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What is PASS?

I’m not always the first on the bandwagon when things change.  It took me YEARS to even try on a pair of capris because, well, I just thought they were ridiculous.  But now I love them.  When gold jewelry was coming back in style I told one of my best friends that I would NOT be wearing it.  Well, let’s just say that I eat my words almost every other day. And what about the time TGIF took Full House off the air?!?  Oh my goodness, I didn’t want to keep watching!  And when digital photography started growing and people were trading in their film point and shoots for digital point and shoots, I just kept holding tightly onto my Nikon N50.  I loved film.  I knew what to do with it.  And I didn’t want to give it up.  Yes, I saw the benefits of it and with things like Facebook continually growing, I wanted a way to share my pictures other than by paying an extra $5 to get my prints put onto a CD.  And in case you’re wondering, I did this for years… YEARS.  And I’ve got way too many CDs.

Which brings me to PASS.  Last summer, Ben and I drove up to Charlotte to meet up with some of the Showit crew and hear about this thing called PASS that they were introducing around the country.  I’ve mentioned it before, but Showit is my website company and I LOVE them.  Not only do they have an incredible product (I have 100% complete control over my website – design and everything!), but they have amazing customer service and just down right good people :-)  So when they started mentioning PASS and putting teasers online, I wanted to find out just what this thing was all about.

Remember when I mentioned that it sometimes takes me a while when things change?  Well, this digital age has changed a lot of things in the world of photography and the bottom line is that people want digital images.  If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I LOVE me some prints and canvases and albums!  I’m a huge believer in NOT keeping your digital images on your computer or only sharing them to Facebook.  But, I realized that having them on your computer and sharing them to Facebook is a big part of it!  And PASS makes that SO EASY!!

Here’s what happens, I shoot a wedding or another type of session.  After culling and editing the images, I upload them to PASS and send my clients a beautifully designed email (a treat from the PASS designers!) letting them know their images are ready.  The email shows you how to view your images, download your images, share them to Facebook, mark your favorites and share THOSE to Facebook (where you can then tag people!), or even pin them to Pinterest!  Bonus!  And that’s not even the end of it.  There’s a free app for the iPad and iPhone so that you can have your pictures with you wherever you go!  And you can even share them to Facebook straight from your iOS devices!  I have the app on my phone and use it all the time to show to clients, potential clients or even with friends of the couple after their wedding day.  Or maybe even with my own friends because I’m so excited about the images… or just showing off PASS :-)

Something else that I do for my brides and grooms is create what is called a +site (plus site).  I’m able to create these through my own website to give my couples THEIR own website.  So, after their engagement session, I upload their images to PASS, and then embed their PASS gallery into their website.  WHAT?!?!  Yes, it’s that cool.  Then, after their wedding, I upload their images to PASS and change the images on their page to wedding images and voila!  All of their images are in one place and at their fingertips.  I love it because it gives my brides and grooms an easy and fun way to share their images with friends and family after their big day.

Here’s a screenshot of Susan and Bryan’s +site.  On the site, when you hover over the square pictures at the bottom,
you’ll find links for The Gallery, The Couple, and the ability to leave them a note.

And when you click on The Gallery, you get this page… Sabrina’s Favorites are the ones from
their blog post so that they can easily find those images they’ve already seen!

With my new pricing, every bride and groom not only receives their +site, but immediate access to all of their images.  There’s no waiting and deciding if you want to purchase them all or just a few.   When you book with me, the images are all yours!  And yes, I’ll still help you with ordering canvases and albums :-)  Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to order prints through PASS… yet.  Several people have mentioned how incredible it would be to also have that feature, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the design guys already have it in the works.

Oh, and a cool thing for me, as the photographer?  Well, there are a couple of things actually.  One is that when the images are shared to Facebook, my website is automatically attached to each image.  This may just be me and other photographers, but when I see incredible images on Facebook or Pinterest, I want to know who took them and have the ability to see more of their work!   And two, with this latest update, I am able to see where around the world my images are being viewed and how often they’re being downloaded.

Yes, this totally blew my mind when I first saw it.  How cool is this?!?

Change isn’t always easy… and it’s not always easy to grasp.  But, once I got the hang of this and began getting feedback from clients on the ease of using it, I was hooked.  Sometimes, change is really good :-)

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Seven years ago I started attending Grace Church in Greenville, SC and it didn’t take long before I realized that I was supposed to be there, that this was supposed to be my church home.  And even though I’d only been there a few times, I wanted to get plugged in ASAP because even though I knew some people there from Clemson, I wanted to see more familiar faces when I came each Sunday!  So, I went through the classes and became a member and was placed in Stephen and Sara’s small group.

