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2017 Favorites | Births

Being invited into a labor and delivery room or an operating room to photograph the birth of someone’s baby is such an incredible honor and privilege.  I still remember the first birth photos I saw that a friend of mine in Texas posted.  And because her work inspired me so much, I knew I wanted to photograph a birth and see if it was something I would enjoy.

Let’s just say I’ve been hooked since that very first time I was in a labor and delivery room over 5 years ago!

Just for fun, here are a few stats from the year…

  • I was able to photograph births in 3 different states.
  • I photographed my first birth for twins!
  • This year I photographed two births in January while being very pregnant myself… the second one ended up being 1 week before Isa was born!
  • That last birth in January was for baby Reese and his due date was actually February 6, the day Isa decided to come. So I was very thankful Reese came early since Isa decided to come early herself!
  • I’m going into 2018 having photographed 18 births and several “immediately after the baby was born” sessions :-)
  • In October, my friends Ben and Joanna had their third baby and it was the third time I’d been able to photograph a birth for them.  3 siblings’ births!
  • In November, I photographed my second red headed baby being born.
  • Only one baby this year was a girl!  And she was one of the twins :-)

Enjoy looking back at these sweet babies and their entries into the world!

View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-birth-photography-favorites-109 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-birth-photography-favorites-139 2017-birth-photography-favorites-140 2017-birth-photography-favorites-141 2017-birth-photography-favorites-142 2017-birth-photography-favorites-143 2017-birth-photography-favorites-144 2017-birth-photography-favorites-144b 2017-birth-photography-favorites-145 2017-birth-photography-favorites-146 2017-birth-photography-favorites-147 2017-birth-photography-favorites-148 2017-birth-photography-favorites-149 2017-birth-photography-favorites-150 2017-birth-photography-favorites-151 2017-birth-photography-favorites-152 2017-birth-photography-favorites-153 2017-birth-photography-favorites-154 2017-birth-photography-favorites-155 2017-birth-photography-favorites-156 2017-birth-photography-favorites-157 2017-birth-photography-favorites-158 2017-birth-photography-favorites-159 2017-birth-photography-favorites-160 2017-birth-photography-favorites-161 2017-birth-photography-favorites-162 2017-birth-photography-favorites-163 2017-birth-photography-favorites-164 2017-birth-photography-favorites-165 2017-birth-photography-favorites-166 2017-birth-photography-favorites-167 2017-birth-photography-favorites-168 2017-birth-photography-favorites-169 2017-birth-photography-favorites-170 2017-birth-photography-favorites-171 2017-birth-photography-favorites-172 2017-birth-photography-favorites-173 2017-birth-photography-favorites-174 2017-birth-photography-favorites-175 2017-birth-photography-favorites-176 2017-birth-photography-favorites-177 2017-birth-photography-favorites-178 2017-birth-photography-favorites-179 2017-birth-photography-favorites-180 2017-birth-photography-favorites-181 2017-birth-photography-favorites-182

2017 Favorites | Weddings

These end of year posts are some of my favorites!  It gives me a chance to look back at the year and stroll down memory lane remembering each wedding that I was so fortunate to photograph with each of my sweet couples.

A wedding day is the beginning of a new adventure and after waiting to find MY husband (I turned 32 the week before we got married) and having such an amazing wedding day, I adore being able to capture such an important day for so many others.

Let me also say that it was REALLY difficult to narrow down these images.  So while this is a long post, it’s a really beautiful one with all of my favorite wedding images from 2017!  Enjoy!!

2017-Favorite-Weddings-101 View More: More: View More: View More: More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-107 View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-110 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-121 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-127 View More: More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-142 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-155 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-169 View More: View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-173 2017-Favorite-Weddings-174 View More: View More: More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-179 2017-Favorite-Weddings-180 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: 2017-Favorite-Weddings-190 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

Angelina-Mike_SabrinaFaves-104 Angelina-Mike_SabrinaFaves-114 Angelina-Mike_SabrinaFaves-120 Angelina-Mike_SabrinaFaves-127 Angelina-Mike_SabrinaFaves-134 Angelina-Mike_SabrinaFaves-145

2017-Favorite-Weddings-202 2017-Favorite-Weddings-203 2017-Favorite-Weddings-204 2017-Favorite-Weddings-205 2017-Favorite-Weddings-206 2017-Favorite-Weddings-207 2017-Favorite-Weddings-208 2017-Favorite-Weddings-209 2017-Favorite-Weddings-210 2017-Favorite-Weddings-211 2017-Favorite-Weddings-212 2017-Favorite-Weddings-213 2017-Favorite-Weddings-214 2017-Favorite-Weddings-215 2017-Favorite-Weddings-216 2017-Favorite-Weddings-217 2017-Favorite-Weddings-218

To see more weddings, click HERE!

