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2017 Favorites | Behind the Scenes

I really wanted to post this blog last week, but I had ONE more wedding this past weekend and wanted to wait and see if any gems came from it.  And you won’t be disappointed!

This is seriously one of my favorite posts of the year.  I love going back and seeing how ridiculous we look when we work!  But it’s also fun to go back and remember everything that happened, all the fun couples I was able to work with and my second shooters (who sometimes save my life on wedding days!).

So enjoy a look back… as well as some of my commentary :-)

It’s so crazy to think that when I shot Katie and Adam’s wedding that we were a week and a day away from meeting Isa
(granted we thought we had 3 weeks and 2 days at this point!).


And thanks to my intern from 2016, I didn’t have to bend over and help Katie with her dress that day :-)


It’s scary when I’m the one that has to step in to fix hair…


My sweet second shooters are always the best light testers!


Sometimes I get in the way of what would have been a gorgeous shot… #facepalm


This was the only wedding Ben and I had together this year, but we loved it!!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-105 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-106

Sometimes we like to completely encroach on our couple’s sweet moments… ha!  I promise we also give them space too!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-107 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-108 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-109 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-110

One thing you never realize you don’t know how to do until your wedding day is how to cut the cake.  But don’t worry… I’ve got you covered!


I don’t know why I look so angry about fluffing Becklin’s veil… I loved her veil!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-112 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-113

I totally didn’t get any of my second shooter at this wedding, but Nichole was such a gem for getting several of Ben and me!


Siobhan… please don’t kill me for posting these next two!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-115 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-116 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-117

I love getting to work with my friends… donuts are just an added bonus!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-118 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-119 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-120

SO thankful for this huge umbrella!  And for Leigh Allison for holding it that day :-)


You have no idea how much my abs were hurting after this!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-122 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-123 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-124

It’s photos like these that make me wish I had audio… I promise I wasn’t angry!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-125 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-126

This one might be my favorite from the year :-)  I really have SO much fun at weddings!


See?  I’m totally there for you when it’s time to cut the cake!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-128 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-129

And these last ones are from this past weekend…

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-130 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-131

It’s been a while since I had a photo of each of us taking a photo of us taking a photo!


Christy, you are the best!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-133 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-134

It’s true.  Sometimes I look like a creeper in the trees, but it’s always worth it for the shot!


More posts from my 2017 favorites are coming next week!  Click HERE to see favorites from last  year.

mommy - December 20, 2017 - 8:09 am

I enjoyed Sabrina seeing you at work! and work that you love! It’s so true about not knowing how to cut the cake. We didn’t either. Thank you for posting so we can get a look at your world of photography. Love you, Mommy

The Groom

One of my goals this year was to be more intentional with photos of the groom.  Yes, most of my time is spent communicating with the bride and I do spend most of my day with her on the wedding day.  However, it’s the groom’s day too!  And I know that from our wedding, I love the photos we have of JUST Ben.  And I know that my brides appreciate photos of their men, especially all dressed up and anticipating the adventure they’re about to embark on.

There are lots of favorites from this past year and those blog posts will be coming before the end of the month!

But I had to share these of Will and Jill from our styled shoot we did several months ago.  I’m hoping to get the entire shoot featured on another blog but I wanted to share some of the film scans from that day.  These were taken with your basic Kodak 800 speed film with my 35mm Nikon N50… in other words, nothing fancy.  I wouldn’t be able to use that film or the camera on a wedding day because the quality isn’t what I would want or need it to be, but it was still so much fun to pull out that trusty little camera that has been around the world with me over the past 20 years.  It had been too long since it had been used and it was so much fun to hear the film rolling with each click of the shutter.

Even though these two have been married for several years and they’re expecting their first baby in the spring, I loved having them in front of my camera dressed as a bride and groom for the day.  Besides, Will NAILED this portrait on the right.


Coordinator | Christina Alsip of Lovely Ever Afters
Hair & makeup | Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge
Florals | Laurel Creek Florals
Invitation | Kait Fowler
Engagement Ring | Ponthieux’s Jewelry Design Studio

Monday Musings | 2017 Snow Day

In South Carolina, we rarely see any snow before January.  So getting snow just a couple of weeks before Christmas was such a treat!  Plus, since it came on a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, it meant that Ben was able to be “snowed in” with us (even though the roads were totally fine and we weren’t actually stuck at home if we didn’t want to be).

Also, this is the second time this year we’ve had snow.  We began the year with some and now ending it with some too… and seeing Catherine in the same coat, hat and gloves (but with rain boots instead of ziplock bags!) reminds us just how much she’s grown this year.

Also, the last time we had snow, Isabella was still inside my huge belly!  It’s amazing what a difference 11 months can make.

Snow-Dec2017 Also, be sure to check out this other post to see how much Catherine has grown!
As you can tell by the photos, she was MUCH more excited about the snow this time around!
Snow-Dec2017-102 Snow-Dec2017-103 Snow-Dec2017-104

Not super close to standing on her own, but gosh, she looks so grown up in these photos!


Paris Prints for Christmas!

If you’re still wondering what to get that hard-to-shop for family member or friend… you know the one… he or she is always on the go, doesn’t seem to need or want much, but just enjoys being out and about and experiencing new places.

My Paris Prints Collection has gotten an upgrade and could be the perfect gift!

Not only is the gallery new and improved but new images from this past summer have been added!  But be sure to order today with standard shipping to be sure you have your prints by Christmas.  You can also use the code LastChance20 for 20% off for today only!


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Black Tie Bride Feature | Mary Kathryn + Jamey

The main word that always comes to mind when I think about Mary Kathryn and Jamey’s wedding is elegant.  There was so much love between these two the day they became one… and they took everything in with so much grace that the day almost felt regal!

As I was editing their photos the wedding after the wedding, I knew without a doubt that it would be such a good fit for The Black Tie Bride.  And when the email came back that their wedding would be featured, I was ecstatic!

I would love for you to relive their day with me… many thanks to The Black Tie Bride for sharing their elegant wedding!  Click HERE to see the feature!


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