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Mandy + Kevin | Part 1 | Downtown Greenville Wedding Photographer

Mandy walked in with her matron of honor, each of them carrying boxes and bags full of things for the day. When I screamed said, “You’re getting married today!” she looked at me with so much excitement in her eyes that I almost teared up right then and there.  She moved through getting ready and putting on her dress with nothing on her mind but marrying the love of her life.

When Kevin arrived he was as calm as ever, because that’s how he is. As he prepared to see his bride, this smile came across his face that I haven’t seen on him before… that look that only people in love give. And they don’t even realize they’re giving it.

I was so excited about Mandy and Kevin’s wedding that I could hardly stand it. And it might show in the images because as you can see… this is a Part 1!  (Part 2 will come on Monday!)  They were surrounded by their close friends and family, but I’m not sure they didn’t see much more than each other last Saturday as they said, “I do”.  Kevin and Mandy, we are so honored that you allowed us to capture your first day together as husband and wife. We hope you’re having a blast in Hawaii!  Please have some pineapple for me and learn how to hula so you can teach me when you get back!


Mandy and Kevin were married at the beautiful Downtown Baptist Church where Grace Church Downtown has been meeting for the last year.


This is the new bride’s room at the church.  Isn’t it gorgeous??


And her dress? It’s gorgeous.


The light streaming in from the window downstairs was perfect.


I LOVED her shoes. And I love that they put the date on the bottoms of their shoes.


Purple was one of Mandy’s colors… so the lavender wreaths outside the church added just the right touch.


Mandy’s soon-to-be sister in law, Kristi, did an incredible job on her makeup!


Mandy’s matron of honor, Stefini mentioned that Mandy’s phone had reminded her at 9am that she was getting married. Not that she would forget!
It just gave her an extra moment of excitement.


Ben got these next several (amazing) images of Kevin.


I’m making it a known fact that natural light streaming through a window makes me swoon.


As always, I don’t require my brides & grooms to have a First Look, but my oh my, I love it when they do!
It’s actually one of the main reasons this is a Part 1 post! There are just so many images of these two!


See that?  The smile on Kevin’s face? That’s a man in love with his bride.


Ben captured this… and I think my heart stopped when I saw it!


My image is on the left, Ben’s is on the right.


Oh my goodness… I love you guys!  Not only are you gorgeous, but you crack. me. up.


Mandy’s amazing flowers were done by Frank of Embassy Flowers.


Ben’s image.


With their downtown wedding, we wanted to capture a few downtown pictures.


Oh my heavens… you guys.

This just might be my favorite from the day.

Seriously… y’all.  Please don’t ever stop being so awesome.


Mandy!  You’re gorgeous!!


Kevin’s dad stood by him as best man.


It was awesome to watch their relationship during the day.


It’s like y’all are pros at this!  I love it.


The best part about Stefini’s dress is that she bought it several years ago and Mandy wore it in her wedding.
When Mandy went to look for a bridesmaid dress, she couldn’t find what she was looking for. Turns out it was already in Stefini’s closet!

I’ll end Part 1 with these two gorgeous portraits of Mandy.
Girl, you are so beautiful, inside and out… and you made one stunning bride!

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Honeymoon | Versailles

It’s so hard to believe that it was six months ago that we were in Paris.  We had enough time while we were there to be tourists but also have some down time.  We’d had a whirlwind of an engagement (four months!) and we were tired!  Not to mention that Ben had spent the last year implementing new software at work and the month before we were married I had more sessions than I’d ever had in a 4 week time span on top of working at my full time job.  To say we’d been busy would have been a drastic understatement :-)

Versailles was one of the must-see stops on our list.  It was part of our museum pass too, so that was way helpful that it was included!  So, on our third day in Paris, we got up, stopped by the shop below our apartment for some sandwiches and walked to the metro.  After switching over to the RER and we were headed to the outskirts of the city, we opened our sandwiches and coke and enjoyed our little picnic.  Turns out they’d misunderstood which sandwich I wanted, but it was still yummy!

40 minutes later we pulled into the station outside of the 17th century castle and made our way through the adorable town to come upon the grandeur that is Versailles.  Louis XIV (14th) built this monstrosity up from a modest hunting lodge…

It’s a bit over the top for my tastes, but I still love it!


You can’t go into the chapel, but this might be the best pictures I’ve been able to get of it over the years.


The Hall of Mirrors is my favorite!


Trying a different kind of self portrait.


Isn’t it just beautiful??


It’s rooms like these that I refer to as “beautiful in their own way”. Maybe my tastes would have been different in 1692
but I just can’t imagine my bedroom being covered in so much gold and so many flowers!


The grounds and the gardens are just immaculate.


These are our “we’re so excited to be at Versailles!” faces.


If you walk behind the palace into the gardens and keep walking and then walk some more, they actually have a snack bar.
Where, to my delight, they had Belgium waffles and Nutella :-)


This was my “I’m so excited we just had a Belgium waffle!” jump.
(I wish I could show you ALL of the pictures it took before we got to this one…)


And once you have your snack and continue walking, you get to this little hut where you can rent a row boat.  A ROW BOAT!!


Looking back from “Louis’ Lagoon”.


This guy lapped us… several times.


ha! We were having so much fun!


Oh my heavens… he’s so handsome.


When I see this picture, that song “I Love Your Smile” from the 90’s pops into my head :-)


By the time the sun went down, it was freezing!  So, we stopped at the small Starbucks on our way back to the RER station.
I almost forgot it was getting close to Christmas when we were there!  But in case you’re wondering, a chai tea latte is the same in Paris as it is at home :-)

Anna K. - May 9, 2012 - 4:36 pm

Paris for a honeymoon would be amazing!!! I loved looking through the photos!

Melissa - May 12, 2012 - 3:39 pm

I was totally just blog stalking and reliving the trip I made to Paris in March. : ) I am in love with that city! Thank you for making me miss it all the more. lol. I seems like you have an incredible honeymoon!!!!

The New Mrs. | Furman University Wedding Photographer

Exactly six months after Ben and I said, “I do”, we found ourselves back in the same church at Grace Church Downtown but this time, we had cameras in both of our hands as we had the honor of capturing Mandy & Kevin as they said, “I do.”  Until a blog post of those images are ready, I’m SO EXCITED that I finally get to share Mandy’s bridal portraits with you!  We met out at Furman University one overcast afternoon hoping that the sky would stay as it was.  By the end of the session, the sun even started to peek out!  Mandy, I’ve said it each time we’ve met for pictures this year… you’re just gorgeous.  I hope your first few days of being Mrs. Bagwell (as you’re on a beach in Hawaii!) have been nothing short of wonderful.

Much love,


I just loved her shoes!!


And the flowers…

And then we had a guest join the session :-)  Dixie was the perfect model!

Most of you know that I’m not really a dog person… but would you look at that face?!?  Sometimes their cuteness is enough to win me over.

Mandy!  Girl!  You are stunning.

And by the time we were finishing up, the sun came out.

And that sun gave us some gorgeous backlit portraits.

SO excited to end on these two… just gorgeous!!

Anna K. - May 8, 2012 - 4:40 pm

Gorgeous Images Sabrina! I love the ones where she included her dog, so cute!

Kristi - May 9, 2012 - 2:24 am

You did an amazing job at the wedding. I can’t wait to see all the pictures.

Janet + Andrew | Greenville Wedding Photographer

Rain was threatening and the sun was peeking in and out from behind the clouds. But when Janet walked in a few hours before walking down the aisle, she was radiating joy and daring the sky to open up with rain.  Janet was so excited and so calm that it was easy to see nothing was going to ruin this day.

When Andrew arrived with his brother for pictures, he was calm, cool, and completely collected.  He had been looking forward to this day just as much as Janet had and he could not wait for her to become his wife.

Andrew and Janet were married at Zen downtown with their closest friends and family. The evening was not short of smiles, laughter, good food and lots of dancing!  Thank you guys so much for the honor of capturing your day as you became husband and wife. We had so much fun and we can’t wait to hear about your honeymoon to Hawaii later this summer!

Just to warn you… I had a really hard time narrowing down my favorites.  So, this post may be a little long :-)

Once Janet was ready we stepped outside for some portraits.

It did start drizzling so we found this PERFECT spot inside of Zen downtown.

The flowers by Greg Foster were amazing!


Lindsay had a picture of her celebrating like this with Janet from her wedding day so we just had to recreate!

Gosh… both of you are so wonderful and SO beautiful!


Janet!  You are stunning.


And then Andrew arrived looking all suave and debonair.

His brother Nick was an incredible support to Andrew all day.


Janet and Andrew asked for a picture of the two of them before the wedding without seeing each other.
So, as I was getting these shots…


Ben was getting this shot below… and I love it.


Andrew’s parents were so fun and had a blast the entire day!


And then it was time… :-)


Doesn’t Lindsay look GOOD in that purple???


And this is when I started to cry. So thankful for auto focus!


And at that same moment, Ben captured Andrew seeing his bride for the first time.
He couldn’t hold back the tears either.


My image on the left, Ben’s image on the right.


They were so excited! It was adorable to watch them catching glimpses of each other.


They were SO excited! They were married!!

You two… are just gorgeous.


Ben captured this image and it nearly took my breath away.
It also made me a little jealous that I didn’t get it :-)


Work it.


You guys…!  You’re just adorable together.


It was so hard to capture them without smiles on their faces.

The cake by Kathy & Company was gorgeous.  And delicious!


I’m also jealous of this shot that Ben captured of the cake through the flowers!


Cocktail hour consisted of fondue by Good Life Catering.


It was nothing short of incredible!


Being introduced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs!


I just love first dances.


Videography done by the wonderful Jeff Bennett of View Digital Media.


Father Daughter dances get me almost every time.


Clemson Grads!


Vandy Grads!


Dancing went on continuously thanks to music by Jumpin’ Jukebox!


Janet had emailed the ladies attending the wedding to encourage them to wear fun hats and fascinators.
The women took up the challenge and had some really fun head accessories!


We snuck out at sunset for some outside shots on Main Street.


And the sunset!  It was gorgeous!


A little more dancing…


A few more shots with Shutterbooth


The last dance…


And then the departure.


Congratulations again, you guys!