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Leo | At-Home Newborn Session

This family… I don’t know what to say other than I have LOVED having them in front of my camera so many times since last fall.  And getting to see them at home with their sweet little Leo was almost more than my heart could handle.

Being parents for the first time is no easy task but being able to watch these two love and respect each other in the midst of sleep deprivation and a crying baby literally warmed my heart.  I know it won’t always be easy (trust me, we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old at home!), but I think these two will be just fine :-)


I love how he’s all smiles and then unsure of daddy snuggling with mommy :-)

at-home-newborn-photos-102 at-home-newborn-photos-103 at-home-newborn-photos-104 at-home-newborn-photos-105

Jill, you are so adorable, and you’re such a beautiful mama!

at-home-newborn-photos-106 at-home-newborn-photos-107 at-home-newborn-photos-108 at-home-newborn-photos-109

I can only imagine the number of stories told here, the squeals of laughter and the moments that will be shared in this spot.

at-home-newborn-photos-110 at-home-newborn-photos-111 at-home-newborn-photos-112 at-home-newborn-photos-113 at-home-newborn-photos-114

Will, you are a complete natural!

at-home-newborn-photos-115 at-home-newborn-photos-116 at-home-newborn-photos-117 at-home-newborn-photos-118 at-home-newborn-photos-119 at-home-newborn-photos-120 at-home-newborn-photos-121 at-home-newborn-photos-122 at-home-newborn-photos-123 at-home-newborn-photos-124 at-home-newborn-photos-125 at-home-newborn-photos-126 at-home-newborn-photos-127 at-home-newborn-photos-128 at-home-newborn-photos-129 at-home-newborn-photos-130

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Kathryn + Joseph | A Conastee Nature Park + Downtown Greenville Engagement

My husband and I didn’t meet until after my 30th birthday so when I hear of couples who have known each other since middle school or high school, I’m just amazed!  These two met in their youth group sometime around the 8th grade and while the details are a little sketchy for Kathryn, Joseph will tell you that he had a huge crush on her :-)

They were friends for quite a while before officially dating but when that first date happened, it was the best first date they’d ever had.  Especially so because it was their last first date!


We had so much fun at their engagement session just walking and talking and finding random beautiful marshy areas with glowy warm light like this!  I mean, I almost kept them there for their entire session :-)

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-102 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-103



Kathryn – you are stunning and I can’t WAIT to photograph you on your wedding day!

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-107Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-108 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-109 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-110

And how beautiful is her ring??

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-111 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-112 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-113 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-114

Oh my goodness, I love their laughter in this one.


We ventured downtown just before sunset and took a little break from the wind (and advantage of the beautiful light inside of the Hyatt Regency!) before heading to a higher vantage point to get as much light as we could from the setting sun!

Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-117 Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-118 Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-119Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-120 Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-121

Aw, you guys!  Seriously adorable.

Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-122 Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-123

You two make sunset look so good.

Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-124 Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-125

Also, the last of these images prove that you guys mastered being in front of my camera. I mean, y’all look like models!


SO excited for your wedding day in a couple of months!


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Avereigh Reese | AnMed Health |Greenville Birth Photographer

My favorite birth plans are when the birth mom and dad’s goal is for a healthy baby and a healthy mommy.  With my first baby it took me until I was 39 weeks and 6 days along to be ok with this plan because I thought the last thing I wanted was a c-section.  But when it came down to it, I realized that what I ultimately wanted was a healthy baby.  And if that’s how God chose to get her here, then that was ok.

Christin and Josh were thankfully on that same birth plan too (the one with the “healthy baby and healthy mommy” plan) because their baby girl Avereigh was loving life just where she was!  At 41 weeks, Christin was induced and everything was going well.  I drove down to Anderson when she was about halfway and her water had been broken.  And when I walked in the room, Christin and Josh were just as Christin and Josh are… cool and collected and happy to be meeting their baby girl soon!


I’m not a crafty-DIY kind of girl, so I’m always so impressed when I meet people who are.  And yes, Christin is one of them!  How adorable is this sign she made for their daughter??

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-102 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-103 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-104 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-105 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-106 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-107 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-108 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-109

Christin’s sisters had shirts made for them and several others… theirs both said “Aunt-Tourage”!

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-110 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-111 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-112 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-113 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-114 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-115

I LOVE this image of Christin’s and her grandmother’s hands feeling sweet Avereigh moving around.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-116 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-117

Also, Christin’s dad is just the cutest and he loves his daughters SO much.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-118 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-119 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-120

Avereigh ended up being born via c-section later that evening.  She is perfectly healthy and doing wonderfully! But because of some extra observations they needed to do, I instead came back to the hospital for a Fresh48 session about 36 hours later :-)

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-121 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-122 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-123

I hung around with the family for a while until we knew for sure what the plan was going to be.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-124 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-125 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-126 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-127 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-128 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-129 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-130 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-131 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-132 About 24 hours later, this little lady was ready for lots of snuggles with her parents.  So about 36 hours after she was born, I headed back to the hospital for a Fresh48 session and it was magical!!

I brought my Pentax645 along just in case… and I’m so glad I did.
Look how beautiful these 2 images below are!


Baby yawns are the cutest!!

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-140 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-141a AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-141b AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-142a AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-142b AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-143 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-143b

If I could use the heart eyes emoji on my blog, they would all be RIGHT here.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-144 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-145 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-146

Look how creamy and beautiful film captures this sweet new baby girl!