Yes, the cat is out of the bag… I was in their group for SEVEN years!  But, in my head, there’s a time lapse video running where Stephen, Sara and I are sitting in their living room and group is happening, but it’s going REALLY fast and people are coming and going and staying and going and coming and staying… and it eventually lands on this current group.  I don’t know how long this current group has been together, but it seems as though we’ve gelled really well over the last year or so and we’re all sad that we have to part ways.  Stephen and Sara are taking a year off (they’ve been leading for 9 years straight!) to BE in a community group instead of leading one.  So, last night, we all got together (and all of us were there!!) to tell them thank you and give them notes and pictures and gift cards to let them know how much we appreciate them and all they’ve done.

Ok Sabrina, what’s the big deal?  Yes, you were in the group for seven years but not everyone else was.

Well, that’s the amazing thing about community groups.  It’s not just a bible study that meets each week to talk about the sermon or to do a study.  Yes, we might do those things, but it’s about being IN community and living life together.  It’s about speaking truth into each others’ lives, it’s about reminding each other of the gospel, it’s about helping a family in the group when a family member has surgery, it’s about helping someone move, it’s about showers and celebrating when marriages happen (um, we had THREE of those this past year or so!), it’s about mourning together when someone loses a family member, it’s about getting together on a random night for dinner just to hang out, it’s about playing Dance Dance Revolution and laughing until our sides hurt, it’s about finding a pickle in a Christmas tree and so so so so so much more.

And I’ve been with Stephen and Sara for seven years.  I’d only been back from Belgium for less than a year when I joined Grace (and before that, I’d still been in college), so my adult life has been at Grace and with this incredible couple.  They’ve walked through so much of life with me that I’d never be able to recount it all.  They were giving me marriage advice long before Ben and I ever thought about meeting.  They’ve taught me what it looks like to follow Christ, even when it’s the most difficult.  They’ve taught me what it looks like to love others like Christ.  They’ve taught me what it looks like to love your children like Christ, even when you’re extremely frustrated with them.  They’ve taught me what it looks like to lead, which helped as I attempted to lead a group of high school girls.  They’ve taught me what it looks like to open your home and your lives to welcome in a group of sinners and walk through life with them.

We may have said goodbye to this group last night but it wasn’t goodbye to the individuals.  Whatever showers or babies or weddings have yet to happen, I have a feeling that all of us will be there again (and Sara pretty much threatened me if I didn’t invite her to my baby shower when that time rolled around ;-) ).

We gave them a scrapbook with notes and pictures and memories.

And there was a basket of giftcards to some of their favorite places (including some candy and popcorn to go with the movie tickets!).

Just so you know, I did NOT write the thing about Android. ;-)

Please let me introduce you to the cutest 4 1/2 year old ever, Brody.

Curtis and Brittany…

Greg and Stephanie…

Amy (she’s our very own body builder!)…

Drake (Curtis’s son)…

Meredith and Chas…

Brandon and Krista…

Abby, Macy, and Taylor…

Sydney and Emily…

And you know us :-)

 Gosh, I’m going to miss seeing this group every week (especially the amazingly hilarious 4 1/2 year old boy down front…)!

Thank you girls for being such a big part of my life!  Love you!

Dayna - August 13, 2012 - 8:56 am

I love this Sabrina. While it is hard to say goodbye it also means that God is about to start doing something new with each of you – and that is exciting! I praise God for this amazing group which supported you and loved you over the past seven years and pray that your next group continues to both build into you and help you to use your gifts.

Sara - August 13, 2012 - 9:15 am

We feel so blessed and privileged to have been a part of each of your lives. We have grown because of y’all, been loved and cared for, prayed for, wept with, fed, treated, and given much laughter.

Sabrina, thank you for being faithful to God, and because of that, to the people in our group. Thank you for loving us for the last seven years. It has been so much fun to walk through the different seasons of your life and ours together. We love you and these photos are great! Thank you so much for putting this together.

Thankful Thursday | My Daddy

Somehow it doesn’t seem like it’s been 18 years.  Sometimes it seems like it was more recent than that.  And sometimes it seems like it didn’t really happen at all.

