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An Internship | Siobhan Margaret

It was really just Siobhan (as she would say, it’s pronounced like “shove on”) who was my intern for a couple months, but with as much as she talked about Anthony and as much as he invests in her, sometimes it seemed like they were both interning with me :-)  But Anthony lives and works in New York City and when an opportunity arose for Siobhan to move up there for a job, (and not be in a long-distance relationship anymore!) she couldn’t pass it up.  Which meant that my second intern only lasted a super short time!

But I loved having her around.  Not only is she super eager to learn anything and everything she can about photography, but she’s kind, genuine, funny and she bakes.  Which meant she brought me delicious cupcakes (win!).  I’m still sad that she’s up in NYC but I know she’s following exactly what God wants her to do and I can’t wait to see how He continues to work in her.

The weekend before she moved, Anthony came down to help her load the truck and drive up with her.  Thankfully we had about 45 minutes one afternoon so I could meet him, get a few photos of the two of them and get some head shots for Siobhan.  She’s NYC’s newest photographer and along with her gorgeous new haircut, she needed some photos of herself for her website and social media!  You can follow her on Instagram HERE.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our little session and wish her well as she finds new adventures in NYC!

SabrinaFields-Intern-114 SabrinaFields-Intern-115

Seriously, isn’t she the cutest??

SabrinaFields-Intern-116 SabrinaFields-Intern-117

She easily laughs at most things, but Anthony draws smiles out of her that no one else can!

SabrinaFields-Intern-101 SabrinaFields-Intern-102 SabrinaFields-Intern-103 SabrinaFields-Intern-104 SabrinaFields-Intern-105 SabrinaFields-Intern-106 SabrinaFields-Intern-107 SabrinaFields-Intern-108 SabrinaFields-Intern-109 SabrinaFields-Intern-110 SabrinaFields-Intern-111 SabrinaFields-Intern-112

You two are the cutest!


If you’re interested in a fall 2017 internship, I’d love to chat with you!
Please email me at

Sydney + Koury | A Glencairn Gardens + Center for the Arts Wedding | Rock Hill, SC

Sydney and Koury have had a lot of change leading up to their wedding.  From college graduation, to job changes to getting married, I’m sure they were glad this was the last “big thing” on their to-do lists for now!  And if you ask her family, they’re glad for these two to be married too!  Their families, especially Sydney’s mom, did so much to make this day happen.  And as you scroll through the photos, you’ll see that the hard work was WELL worth it!

Sydney reminded me of a classic 1940s bride with her poise and the way her hair was rolled and pulled back.  I was so excited to have her in front of my camera again, especially when Koury saw her for the first time!  He could not believe his eyes and he could not hold back the tears.  Koury was so ready to see his bride and when she came up behind him, she said hi and his face lit up!  But then she kept him waiting asking if he was ready and he was about to jump out of his skin with anticipation.  You’ll see what I mean when you reach the photos, but he was blown away!

Neither of them could stop smiling all day, which made my job super easy!  You guys, I loved spending the day with you and your families.  I loved being able to capture your first moments together on your wedding day, the minute you became husband and wife, and as you danced the night away in celebration of all that God has done!  I hope you’re having an incredible time in Charleston and that you love looking back on your wedding!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-101 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-102 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-103 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-104 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-105 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-106 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-107 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-108 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-110 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-111

This first look with her daddy almost had me in tears!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-112 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-113 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-114

We had mostly overcast skies the entire time we were at Glencairn Gardnes…
which is amazing because apparently it poured buckets of rain back at the church which was only 5 minutes away!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-115 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-116 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-117 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-118 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-119 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-120 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-121

I LOVE this one that Kim DeLoach, my second shooter, captured!  Koury was spellbound!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-122 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-123 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-124 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-125 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-126 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-127 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-128 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-129 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-130 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-131 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-132 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-133 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-134

The youngest flower girl may not have been thrilled about photos, but she was SO adorable!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-135 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-136 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-137

Girls, y’all are just lovely.  And those dresses!!  Seriously, I love a dress with pockets :-)

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-138 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-139 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-140 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-141 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-142 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-143 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-144 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-145 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-146

The older flower girl was not thrilled about photos.  And the only way she would even look at my camera was if uncle Koury was holding her!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-147 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-148 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-149 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-150

This may be one of the cutest entrances ever.  Sydney was so excited when those doors opened and while Koury was holding back the tears (again!), Sydney was beaming and waving at her very-soon-to-be husband!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-151 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-152 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-153 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-154 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-155 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-156 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-157 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-158 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-159 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-160 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-161 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-162 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-163

These last two years have been the year for donuts at weddings… and I am NOT complaining!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-164 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-165 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-166 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-167 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-168 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-169 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-170 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-171 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-172

This venue was so much fun… the dance floor was downstairs but there was a balcony surrounding it so everyone gathered above to watch the introductions and their first dance.