Christin, being a mommy looks SO good on you.  Especially when your robe and Avereigh’s swaddle match!


Those lips.  And her throwing us a peace sign was almost more than I could handle.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-149 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-150

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My Own First Rolls of Color Film

Since becoming a professional photographer in this digital age, I’ve always had the fear that if I were to pick up a film camera again, it would become very clear very quickly that I didn’t actually know what I was doing behind the camera.

Now, I realize this is a lie, but some days it’s easier to hear the lies than the truth.  Plus, 17 year old Sabrina with her Nikon N50 (not D50!) truly didn’t know what she was doing with her SLR camera but today’s current version of Sabrina is well versed in her DSLR.  And since the only things/people we should be comparing ourselves to is who we were yesterday, then in comparison to my 17 year old self, I’m most definitely a professional and I most definitely know what I’m doing behind my camera!

All of that to say, I’m so thankful for The Signature Atelier and Abby last summer for our Film 101 class.  I’m so thankful for my friends who have been shooting film for a while who have been cheering me on and encouraging me even though I still don’t know what I’m doing with this film thing.

But I’m also really thankful that this Pentax found a home with me and is also being patient as I learn how to use it.

I’ve taken a couple rolls of black and white film and now several rolls of color film and y’all.  I’m so in love.  Each click (more like “ka-chunk) of the shutter is like someone poking me in the side to get me to laugh.  Not that I had fallen out of love with photography, but it’s like this has been a reminder as to why I fell in love with it in the first place!

I purchased a Pentax 645 from Amazon at the beginning of the year and shot these images on Fuji 400H.  These rolls of film were developed by The Find Lab on their Noritsu scanner.

And just to give you an idea of what the difference between digital and medium format film looks like, I took a couple of photos as identical as I could with both camera so I could do some side-by-sides.  The ones on the left are digital and the ones on the right are film.

DigitalVsFilm-101 DigitalVsFilm-102

Also, I have some really wonderful friends that (possibly reluctantly) stepped in front of my camera so I could practice.

FIrstRollsOfFilm-101FIrstRollsOfFilm-102 FIrstRollsOfFilm-103FIrstRollsOfFilm-104

Let’s just say that my smallest models (below) were my most reluctant of all.

FIrstRollsOfFilm-105 FIrstRollsOfFilm-106-2 FIrstRollsOfFilm-106 FIrstRollsOfFilm-107FIrstRollsOfFilm-108

This photo of Catherine holding the flowers is SO underexposed, but I don’t even care because her expression is everything!!!

FIrstRollsOfFilm-109 FIrstRollsOfFilm-110FIrstRollsOfFilm-111 FIrstRollsOfFilm-112

I’m mostly posting these because I’m super excited about them but also because I want to come back and see what my first rolls of film looked like after I’ve been shooting film for a while.  I would hope that my 17 year old self would be proud.  And I do hope that in 20+ more years, I’ll be thankful for how much I’ve grown!

mommy - March 2, 2018 - 9:18 am

I loved seeing our grandgirls! Keep up the good work Sabrina! We’re proud of you!
Love you!

William Edward | Greenville Birth Photographer | Patewood Memorial

When I first talked with Maggie and Charlie about photographing the birth of their son, we were chatting about names and they mentioned that they were just embracing the fact that they all happen to have very royal names.  And it took me a minute to realize what she was talking about… Maggie and Charlie are short for Margaret and Charles and then of course their son’s name is now William Edward!  And for as much as I love British royalty, this just put a huge smile on my face!

I began checking in with Maggie about how she was doing right around two weeks before her due date.  There wasn’t much going on, which is perfectly fine!  But as her due date came and went, I was just praying for her and sweet William because I knew they both were probably very ready to meet each other.  And sure enough, 4 days later, her water broke!

Saturday morning, I walked into their hospital room where they’d been for almost a full day and while I could tell she was already tired and uncomfortable, Maggie still had a pep in her voice and even got some sleep during the day as they waited on their son.  Charlie was by her side all the time and when he needed to step away, their doula was right there comforting and encouraging Maggie every step of the way.  Kathy was so wonderful and between the three of them and their families who came and went during the day, it was such a calm and encouraging space to be in.

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-101 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-102 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-103 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-104 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-105 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-106 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-107

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-108 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-109 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-110 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-111 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-112 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-113 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-114 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-115 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-116 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-117 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-118 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-119 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-120 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-121 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-122 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-123 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-124 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-125 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-126 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-127 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-128 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-129 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-130 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-131

The look of pure joy on Charlie’s face right here is exactly why I photograph births!
He just saw his son for the first time and was in awe of what his wife accomplished to bring him into the world!

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-132 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-133 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-134 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-135 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-136 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-137 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-138 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-139 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-140 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-141 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-142Patewood-Birth-Photographer-143 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-144 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-145 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-146 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-147

Maggie, you were amazing!  And William is just perfect :-)

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-148Patewood-Birth-Photographer-149 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-150 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-151 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-152 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-153 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-154 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-155 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-156 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-157 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-158 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-159 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-160 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-161 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-162 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-163 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-164 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-165 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-166

Congratulations, you guys.  And thank you for allowing me to share that space with you to capture William’s first breaths!


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