Every year, on August 9, I’m overly aware of the date.  It’s not something that shuts me down and keeps me from functioning, but it’s definitely a more reflective day than most.

Summer was winding down and while my brother had just started a soccer camp the day before, we knew the days of sleeping in and being lazy were quickly coming to an end.  Tuesday morning, I woke up earlier than any teenager should ever have to wake up during the summer.  But, it wasn’t by choice and I’m still not completely sure what exactly it was that roused me. I remember seeing a light on in the hallway and looking at my clock. It was 5:30am.  I heard voices, but just thought that mom and dad were getting an early start on the day… until I heard our neighbor’s voice.  Al and Cindy were there so I climbed out of bed to see what was going on.  When I walked into my parent’s bedroom, my dad was laying in the bed, covers pulled back, his lips slightly blue and he was barely breathing.  To see the man that you love more than anything and sometimes fear more than you should was surreal.  Cindy was holding his hand and I remember her saying it was clammy.  Thinking back, I should have taken his hand from her.  I should have hugged him or kissed him on the cheek, or climbed into the bed and held onto him.  But I was scared.  I was 14.  And I had no idea what to do or what was to come.

So I turned and walked into the living room and turned on the computer to play solitaire.  I remember the ambulance arriving and a couple of people coming into the house with a stretcher.  Not long after that, I realized they were coming down the hallway and as I got up and walked over, the last I saw of my dad were his feet as I shut the door.

Mom left to follow the ambulance and Cindy stayed with us.  A couple of hours later, she took my brother to his soccer camp and I was home by myself.  As the sun came up, the house felt empty and I’m sure the weight that was there could be felt for blocks away.  And even though I knew Jesus at the time, I believed in God and trusted him, I don’t think it crossed my mind to talk to him that morning.  Instead, I sat in daddy’s chair and turned on the tv to watch the only thing on… Sisters.  Several hours later, when the kitchen door opened and my mom walked in with Randy, our pastor, I knew the answer to my question of how daddy was doing before I even asked it.  Mom’s two word response was enough, “He’s gone.”

Because of high blood pressure, being very overweight, and smoking, my dad’s heart couldn’t keep up.  So, at 45 years old, his heart stopped.

The rest of that day and the days following are a blur.  I remember picking Matt up at soccer camp, but I don’t remember his response.  I remember my grandparents and aunt and uncles driving as quickly as they could from Washington, D.C.  I remember tons of people coming and going.  I remember more food in our fridge than could actually fit in there.  I remember some kids that I babysat coming by with their families and just hugging the two little girls.  I remember one of my cousins bringing me a dress to wear to the funeral because I didn’t feel like I had anything that would work.  I remember needing an escape and going to our neighbor’s house the day of the funeral and watching everyone at our house from their window.  I remember a phone call from a substitute that worked with my mom at the junior high school… she told me that I needed to be strong for my mom and brother and to not cry.  While I’m sure she had good intentions to encourage me to be there for my family, this is not the best piece of advice to give a 14 year old who just lost her father.  (What I’ve realized and learned since that phone call is that death was never meant for this world.  That only happened when Adam and Eve decided to disobey God in the garden and sin became a part of our lives on earth.  So, yes, it’s MORE than ok to cry and mourn and even be angry when someone dies!  We have to go through that.  Death doesn’t feel right to us because it was never meant to be.  So, we mourn, we work through what happened, and find the strength to keep going from the One who created us.)

I also remember getting ready for bed the night my dad passed away.  Mom was in her bathroom washing her face and I walked in or was just standing there watching her and I asked her who was going to give me away at my wedding.  She hugged me and we cried.  And she said I had a granddad and so many uncles that would love to walk me down the aisle.  (Even though my granddaddy passed away a year before I met Ben, my brother honored ME by walking me down the aisle on my wedding day :-))

The three of us, my mom, my brother and I, all slept together that night in my parent’s bed.  While the next few days were a blur, I remember realizing just how loved we all were… and to this day, I feel like I haven’t thanked everyone enough for that.

This was Christmas 1987… check out my awesome pink headband!

This was the spring of 1993 (don’t be jealous of my hair, lack of a tan, or the dress).
My dad had a knack of getting to me… he like to call it “teasing” and you can tell by his face he was enjoying it! 

