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Off Camera Workshop | Round 1


Part of me still can’t believe I did this… it’s been one of those goals in the back of my mind for quite a while and I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever be brave enough to do it.  But after walking several other photographers through off camera lighting the past couple of years, and several others emailing or texting with questions, I thought it was finally time!

So with the extra push from my husband and the desire to help other local photographers out, it happened; the venue was rented, the cake picked up, and the dishes were delivered!  But the biggest shoutout from the night goes to Jenny Williams for being the most amazing assistant ever!  Things would not have run anywhere near as smoothly without her help that night!  She also took a few behind the scenes photos, which I’m so thankful for!


Can you believe that this string of pearls was photographed AFTER sunset??


The only disclaimer I’ll give is for the flowers… I picked some up at Trader Joe’s and arranged them myself.
Not the best in the world, but it’s prettier than a table without a center piece!

off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-103 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-104 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-105


And how about these beautiful dishes??  Pretty Plates of Greenville has an incredible collection available for rent!


off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-107 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-108 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-109 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-110 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-111 off-camera-flash-workshop-SouthernBleachery-112

To wrap things up, we went outside to practice sparkler exits.  We set everything up and then each of us took turns photographing as well as holding sparklers… and each time, Christi and her man graciously walked through as if they’d just gotten married!


Thank you ladies so much for coming out!!


Our vendors for the night were so wonderful and amazing!
Venue | Southern Bleachery
Wedding Cake | Couture Cakes of Greenville
Place Settings | Pretty Plates

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Expecting Baby | Scott + Mari Caroline

One of my new favorite things is maternity photos in the winter!  After 3 sessions already this month, I’m completely in love with them… even with the cold.  And guys, I do NOT like cold.  But with these beautiful mamas and the gorgeous winter light, what’s not to love?!


Scott and Mari Caroline are just so special because while it feels like we just shot their wedding last summer, it was actually almost 3 years ago.  I love getting to see past brides and grooms again and I’m so thankful these two reached out to me about photographing this season while they were in town.  They live out of state now, but wanted to do their maternity session where Mari Caroline had some of her bridal portraits taken (#swoon).

So while they were in town for a baby shower, we scheduled their session and prayed for amazing weather… which we were so thankful to have!

Scott and Mari Caroline, thank you for letting me share in this season with you two!  I cannot WAIT to see photos of your little BOY when he arrives… I know he is already so loved by both of your families :-)

winter-lace-maternity-photos-101 winter-lace-maternity-photos-102 winter-lace-maternity-photos-103 winter-lace-maternity-photos-104 winter-lace-maternity-photos-105 winter-lace-maternity-photos-106 winter-lace-maternity-photos-107 winter-lace-maternity-photos-108 winter-lace-maternity-photos-109 winter-lace-maternity-photos-110 winter-lace-maternity-photos-111 winter-lace-maternity-photos-112 winter-lace-maternity-photos-113 winter-lace-maternity-photos-114 winter-lace-maternity-photos-115 winter-lace-maternity-photos-116 winter-lace-maternity-photos-117 winter-lace-maternity-photos-118 winter-lace-maternity-photos-119 winter-lace-maternity-photos-121 winter-lace-maternity-photos-122 winter-lace-maternity-photos-123 Hair & Makeup Artist | Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge
Dress | Leah Maria Couture

Clemsongang Beach Trip 2018

This trip is one of my favorites and I’m SO thankful we make it a priority to go each year.  Last year I was super pregnant with Isa and 4 of the girls brought their babies with them!  So, this year, with Isa being the only baby there (since she’s still under 1 and still nursing) it was a lot more quiet :-)  But I didn’t get nearly as many photos as usual.

That’s ok though because sometimes it’s more important to be a part of the memories instead of trying to always document them.

So here’s a recap of our 5th year at Kiawah Island.  Five years in this same spot and we love it!


We usually take a bike ride and it was SO COLD this year that a break inside the grocery store (with a few coffees to go around) was very necessary!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-102 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-103

Isa tagged along in the little trailer that Jennifer and Allen brought for us to use.  As you can tell, she LOVED it!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-104 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-105 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-106 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-107

One of our favorite parts about the houses we rent is the view…


Girls, don’t hate me for posting some of these pictures!  It was too much fun playing Left-Center-Right and reverse charades!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-109 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-110 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-111 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-112 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-113

I so wish I could remember what each of these words they were acting out ended up being!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-114 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-115 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-116

And then our yearly picture… it’s always my favorite from the weekend.
This fall will also mark 20 years that we’ve been friends.  I just can’t believe it!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-117 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-118 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-119 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-120 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-121

I’m not kidding at all when I say how much I’d love to photograph a wedding at the Oceans Course on Kiawah!
How gorgeous is this view??

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-122 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-123 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-124 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-124b Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-125

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Wowing My Clients

I’ve thrown the idea around in my mind about hanging up my camera for a season… my babies are little and I love them to pieces, but they are DRAINING!  But each time the thought comes to mind, I go back to moments like this.

It rained on Jackie and Jason’s wedding day last summer but we still made the most of it…
And I LOVE this photo of them!

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So much so that I showed them the back of my camera and this was Jackie’s reaction.

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It all comes back to how much I love what I do… and I also love being able to stay home with my kiddos.  And until God leads me down another path, I will be SO excited for each wedding and every birth I have the honor of capturing.

Getting to wow my couples with their images is one of my favorite things.  But I also love spoiling them a little with gifts during their engagement.  Receiving mail is by far one of my most favorite things, so surprising my couples and my birth clients with mail from time to time actually gets me giddy!  These weddings and births are huge milestone events in life and I want my sweet clients to know that I’m celebrating right alongside them.

I’m still booking for late summer and fall of 2018 and for 2019.  Head over to my website at to send me a note. I would love to connect and see if we would be a good fit for each other!

Expecting Baby | Will + Jill | Hotel Domestique

There’s a little spot not far from Greenville that makes you feel as though you’ve actually taken a trip to Europe.  Which was a perfect fit for Will and Jill because they just returned from a trip to Spain… which I called their European Soccer Tour because of the stadiums they visited and the games they went to :-)

But we honestly could have photographed their session anywhere and it still would have been beautiful.  Jill, you are one of the cutest expectant moms!  Your joy radiates through your smile and it still puts a smile on my face to think of what amazing parents you guys will be.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-101 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-102

Jill… stop it.  You are too gorgeous.


I promise they aren’t professional models.

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-104 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-105 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-106 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-107

Her laugh is the best!

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-108 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-109 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-110 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-111 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-112 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-113 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-114 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-115 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-116 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-117 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-118 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-119 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-120 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-121

You guys… this one blew me away.  How beautiful is she?!?

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-122 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-122b hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-123 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-124 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-125

Now this, my friends, is golden hour!

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-126 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-127 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-128 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-129 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-130 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-131