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Happy Valentine’s!

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How adorable is this photo?!?!  Kim DeLoach is so stinking creative and I’m so thankful that her talents have captured some very sweet memories for us over the years.

I’m excited to love on these two little girls today and to show them how we can share that love with others.  We’re headed to papa’s office to hand out Valentines from the girls, then downtown to a flower market (with my film camera in tow!) and I’m pretty sure some cookies and lots of heart-inspired crafts will happen this afternoon!

Last year for Valentine’s Day, we had an 8 day old baby so Ben brought home dinner and a movie.  It was perfect!  But I’m looking forward to having a date with just he and I tonight.

Whether you’re sharing the day with your love, your favorite group of girls, or you’re working tonight, I hope and pray that you know how much more the Lord loves you than anyone else on earth ever could.  We’re able to love because He first loved us.  It’s a crazy truth to wrap our minds around, but it’s truth and I’m so thankful!

Share Joy | Rainy Day

Since 2014 I’ve entered this huge photography contest put on by Shoot & Share.  It’s the best out there because it’s completely anonymous so the photos that win aren’t based on who has the most connections on social media.  You should definitely check it out HERE… but I’ll warn you that it’s very addictive (in the best way possible).

One of the new categories this year is called Share Joy and other than the wedding categories, it’s my favorite!  I dare you not to smile when this category pops up!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in South Carolina and we made the most of it… we stayed in PJs most of the day, we made Valentine’s Cards and when Isa when down for her morning nap, I decked Catherine out in her rain gear and let her play around outside.  And she loved every second of it.

So today, I’m sharing some joy in the form of my almost-3-year-old.  And I hope she brings a smile to your face too :-)

ShareJoy-RainyDay-101 ShareJoy-RainyDay-102 ShareJoy-RainyDay-103 ShareJoy-RainyDay-104 ShareJoy-RainyDay-105

Isabella’s First Birthday!

This has been the fastest year of my life.  Well, aside from February through April last year, this past year has flown by.  That adjustment to having a newborn and a toddler were flat out rough on me and postpartum depression hit me like a ton of bricks.  Twice over.  Thankfully, my husband and my doctor were amazing and I’m beyond thankful for their patience with me through all of that.  There is no way I could have made it through those first few months without my friends and family.  Even just having one of my friends come over to hold my baby while I took a nap was a life saver for me.  It can be so difficult to ask for help, but PLEASE, if you’re struggling at all, reach out to someone you trust.  I promise it’s not worth it to try and fight through something like that on your own.

In light of those first few months and how quickly the year flew by, it wasn’t until today (ONE YEAR LATER!) that I imported the photos from our first few days with Isa (pronounced Ee-suh) into Lightroom to edit.  And I gave up feeling guilty about that a long time ago.  Besides, it was SO sweet to look at these today as if I hadn’t seen them before!

I’m planning to take some official one-year-old photos of her in the next week but I did manage (with my mom’s help!) to get her monthly photo in her room today.


Sweet Isa, we are beyond thankful for you and how much JOY you have brought our family this past year.  God has used you so much already and I can’t wait to see how He molds and shapes you as you grow up.  We love you to pieces, but we’re pretty sure your sister loves you the most.  You two are already best friends and we LOVE watching the two of you together!  Happy 1st birthday, beautiful girl.  Nous t’aimons!


Catherine coming in to meet her sister is something I will treasure for a lifetime.

Isa-BrandNew-102 Isa-BrandNew-103 Isa-BrandNew-104 Isa-BrandNew-105

This was the moment my heart exploded… Catherine was completely in love with her sister!

Isa-BrandNew-106 Isa-BrandNew-107 Isa-BrandNew-108

Look at that little smile when she met her Aunt Kelly!


Anna, I’m so glad you came by to meet my baby girl.

Isa-BrandNew-110 Isa-BrandNew-111 Isa-BrandNew-112 Isa-BrandNew-113 Isa-BrandNew-114 Isa-BrandNew-115 Isa-BrandNew-116 Isa-BrandNew-117 Isa-BrandNew-118 Isa-BrandNew-119 To read Isa’s birth story, click HERE.

mommy - February 7, 2018 - 4:55 am

We enjoyed that so much! Thank you Sabrina for all you do to keep us up on our grandbabies. You are an amazing mother. We so look forward to being closer soon.

Asheville Retreat

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We’re headed up to Asheville for a couple of days of rejuvenation, worship and fellowship and I literally canNOT wait.  I’m definitely more of a beach girl than a mountain girl, but there’s still something as incredibly majestic about the mountains as there is with the ocean.

So cheers to the weekend and quick out-of-town getaways!

Off Camera Workshop | Round 1


Part of me still can’t believe I did this… it’s been one of those goals in the back of my mind for quite a while and I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever be brave enough to do it.  But after walking several other photographers through off camera lighting the past couple of years, and several others emailing or texting with questions, I thought it was finally time!

So with the extra push from my husband and the desire to help other local photographers out, it happened; the venue was rented, the cake picked up, and the dishes were delivered!  But the biggest shoutout from the night goes to Jenny Williams for being the most amazing assistant ever!  Things would not have run anywhere near as smoothly without her help that night!  She also took a few behind the scenes photos, which I’m so thankful for!


Can you believe that this string of pearls was photographed AFTER sunset??


The only disclaimer I’ll give is for the flowers… I picked some up at Trader Joe’s and arranged them myself.
Not the best in the world, but it’s prettier than a table without a center piece!

off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-103 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-104 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-105


And how about these beautiful dishes??  Pretty Plates of Greenville has an incredible collection available for rent!


off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-107 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-108 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-109 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-110 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-111 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-112

To wrap things up, we went outside to practice sparkler exits.  We set everything up and then each of us took turns photographing as well as holding sparklers… and each time, Christi and her man graciously walked through as if they’d just gotten married!


Thank you ladies so much for coming out!!


Our vendors for the night were so wonderful and amazing!
Venue | Southern Bleachery
Wedding Cake | Couture Cakes of Greenville
Place Settings | Pretty Plates

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