Framily | Friends Who Are Family

Living in Belgium just after college is a huge piece of my story.  I knew without a doubt that God was calling me there and even now, almost 14 years later, He’s still using things from those 5 short months in my life.  A lot of what Nell says below is true.  I learned quickly what “framily” was… I have an extra little brother and a little sister (who was one of my bridesmaids) that I didn’t know would be a part of the deal ;-)  And my girls have “cousins” and extra sets of aunts and uncles that aren’t blood related because of that experience.


But I think the biggest thing from that time is the part it has played in my marriage.  Ben was a missionary kid in Paraguay for his first 18 years of life and since I’m so close with Butch and Nell and their kids, I had a better understanding of what Ben’s life was like growing up and what his relationships with his own “framily” was like.

So… enjoy this guest post from Nell.  And check out Threads by Nomad when you’ve finished reading!


We have used the word “framily” a lot this holiday season.  Because our work had us living all over the world, friends and colleagues in the places where we lived became our family. We celebrated holidays together. We marked our birthdays with special gatherings. We helped take care of each other when needs arrived. We became family. My children have more aunts and uncles than you can imagine. Aunts and uncles that they keep up with and love just as though they were blood related. Even though we only have two children, Sis and B have big brothers and big sisters. Over the years, young men and women came and worked with us for a period of time. They too quickly learned what it meant to be “framily”. They have participated in weddings, call their children “cousins” and leaned on their big brothers and sisters when times are hard. They have many memories of “family night” sitting around a bowl of popcorn, playing spoons, or a crazy card game “Rage”. And there are memories of meeting the future spouses of these young people who came into our lives. Sometimes it seemed they were as nervous as if we were the future in-laws!


One member of our “framily” is Sabrina Fields. When we first knew Sabrina she was not a professional photographer. She came to work with us in Brussels, Belgium and began taking pictures of the beauty around her and quickly found a love. Her talent was obvious. When the time came, there was no question that Sabrina would be the photographer for both of our children’s weddings. My favorite photos from those days show the dresses I made for each of the girls. Sis’s flows in the breeze, light and airy, just like she wanted for her beach wedding (which you can see HERE). Celeste’s twirled just like she wanted for her garden wedding (which you can see HERE). Sabrina also did a couple of fun shoots with us at our home in South Carolina and of Butch and myself once when we visited her in Greenville. And as appropriate for “framily” she captured our grandchildren not long after each of them were born.


We have a “gallery” in our upstairs hallway of our favorite photos Sabrina has captured. Perhaps my favorite is the canvas of our family at Sis’s wedding. Ms. Lydia, the children’s grandmother, passed away not many months later.  It was our last extended time with her.

View More:

Although… I do love the one of us and our granddaughter Ava!  Of the most recent pictures though, I told Butch that we should get a canvas of the one with B and Jack with their tongues out.  It is so very typical of B’s fun nature.  Like father, like son!


The shoot was supposed to include our daughter, Sis, and her husband, David but unfortunately illness kept them away that day. Aside from a time we when can have the WHOLE family together for pictures, my next desire is for some photos of just Sis and me. We are very close and people say we look alike, but I would also love to share them on Threads by Nomad.

Sabrina, we love you. We love the precious family God has given you. (Ben was one of the nervous boyfriends who had to meet us and be questioned heavily about his intentions!) And we love your talent.  Thank you for being “framily”.

Kristen + Adam | AC Hotel + Indigo Hall Wedding

She said several times that it didn’t feel real.  And I remember that feeling so well too!  Your wedding day is something you look forward to for a long time and even with his proposal, all the planning, the romancing and the excitement, it’s one of the most surreal feelings when your wedding day finally arrives.

Not only was Kristen super excited about the day and ready to see her man, but she had two of the most wonderful girls by her side the entire day.  I had the most amazing pleasure of photographing her sister’s wedding several years ago so having Erica stand by her sister was so much fun for all of us!  Plus, I always love photographing siblings’ weddings because I get to see old friends all over again!

Kristen and Adam, thank you for letting me capture your GORGEOUS wedding day for you!  The weather was perfect, the details were beautiful, and y’all nailed your portraits.  Just seeing your excitement in your photos brought lots of smiles to my face all over again!  I hope you have an incredible time on your two week honeymoon.  What an amazing way to celebrate your first Christmas together!


Kristen and her bridesmaids stayed at the brand new AC Hotel in Spartanburg the night before the wedding and got ready there the next day.  It was such a beautiful space and it was the perfect spot to start the day!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-102 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-103 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-104 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-104b winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-105

As much as I love spring and summer weddings and all the beautiful flowers, winter weddings have a beautiful vibe all their own.
How classy are those gold pinecones in her bouquet??

