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Banks Grier | Greenville Birth Photographer | Greer Memorial Hospital

This family is so special to me and I just can’t believe how much life I’ve been able to experience with them.  This was the third time I’ve been in a delivery room with Ben and Joanna and her mom, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many times they’ve been in front of my camera… and it all started because Joanna and I sat close to each other when we were on staff at our church together.

This being the third time around, we knew a few things were almost for certain (because when it comes to babies being born nothing is ever set in stone!):

  • Joanna’s babies come fast so we all wanted to be ready when the time came.
  • She delivers at Greer Memorial so the hospital is smaller, but the rooms are bigger!
  • Ben had his candy stash ready, although they’d been prepared for a couple of weeks so there wasn’t as much as there had been originally.

Banks definitely came fast and furiously when he was ready.  So much so that it seemed like Joanna maybe pushed 3 times before he was here!  God created women’s bodies to conceive, grow and give birth to babies… but since we live in a broken world, none of that is ever perfect or easy.  Some women aren’t able to go through this process for all kinds of reasons.  And having walked through some of that with friends and having miscarried a baby of our own, the miracle of birth is not lost on me.  Which I think is why tears come to my eyes with each birth I have the honor of photographing.

Ben and Jo, thank you for letting me be a part of your THIRD baby being born!  I love being in the delivery room with you guys and capturing those first few moments with your children for you.  Congratulations on your sweet, new baby boy!

  Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-101 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-102 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-103 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-104 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-105 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-106 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-107 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-108 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-109 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-110

How many mamas do you know that have sat in a warm bath reading a book while in labor??

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-111 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-112 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-113 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-114 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-115 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-116 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-117 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-118 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-119 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-120 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-121

It was tough to watch her contractions, but she handled them with so much grace and strength.

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-122 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-123 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-124 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-125 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-126 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-127 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-128 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-129 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-130 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-131 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-132 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-133 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-134 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-135 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-136 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-137 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-138 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-139 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-140 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-141 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-142 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-144 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-145 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-146 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-147 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-148 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-149 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-150 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-151

His older siblings met him over FaceTime since they were headed to bed soon after he was born :-)

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-152 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-153 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-154 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-155 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-156 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-157 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-158 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-159 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-160 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-161 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-162 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-163

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Will + Kala | Expecting Baby

It still blows my mind that I’ve been in Greenville long enough now for the kids that were in the youth group at church to be married and having kids of their own.  It’s also crazy that their sweet little girl will be just 7 months younger than Isa… but being an “older mom” will keep me young, right??

Will and Kala, thank you for meeting me at sunset for some photos to document your last weeks as a family of two.  Thank you for trusting me with these, thank you for being real and trusting the Lord with this upcoming season.  Your hearts are about to grow by leaps and bounds and I can’t wait to see you become parents!

sunset-maternity-photos-101 sunset-maternity-photos-102 sunset-maternity-photos-103 sunset-maternity-photos-104

This is totally a favorite!

sunset-maternity-photos-105 sunset-maternity-photos-106 sunset-maternity-photos-107 sunset-maternity-photos-108 sunset-maternity-photos-109

You guys….!!

sunset-maternity-photos-110 sunset-maternity-photos-111 sunset-maternity-photos-112 sunset-maternity-photos-113 sunset-maternity-photos-114 sunset-maternity-photos-115 sunset-maternity-photos-116 sunset-maternity-photos-117 sunset-maternity-photos-118

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Grace | Class of 2018

Growing up, her dad would play the piano for her before she went to sleep.  And she knew that she wanted to be like him and to be able to play too.

I texted Grace one day about a crazy idea that had come to me… “What if we found a piano to put in the middle of a field for your senior photos?”  I had no clue how to even make it happen, but Grace was all for it and so excited!  She and her parents did most  of the work to make this happen.  Grace found the piano, several of us went to pick it up, then she and her dad gutted it to make it easier to move it around for her senior photos the next day.

Grace, I hate that I don’t get to see you as often since we’re at different church campuses now, but I’m SO glad you asked me to celebrate your senior year and take your senior photos for you.  Thank you and your parents for ALL you did to make this session happen.  It was amazing and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your session!


This is one of my favorites, especially in black and white.

piano-in-a-field-103 piano-in-a-field-104 piano-in-a-field-105 piano-in-a-field-106 piano-in-a-field-108 piano-in-a-field-111 piano-in-a-field-110 piano-in-a-field-112

So beautiful, Grace!

piano-in-a-field-113 piano-in-a-field-114 piano-in-a-field-115 piano-in-a-field-116 piano-in-a-field-117 piano-in-a-field-119 piano-in-a-field-121 piano-in-a-field-122 piano-in-a-field-123 piano-in-a-field-124 piano-in-a-field-125 piano-in-a-field-126 piano-in-a-field-127

Congratulations, Grace!  I’m so proud of the amazingly godly woman you’ve become and can’t wait to see where He takes you!

What to do in Paris | The Less-Touristy Edition

Last month I posted about what to do in Paris if you’ve never been and only have 3-4 days there.  This post will have a few more options of things if you don’t want to be as touristy or you’d rather do things other than sight-see.

If you missed that post, you should go check it out HERE because there will likely be some things that will still be helpful like Travel Tips, What to Pack and a few cultural tips.