We had an interesting relationship, my dad and I.  My mom pointed out years after he passed away that we were carbon copies of each other.  From looks, to skin tone (the picture above is NOT proof of that), to our eyes, to our personalities, to our humor, to our temperament.  So, as you can imagine, we butted heads quite often.  We grew up going to church and I know my dad knew the Lord, but he also had his own past that he was trying to compensate for.  He loved us so much and he worked so hard in order for us to have things that he didn’t, which included him pushing us in school to do our best.  I’m so thankful that he taught me how to check the oil in the car and began to teach me how to drive stick shift (bless him for enduring that!).  I’m thankful that he taught me independence early on so that when I graduated college and was on my own for the next 10 years, I would be perfectly fine.

But, because of how he pushed us, there were many days where yelling was more abundant than hugs and encouragement.  And the Lord knows I knew how to push some buttons and the limits!  Remember that “carbon copy” statement from above…?  :-)  I knew my dad well because we were so much alike!  And because he was my dad, his influence over me was incredible.  What I mean by that is that if he was in a bad mood, I withdrew to let him be and to not make things worse.  And over the years, I think I continued to withdraw more and more.  I’ve always been a people pleaser and an introvert, but looking back, I’m sure much of that is because of what my dad was like.  I didn’t want to rock the boat so instead of fighting back, I would run away from the situation.  His voice was stronger and louder than mine ever will be and sometimes it was very intimidating.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I loved my dad very much and we laughed – a lot!  I have some incredible memories from family vacations to the beach, telling jokes around the dinner table, and learning to play rummy.  I can also still see him sitting in his desk chair at the house just smiling up at me because of whatever silly story or accomplishment I was telling him about.  And because I grew in my faith over the years, God pulled me out of my shell and helped me learn Truth.  He helped me to see what love really is and He brought me a husband that loves me the way I always wanted my dad to love me… unconditionally*.  Yes, Ben and I have tough conversations, and we don’t always agree on everything, but I don’t run away.  Ben doesn’t raise his voice (and I don’t raise mine) so there’s nothing to fear or be intimidated by.  Ben pushes me in what I believe and everything I do, but it’s because he knows I can do it… just like my dad did.  And at this point, the only frustration and disappointment that comes with my failure is all self-imposed.  But, I’m working on that too!  If I’ve learned anything from my life, from my dad passing away 18 years ago, and from the trials and lessons God has brought me through, it’s that all of these things have done nothing but make me stronger.

And I could never thank my dad, or especially my heavenly Father, enough for that.

*After thinking through this some more, I want to clarify that the only One that can truly love us unconditionally is God and that’s because of (and through) Jesus!  After all, my dad was only human… as is Ben (and especially me)! 

katie yuen - August 9, 2012 - 2:36 pm

This was a beautiful post Sabrina.. I feel like I know you a lot better now.

Lori Guthrie - August 9, 2012 - 2:43 pm

Sabrina…this is absolutely beautiful. Glad you took the time to put this out there. Your dad would be really proud of the strong woman you are. ;-)

Elisha - August 9, 2012 - 3:25 pm

Wow. Thank you for sharing your heart. I think we are very similar dear one :) in how we naturally deal with things etc…I am thankful for your story and transparency. What a beautiful woman you are

Marla - August 9, 2012 - 4:09 pm

Thank you dearest Sabrina for sharing your heart about your daddy. Fourteen years is such a short time to have an earthly father. I know he would be so proud of you if he were here today. You have to wonder just how much our heavenly Father allows his children to take a look from above to us here below. I had my daddy up until a few years ago and I think of him and the beautiful life he has now. In your sad moments thinking about him, dwell on what one day we’ll all enjoy and how he has been enjoying it these 18 years. I love you dearest daughter-in-love.

Valorie Warth - August 9, 2012 - 8:50 pm

Thank you sooo much for sharing. It’s funny b/c one of my good friend posted pics of her dad today that she also lost at a young age. It helps me remember and appreciate those “fights” that we have or the “long stories” that he tells. I try and take it all in now, knowing that you never know how much longer it is going to be there.
And I do want to commend your last phrase about there only being ONE that can love us unconditionally. It is just too much to expect that from someone else, or even ourselves. Praise be to God, the love lessons that He gives!

Rocky - August 9, 2012 - 11:18 pm

Thank you so much for sharing. I did not know many of the details you shared. I have strong memories of that time period as well. I remember my dad crying when he heard the news of Uncle Mikes passing. We lived in DC then. The trip to your house and your Mom being so strong.. Mike was more like a big brother to me, only 7 yrs older. All the Sunday afternoon basketball games with Harold, Mike and Dad.