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-173 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-174 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-175 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-176 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-177 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-178 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-179 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-180 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-181 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-182 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-183

The other time we missed the rain was for sunset portraits… a few minutes after Sydney and Koury were back on the dance floor, it started pouring rain again!  I was so beyond thankful God held it at bay for us on Saturday!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-184 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-185 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-186 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-187 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-188

Seriously, you guys.  You’re so adorable!

Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-189 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-190 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-191 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-192 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-193 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-194 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-195 Glencairn-Gardens-Rock-Hill-Wedding-196

A million thanks to all of the amazing vendors, friends, and family who made this day possible for Sydney + Koury!

Ceremony | Westminister Presbyterian Church
Reception | Center for the Arts
Wedding Dress | Bridal Place & Alterations
Bridesmaids dresses | J. Crew
Wedding Coordinator | Kristen Betlow
Hair &Makeup Artist | Ariana Brown
Florals | Costco, arranged by Joy Miller, bride’s mom
DJ | Charlie of Split Second Sound
Officient | Mike Honeycutt
Ceremony Violinist | Laurie Neal
Wedding Invitations | Nicole Runyon
Wedding Cake | Melanie Rowe Catering
Donuts | Krispy Kreme
Catering | Melanie Rowe Catering

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Behind The Scenes | A Bride’s Details

I usually save this kind of post for the end of the year, but after last weekend’s wedding and all of the beautiful details, which you can see HERE, I wanted to share how I got a couple of those shots with you.

My bride, Kirsten, was getting ready with her bridesmaids at a super cute lake house.  The only thing was that it had a wrap around porch on the back of the house, but it was almost fully covered, which meant there wasn’t a lot of natural light coming through the windows.  But there WAS a corner on the uncovered part of the porch that was in open shade, which meant I had some good light and no shade directly overhead (like if I’d been under the covered porch).  So, I used one of the small tables from the porch, placed my reflector on top of the small table to have a larger surface area to work on, and then propped a white pillow against the outside wall so I could have a clean background and a bit more reflection of light onto the details.  I then used one of the bridesmaid’s skirts to add some color into the mix!


And here was the resulting shot… My setting for the ring shot below: ISO 800, f5.0, 1/640
Usually an aperture of  5.0 would put all of these things in focus, but when using a macro lens, you’re able to get super close to what you’re photographing and the lens is actually compressing the image a lot more than say a 50mm lens would.  So, I’m still able to get that beautiful creamy bokeh in the background!


This photo is the exact same except for one thing.  You can see that the image on the right is a lot brighter and no, it’s not because I edited it before posting!  These two photos only have my pre-set applied (which all my photos receive when importing into Lightroom).  The only difference is that I set up a miniature reflector for the second shot I took because I just needed a little fill-light!  That’s IT!


And what’s even better is that my “miniature reflector” was simply the back of the RSVP card propped up against the top of the ring box.  I used to doubt that little things like this made any kind of difference, but once I tried it, I realized that other photographers who had been pointing this out to me for ages really did know what they were talking about!


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot me an email!

Kirsten + Billy | A Chattooga Belle Farm Wedding

Imagine dating the love of your life for 7 years and having many of those 7 years be long distance.  Now imagine a beautiful summer day with a gentle breeze, blue skies, the most beautiful of wedding gowns, gorgeous flowers and rolling hills.  Imagine again that your dreams are coming true as you walk towards your soon-to-be spouse as friends and family look on with tears in their eyes because everyone watching is as excited as you are that this day has arrived!

Kirsten and Billy could not have asked for a more meaningful day.  From the moment I first heard from them, their goal for their wedding day was for Jesus to be the center of it all.  And it was so evident that He was there!!  From Kirsten’s sweet bridesmaids surrounding her in prayer before going to see Billy, to the message from the minister, to the vows they exchanged, to the most beautiful sunset, God was most definitely present for their wedding day.

The moment Kirsten and Billy saw each other during their First Look, their smiles multiplied by 10 and did not disappear from their faces the rest of the day.  I’d even be willing to bet those smiles are still going strong almost a week later!

You guys, last Saturday was a dream and I’m beyond thankful to have been a part of it with you.  Thank you for trusting me to capture such an amazing day!  I hope you enjoy a peek back at your wedding through my eyes :-)

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-101 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-102 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-103

I LOVED all of Kirsten’s pink and blush details, but her DRESS!!  Her dress was my favorite!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-104 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-105 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-106 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-107 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-108 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-109 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-110 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-111

Kirsten!  Seriously stunning!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-112 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-113

Chattooga Belle Farm is beautiful no matter what time of year it is!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-114 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-115

I mean, she’s just beautiful!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-116 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-117 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-118 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-119 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-120 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-121 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-122

First Looks get me every time!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-123 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-124 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-125 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-126 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-127 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-128 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-129 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-130 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-131 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-132 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-133 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-134

That sweet ring bearer!  He started down the aisle by himself, made it about 3 feet then turned and ran back to the coordinator!
Thankfully he felt better going down the aisle with the flower girls and helping them with their job of tossing rose petals.  Seriously so cute!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-135 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-136 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-137 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-138


Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-140 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-141 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-142 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-143 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-144

You KNOW they’re happy when they skip down the aisle as husband and wife!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-145 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-146 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-147 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-148 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-149 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-150 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-151 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-152 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-153 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-154

Stop it!!  You guys made my job SO easy!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-155 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-156 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-157 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-158 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-159 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-160

I’m loving this trend of same skirts with different tops for the bridesmaids.