If you’re more into the food and shopping side of things, Paris is DEFINITELY going to be your kind of place.


  • Le Bouillon Chartier - located at 7 rue du Fauboug Montmartre, Paris 75009
    Closest Metro: Grands Boulevards on Lines 8 & 9

This in quotes is from my friend Katherine who recommended Le Bouillon Chartier to me this summer.  I went for the first time this past July and it was wonderful!  I think I got the chicken (which was a little dry) and I didn’t get dessert, but everything else was fabulous.  “The restaurant opened in 1896, and is to this day a Parisian favorite. Its mission has always been to offer a delicious French meal, at affordable prices, with lovely service, and it works like a charm. They’re open from 11:30am to midnight daily, and it’s best to expect a queue outside. It moves pretty quickly though, and as soon as they have a table available for you, you’ll be seated! I promise, it’s absolutely worth the wait!”

  • Chez Francois – located in the bottom of the Air France building,  l’Aérogare des Invalides
    Closest Metro: Invalides on Lines 8 & 13
The first time we tried to dine here, we’d made a reservation online but when we arrived, the entire restaurant had been booked for a private party.  Between my non-fluent French and the hostess, we never really figured out what the other was talking about.  But the next thing Ben and I knew, we were being escorted to a car and driven to one of their sister restaurants!  We did have a moment of “if this is our last night, I love you!” but everything was fine!  We weren’t super impressed with the sister restaurant and decided to go back to Chez Francois last November to finally give it a try.

It’s very French, has white linen table clothes and a very attentive staff.  We would probably give it 4 out of 5 stars, but the fact that it’s in the basement of a building that used to be for passengers on layovers, it’s fun to go to.

  • Chez Georges is still one of my favorites so it’s worth mentioning again! It’s located at 1 rue du Mail, 75002 Paris, France and I talked about it in the other post HERE so be sure to check that out!
  • Bonus (small/inexpensive lunches): Two of my favorite go-to’s are a baguette with ham and cheese and a Croque Monsieur.  A Croque Monsieur is basically a grilled ham and cheese, but also has more cheese on top! (Be aware that a Croque Madame is the same but also has a fried egg on top.)  You can find both of these sandwiches at most cafés.  Another each and inexpensive option are the Tunisian kebab shops in the Latin Quarter. For 7 euros you can get a pita with shaved meat, lettuce, tomato and a drink.  It’s delicious.  Rue de la Huchette is super touristy but worth that 7 euro meal!  I had it twice during my last visit and one of the times I took it with me to eat on the RER on my way back to where we were staying.
  • Galeries Lafayette is your GO TO for some serious shopping.  Plus, the building itself is beautiful.
  • Place des Vosges & Le Marais*
    *Le Marais also has one of the best Falafel places, L’as du Falafel.  I’ve eaten there a couple times (always by getting it to go from the window) and the line you’ll see outside is always worth the wait.  There’s another one directly across from it without a line and while I’ve not eaten there, I’m guessing there’s a reason one has a line and the other doesn’t :-)
  • Rue de Rivoli
    You can read more about Place des Vosges and Rue de Rivoli on this website HERE.
  • Markets… oh how I love European outdoor markets!  HERE is a guide to all the markets.  I went to Marché Bastille this summer for the first time (I found out about it on Instagram) and it did not disappoint!  It’s only open 3 days a week, but on Saturdays it’s apparently more of an arts and crafts market).
  • TIP: Do not go “shopping” on the Champs Elysses.  Everything is astronomically priced and more for tourists than anything else.

View More:


  • Take a Cooking Class!  For our 5th anniversary, Ben and I took a Baguette baking class at La Cuisine Paris and it was so much fun.  You can see more about that HERE.  I kind of want to go back and take ALL the classes they offer!
  • Check out some of the lesser known museums.  For our honeymoon, we purchased a museum pass and went to all kinds of museums that I’d never even heard of.  You can purchase the pass for 2, 4 or 6 days and go as much as you’d like for the duration of your pass.  It also allows you to skip any lines there might be!
  • Just wander!  Seriously… some of my favorite discoveries in Paris have been found when I didn’t have a plan other than to soak in the city.  So, pick an arrondissement (there are 20 of them!), plant yourself in the middle of it during the day and choose a direction and go.  This is how I fell in love with Île St-Louis… it’s less touristy than Île de la Cité (where Notre Dame is) and it’s so beautiful!
  • Create (or buy/download) a scavenger hunt.  A photo scavenger hunt is always fun and what better way to see a city and document your time there?


I would love to hear other ideas or non-touristy spots to venture to on my next trip if you know of some!
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Monday Musings | A Piano + A Thank You


I had a crazy idea not long ago… what if we could find a piano to put in a field for Grace’s senior photos?  She’s been playing the piano for a while and it would be really cool to have this piece of her in her photos.

And you know what?  We made it happen!  She found the piano, I met her, her dad, her brother and a friend in a truck (with a lift gate thankfully!) to pick it up from the lady who was giving it away.  Grace and her family did some work on it, took the harp out of the middle of it, which made it drastically lighter, and then her mom and brother helped us move it for Grace’s photos.

Grace and her family kept thanking ME but this wouldn’t have happened if not for them!  It was just my crazy idea.  They’re the ones who made it come to life! So thank you guys SOO much!

And trust me, I can’t wait to show you more of these images!

Happy Monday!