Hope you and Ben can come to Charleston for a weekend, would be great to see you.

matthew lewis - August 9, 2012 - 11:29 pm

Thank you sister dear ive needed that for 18 years i love you and for the first time in along time i remembered what good times we had

David - August 10, 2012 - 12:54 am

He was one of two people that made me want to be a Marine, Sabrina. The other was Uncle Rod. He was tough in more ways than anyone but a Marine could know. Although, he would never share any stories; our grandmother would only tell me she would watch the news every night. She would see where they said some of the most fierce fighting was taking place. Two weeks later she would get a letter from him and that would be where he was. That would always be part of him in everything he would do. He was tough on everyone. I didn’t understand why then, back when we all were looking for four leaf clovers and playing tag at grandma’s. I understood completely after stepping on the yellow footprints at Parris Island and after my first deployment to OIF. Your father was a hero in the truest sense. He gave a large part of his life to protect his country and family, more than any of us will ever know. Love ya cuzin!

Joy Washer Collins - August 10, 2012 - 8:41 am

Thank you for sharing so sweetly and transparently. Love you both!

Sara - August 13, 2012 - 9:24 am

Tears. Rolling. Down. My. Cheeks. I love you!

Sneak Peak | Clemson Engagement

It was SO TOUGH to choose just one picture for this sneak peak… oh my heavens.  Erica and Chase were a dream to photograph yesterday!  Keep your eyes open for more soon…!

Helen Medlin. Mother of the groom - August 8, 2012 - 3:17 pm

Photo is beautiful!!!

Coming Home | Greenville Family Photographer

Do you have those things that remind you of summer?  Those things that remind you of home and growing up?  For some reason Sunkist, riding our bikes until the sun went down, and homemade popsicles (from Kool-Aid!) stand out in my mind.  For Sarah, it’s the neighborhood she grew up in where the back entrance is covered in kudzu.  When she contacted me, she said happy summer memories always contained that back street with kudzu spilling over into the road.  Now that she and her husband have two (ADORABLE!) children, she wanted to try and capture them, that street, and the kudzu in photographs.

I wasn’t completely sure what awaited us at our meeting place so I made sure to arrive in plenty of time for our session.  And I’m not going to lie, when I got there, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do or how I was going to capture these memories for her!  But then, my “photographer boldness” kicked into gear and I knocked on a few doors trying to figure out who owned the AMAZINGLY beautiful land that was surrounding the area.  There was a gorgeous field and a few nooks and crannies that my camera was dying to close its shutter on.  When I was directed to the brick house next to the field, I knocked on the door, heart racing, and THE most gentle and kind southern grandpa answered the door.  I no sooner complimented him on his property and mentioned that I was a photographer that he started smiling and nodding his head.  “Of course you can take pictures wherever you like!”  I love living in the south :-)

Sarah and Andrew arrived with a sleepy little boy and a baby girl donned in a white bonnet.  Two seconds after saying hello and I was in heaven with what they were wearing and that they were looking forward to capturing their present life with Sarah’s memories.  It was great to see you guys again and to meet your little ones!  Thanks for being adventurous with me!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and think it was all worth it!

Adelaide, you did amazingly well for your first photo session!  Please bring your bonnet the next time I see you.  love, sabrina

The light + this adorable family + antique suitcases + this amazing spot = a giddy Sabrina

Darien was still a little sleepy but oh my… it was worth his sleepiness to capture this.

Sarah – please tell your sister how jealous I was of your hair!!  Just gorgeous.

He was so intent on opening (and then closing the suitcases).  Can’t blame him… I would have been curious too!

PRESH-ous.  I mean, seriously.

And then we wandered to the southern grandpa’s field.  And I fell in love with light all over again.

Sarah!  I love your expression :-)

Andrew, you’re a really great dad.

I believe it was soon after this shot that we realized we all had those little spiky burrs all over us.  I felt horrible!  But these guys?  Clients of the year award for being so amazing about it!

High fives are the best.  And Darien was quite good at them!



PS – last Friday’s contest winner is Dayna!  Congrats, chica!  I’ll be sending you an email soon!

Tamara (Fishy Face Studios) - August 7, 2012 - 4:43 pm


Dayna - August 8, 2012 - 6:45 pm

Loved this blog and got super pumped when I got to the last line! Photos are superb as always.