My second shooter, Christy Mason, snagged the incredible photo of the ring bearer on the left.  Oh my gosh, be still my heart!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-162 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-163 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-164 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-165 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-166 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-167 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-168 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-169Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-170 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-171 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-172 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-173 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-174 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-175 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-176 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-177 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-178 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-179 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-180 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-181 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-182 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-183 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-184 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-185 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-186 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-187 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-188

Sunset portraits at Chattooga Belle NEVER disappoint!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-189 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-190 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-191 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-192

This one is by far a favorite!  You guys are so amazing!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-193 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-194

You may have noticed that Kirsten spent most of her day spinning, tossing, and swaying her wedding gown.  But it was perfect for it!


Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-196 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-197 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-198

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-199 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-200 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-201 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-202 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-203 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-204

I wasn’t kidding about the sunset… it was beautiful!

Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-205 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-206 Chattooga-Belle-Farm-Summer-Wedding-207

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the amazing vendors, friends, and family who made this day possible for Kirsten + Billy!

Ceremony & Reception | Chattooga Belle Farm
Wedding Dress | Bridals by Jodi
Bridesmaids skirts | Etsy, Lisa Clothing
Bridesmaids tops | Various Stores
Groomsmen’s Suits | JC Penny
Wedding Coordinator | Becky Regan
Hair &Makeup Artist |Corinna Haughton, friend of bride
Florals | Renee Burroughs Design
DJ | Jeremy of Complete Wedding and Events
Officient | David Fisk
Wedding Invitations | Elisabeth Sanders, Gracious Day
Wedding Cakes | Publix
Catering | Chattooga Belle Farm

[…] year, but after last weekend’s wedding and all of the beautiful details, which you can see HERE, I wanted to share how I got a couple of those shots with […]

Charles David | Fresh48 | St. Francis Eastside

I first met Katie and Buck through serving in student ministry at our church with high school students.  And after traveling to Peru with them and a couple dozen of said high school students, I quickly realized they were some of my favorite people to be around.  They’re low-key, down to earth, have a gift for drawing people to them, and they’re funny (in a dry humor but let’s have all sorts of fun kind of way)!  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re both Clemson grads too :-)

So when Katie emailed me in the fall about getting some photos of their newest baby who was due in June, I was super excited!  Her biggest thing was that photos of their other kids meeting the new baby was more important than photos of the actual birth, especially since this was their 6th (who ended up being born on the 6th day of the 6th month – June 6)!!  God worked things out in so many ways and I was thrilled to be able to be there… watching their kiddos come into the room, find out that it was a boy, and fawn over him was making my heart explode!  And I think yours might too as you look at these photos.

Congrats, you guys!!  Your clan is amazing and I’m so excited for all of you!


I left these two in color because of the sign… they wanted their kids to know first (aside from the nurses and doctors of course) whether it was a boy or a girl so they put this on the door and the kids found out when they came in the room that they had another brother!

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-102 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-103 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-104 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-105 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-106


This one is my favorite!  All 5 siblings checking out their baby brother.


With grandma and mom looking on and taking their own photos and video :-)


This is now the next to youngest, saying hi to Charlie!


Immediately all the kids wanted to hold him so the oldest went first.

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-112 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-113 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-114 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-115

Oh my gosh, I love this one too!


But then there’s this one!  How precious are they??

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-117 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-118 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-119

Ok, I love all the photos.  These kids are so amazing!

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-120 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-121 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-122 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-123

Katie with her two baby boys.

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-124st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-125 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-126 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-127

This new big brother did NOT want to let his baby go :-)  It was so sweet!

st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-128st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-129 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-130 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-131 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-132 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-133 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-134 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-135 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-136 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-137 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-138 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-139 st-francis-birth-newborn-photos-140

I asked Katie for a photo of her and her 4 boys.  We tried for a “everyone look at the camera and smile” photo, but this is what we ended up with… and I’d say it’s perfect!


The main photo Katie wanted from the beginning was one of all of the kids feet.  So when we had them all lined up and ready to go, Katie pointed out that there were 60 toes right there.  60!  That definitely put things in a different perspective!


Here’s to 6 kiddos (and teaching the younger ones how to hold up 6 fingers) ;-)


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Kendra Larson - June 13, 2017 - 4:11 pm

These are fantastic photos! You did a really nice job capturing the moment and the sweet faces of joy. Beautiful!

judy buckingham - June 17, 2017 - 11:52 am

Absolutely gorgeous photos of our #13 grandchild Such a blessing Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments