-168 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-169 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-170 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-171 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-172 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-173 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-174 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-175 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-176 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-177

And then it was time…


Oh my gosh, this sweet boy was the best!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-179 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-180 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-181 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-182Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-183 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-184 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-185 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-186 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-187Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-188 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-189 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-190 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-191 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-192

They’re married!!!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-193 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-195 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-196 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-197 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-198 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-199 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-200 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-201 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-202 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-203 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-204 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-205 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-206 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-207 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-208 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-209 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-210 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-211 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-212 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-213 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-214 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-215 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-216 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-217 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-218 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-219

At one point, they played the Chicken Dance song for Becklin and all the kids she had ever babysat!  It was the sweetest thing!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-220 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-221 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-222 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-223

Y’all.  The cuteness of these two black and white photos is almost enough to put me over the edge.  How amazing are these two ladies??

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-224 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-225

I just adore portrait time with my couples.  Yes, we’d gotten lots before the ceremony, but when the light is beautiful and glowy like this
and your is up for it, we’re able to get even MORE portraits of the two of them!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-226 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-227Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-228 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-229 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-230

Oh I do love a good veil toss photo!!

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-231 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-232Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-233

Becklin changed before they left and we had a little more time so we snuck in a few more portraits :-)
But oh my gosh, how gorgeous is she in that dress??

Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-234 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-235 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-236 Tyger-Pines-Arabians-Outdoor-Wedding-237

Many thanks to the amazing team of vendors who made Becklin & Frank’s wedding so wonderful!

Ceremony & Reception | Tyger Pines Arabians
Wedding Dress | Carolina Traditions, Stella York
Bridesmaid’s Skirts | Hand-sewn & designed by Melissa Kimbrell

Invitations | Haley Hopkins
Calligraphy | Abby Keith
Groomsman Suspenders & Ties | Me And Matilda
Wedding Director | Erin Keel
Makeup & Hair Artist |Candace Reese, Salon YOUnique
Bride’s Bouquet | Pumpkin & Pye
Videographer | Fields Films
Sound | David Lawson
Officiants | Reverend Hub Blankenship and Reverend Mike Landrum
Musicians | Kerry and Wanda McSwain
Vocals | Logen Blankenship and Breelyn Blankenship
DJ | Chase Wolfe, bride’s cousin
Chair, Dance Floor, Table Rentals | Event Rentals
Doors for Ceremony | Vintage Warehouse
Arch | Chris Canfield
Catering | Midway Barbeque
Cake Artist | Ruth Wolfe, bride’s grandmother

All I Wanted Was a Mother’s Day Photo

All of you seasoned moms out there are already laughing because you know where this is going…

I have this really sweet photo of my mom and I with Catherine on my first Mother’s Day in 2015.  And I love it!

View More:

I’d hoped to get another one with both girls, but when mom came over for brunch, Catherine was asleep (she’d actually been sick that morning) so we got a photo with Isa and hoped to get one with both girls later on.


However, said toddler wasn’t interested in photos when she woke up.  But before the day was out, I was going to get a photo with my two girls!  Sadly, we waited juuuuust a bit too late.  It was way past bedtime and both girls were DONE.

These girls may hate that I’ve posted these one day down the road, but I don’t even care because they crack me up!  This is real life, my friends.  And it’s amazing!  I’m also super thankful that Ben just kept taking photos instead of waiting for “the right moment”!


Isa’s face…!

MothersDay2017-102 MothersDay2017-103

At least I did get some kisses out of the whole thing.


Toddler meltdown.

MothersDay2017-105 MothersDay2017-106 MothersDay2017-107 MothersDay2017-108 MothersDay2017-109

I’m not really sure who was getting more of a workout…
Catherine and her gymnastics, me wrangling both girls, or Isa exercising her lungs.

MothersDay2017-110MothersDay2017-111 MothersDay2017-112

This is me trying my hardest not to laugh directly in Catherine’s face :-)


So here it is.  The “official” 2017 Mother’s Day photo with a crying toddler and a spitty uppy baby.  And I love it.


melissa - May 17, 2017 - 5:01 am

Perfect! :)

Karen Swoap - May 17, 2017 - 6:37 am

This is your best post yet!!! Thanks for sharing the reality of motherhood!