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-106 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-107 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-108

Tiny TOMS get me every time I see them… I may have spent 20 minutes on their website after the wedding looking for some for my kids :-)

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-109 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-110 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-111 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-112

Kristen is one of the most organized people I have ever met.  She planned her sister’s wedding and did an amazing job with her own!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-113 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-114 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-115 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-116

Mercy… having two girls of my own made me tear up when Erica hugged Kristen like this!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-117 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-118 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-119 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-120 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-121 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-122 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-123 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-124 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-125 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-126 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-127

My second shooter, Christy, caught this one of Adam seeing Kristen and I LOVE it!!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-128 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-129 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-130 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-131 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-132

You guys!!!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-133winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-134 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-135 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-136 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-137 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-138 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-139 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-140 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-141 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-142 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-143 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-144 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-145

The navy and gold are so gorgeous!!  And seriously… what a fun wedding party!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-146 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-147 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-148 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-149 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-150 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-151 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-152 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-153 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-154 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-155 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-156winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-157

This is one of my favorite spots in downtown Spartanburg.  Especially with these two and that lovely winter afternoon light!

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-158 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-159 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-160 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-161 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-162 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-163 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-164 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-165 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-166 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-167 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-168 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-169 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-170 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-171 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-172 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-173 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-174 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-175 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-176b

They wanted to dance under the lights before being introduced as husband and wife…

winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-177 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-178 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-179 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-180 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-181 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-182 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-183 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-184 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-185 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-186 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-187 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-188 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-189winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-190 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-191 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-192 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-193 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-194 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-195 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-196 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-197 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-198 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-199 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-200 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-201 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-202 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-203 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-204 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-205 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-206 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-208 winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-209winter-ac-hotel-indigo-hall-wedding-photos-210

So much gratitude to the incredible vendors who made Kristen and Adam’s wedding day so wonderful:

Ceremony & Reception | Indigo Hall
Getting Ready Location | AC Hotel Spartanburg
Wedding Day Coordinator | Julie Denesha
Wedding Dress | Dimitra Designs, Allure Romance Collection
Bridesmaids dresses |  Amazon
Groomsmen’s Suits | Menguin
Hair Artist |  Tabatha Dearybury of Cotton Rouge
Makeup Artist | Allie Moon of Cotton Rouge
Officient | Rev. DJ Horton
Florals | Russ Gaffney Florist
DJ | Complete Weddings and Events
Invitations | Basic Invite
Wedding Cake & Groom’s Cake | Couture Cakes 
Catering | Carolina Culinary Creations

To view more weddings, be sure to click HERE.

2017 Favorites | Behind the Scenes

I really wanted to post this blog last week, but I had ONE more wedding this past weekend and wanted to wait and see if any gems came from it.  And you won’t be disappointed!

This is seriously one of my favorite posts of the year.  I love going back and seeing how ridiculous we look when we work!  But it’s also fun to go back and remember everything that happened, all the fun couples I was able to work with and my second shooters (who sometimes save my life on wedding days!).

So enjoy a look back… as well as some of my commentary :-)

It’s so crazy to think that when I shot Katie and Adam’s wedding that we were a week and a day away from meeting Isa
(granted we thought we had 3 weeks and 2 days at this point!).


And thanks to my intern from 2016, I didn’t have to bend over and help Katie with her dress that day :-)


It’s scary when I’m the one that has to step in to fix hair…


My sweet second shooters are always the best light testers!


Sometimes I get in the way of what would have been a gorgeous shot… #facepalm


This was the only wedding Ben and I had together this year, but we loved it!!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-105 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-106

Sometimes we like to completely encroach on our couple’s sweet moments… ha!  I promise we also give them space too!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-107 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-108 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-109 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-110

One thing you never realize you don’t know how to do until your wedding day is how to cut the cake.  But don’t worry… I’ve got you covered!


I don’t know why I look so angry about fluffing Becklin’s veil… I loved her veil!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-112 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-113

I totally didn’t get any of my second shooter at this wedding, but Nichole was such a gem for getting several of Ben and me!


Siobhan… please don’t kill me for posting these next two!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-115 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-116 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-117

I love getting to work with my friends… donuts are just an added bonus!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-118 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-119 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-120

SO thankful for this huge umbrella!  And for Leigh Allison for holding it that day :-)


You have no idea how much my abs were hurting after this!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-122 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-123 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-124

It’s photos like these that make me wish I had audio… I promise I wasn’t angry!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-125 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-126

This one might be my favorite from the year :-)  I really have SO much fun at weddings!


See?  I’m totally there for you when it’s time to cut the cake!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-128 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-129

And these last ones are from this past weekend…

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-130 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-131

It’s been a while since I had a photo of each of us taking a photo of us taking a photo!


Christy, you are the best!

2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-133 2017-BTS-SabrinaFields-134

It’s true.  Sometimes I look like a creeper in the trees, but it’s always worth it for the shot!


More posts from my 2017 favorites are coming next week!  Click HERE to see favorites from last  year.

mommy - December 20, 2017 - 8:09 am

I enjoyed Sabrina seeing you at work! and work that you love! It’s so true about not knowing how to cut the cake. We didn’t either. Thank you for posting so we can get a look at your world of photography. Love you, Mommy