Kristen + Adam | A Downtown Spartanburg Engagement

They met online – like Ben and I did!  But they’ve definitely found a partner in each other to adventure with.  They’ve taken several trips to visit his family and to explore our nations capital.  Kristen will tell you that she can’t pinpoint the exact moment she knew that Adam was the one, but when they were venturing around D.C., she knew that she wouldn’t want to be there with anyone else!

On one of these trips to Buffalo to see Adam’s family in December, they decided to go see Niagara Falls since they were so close.  While they were admiring the view, they saw a couple getting engaged!  Kristen offered to take their photo and without her knowing, Adam was holding up the ring to show them he was about to pop the question too!  After walking a little ways away, Adam was able to distract her long enough to pull the ring out again and get down on one knee.

We met in downtown Spartanburg for their engagement session and it was a perfect day!  The weather was just starting to get warm but it was beautiful and we all had a blast wandering and chatting and letting these two snuggle :-)

Enjoy some of my favorites!  You’ll see these two on the blog again in December after their big day!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-101 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-102 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-103 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-104 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-105 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-106

Kristen’s ring is beautiful!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-107 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-108 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-109 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-110

I love it when the groom can make his future bride’s eyes light up :-)

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-111 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-112 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-113blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-114 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-115 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-116

Thank you, downtown Spartanburg, for these yellow planters that perfectly coordinated with my couple!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-117 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-118 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-119

Spartanburg has grown up quite a bit since I was growing up there!  And that’s definitely a good thing!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-120 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-121 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-122

The second half of their session was close to where they had their second date… playing trivia!  They’ve been back almost every week since that second date so it only made sense we finished their session there!


And by the way… these photos are outside of an Ace Hardware!  Gah!  Who knew Ace Hardware could be so pretty??

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-124 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-125 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-126 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-127 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-128blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-129

So pretty, Kristen!!

blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-130 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-131 blue-gold-spartanburg-engagement-photos-132

Our last several shots were actually inside :-)
How many people have photos like this from one of their date spots (other than selfies, I mean!)??


To see more engagement sessions, click HERE.

Jennifer + James | A Clemson Engagement Session

They met in Clemson just after finals when he was initially interested in her roommate.  But after that didn’t (thankfully) work out, and they’d gotten to know each other over the following year, they went on their first date.  He’d planned a picnic at the Botanical Gardens where they ate sandwiches and wandered around the grounds.

After several years of dating long distance, Jennifer decided it was time to take a chance and move closer to James.  She knew before he did that they would always be together, but when she made the move to the upstate, he knew for sure that he never wanted to be apart from her again.

He planned the most perfect sunset proposal on the beach when she was in Charleston for her annual girls weekend with friends.  They were in on it, of course, but she didn’t have a clue!  Even when they realized at dinner that it was dark outside and they rushed Jennifer out and to the dark beach, Jennifer still didn’t realize what was happening… until she saw a guy that looked JUST like James.  They may have missed the sunset, but with the sand beneath their feet and the sound of the crashing waves around them, he asked her to marry him.

It was so much fun getting to be in Clemson twice this past week!  And getting to spend a couple of hours with Jennifer and James made me even more excited for their October wedding later this year!


They had not been back to the Botanical Gardens since their first date so it was only fitting – exactly 5 years later! – to go back to where their relationship began.  Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with them!


Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-103 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-104 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-105 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-106 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-107

I love how those trees complimented Jennifer’s dress!!

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-108 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-109

Y’all.  Not only did James have this ring hand made just for Jennifer, but he has video of it being crafted! So amazing.

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-110 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-111

These two are beyond cute together.

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-112 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-113 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-114

Jennifer, you are beautiful!!

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-115 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-116 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-117 Clemson-engagement-campus-118

There aren’t too many redheads that can wear orange, but these two can definitely pull it off!

Clemson-engagement-campus-119Clemson-engagement-campus-120 Clemson-engagement-campus-121 Clemson-engagement-campus-122 Clemson-engagement-campus-123 Clemson-engagement-campus-124

These two have some shag dancing skills so I may have asked them to practice some for me :-)

Clemson-engagement-campus-125 Clemson-engagement-campus-126 Clemson-engagement-campus-127 Clemson-engagement-campus-128 Clemson-engagement-campus-129 Clemson-engagement-campus-130

The one on the left is such a favorite from their session!

Clemson-engagement-campus-131 Clemson-engagement-campus-132

And the light we found around campus was beautiful!!!

Clemson-engagement-campus-133 Clemson-engagement-campus-134

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