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The Details

It’s funny how sometimes it’s the details that make all the difference.  It can be the small things that make or break a business relationship.  It can be the small things that determine whether you’ll take a certain trip or not.

And sometimes the details aren’t that big of a deal.  When I was in Belgium after college and getting ready to come back to the states and to so many unknowns – like where to live, getting a car, finding a JOB – a lady who has been so near and dear to me said that those were just details and God would work them out.  And low and behold she was right.  I could have stressed myself senseless with trying to figure those things out before I got home, but there was no point in it because there wasn’t much I could do from across the ocean.  Well, there was, but at the time I didn’t know where to start so I just let it be until I got home and had nothing else to do than to look for those things I needed.  And it was THE best decision.  Not worrying about those details when I still needed to be present and focusing energy and effort into my life in Brussels was what was important at the time.  And when I got home… I was able to live with my mom for a month, a little while into that month God provided me with a car, and while it wasn’t my life’s ambition, He also provided a job hostessing at California Dreaming.

When it comes to wedding details, it’s sometimes easier and less stressful to let an overall theme fill in for the details.  With our wedding, I was trying so hard to have SO many details that I about drove myself (and everyone around me) crazy.  I ended up having to let some of them go as time got closer and I realized some things just weren’t going to happen.  But you know what?  It was ok!!  One thing that stuck out to me at Davis and Matt’s wedding last weekend was how she used daisies as here theme but also for the details.  Daisies were EVERYWHERE!  Did she have other details?  Yes!  And it was simple and beautiful.  And I can’t wait to show you more of those tomorrow in their wedding blog.  But I just wanted to encourage those brides out there who have been scouring Pinterest for weeks and months for those adorable DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas and details that you feel like you can’t live without… you don’t have to do every cute idea you find!  Don’t make the same mistake I did and find 15 DIY projects that will take up more of your time than is actually worth it.  I know Pinterest is addicting… trust me!  But I just don’t want you to feel like your wedding has to be saturated with details!  It will be beautiful regardless of whether you have details everywhere or just a few main pieces that decorate and create a fun and beautiful atmosphere.

And since every post is better with a picture… and since this post is about details… here’s another sneak peek of Davis and Matt’s wedding :-)

Our Wedding | The Ceremony

Planning all of the details for our wedding just wasn’t my thing.  I thought I was going to really enjoy it, but after a short amount of time, I was kind of over it.  Partly because it just overwhelmed me to think about all that needed to be done. Although, I do realize that most of that came from me wanting everything to be perfect and to look a certain way because, after all, the images that would be left from the day would be what told the story! And I wanted our wedding album to be united with the “Old World” theme that I had in my head!

It’s funny when I tell people this because their first response is, “But everything was beautiful and the reception was wonderful!”  And that’s when I get to brag on my awesome friend Lindsey Mart and all of my other amazing friends who pitched in to make everything SO unbelievable perfect.  But, you’ll have to wait for that post to see more of those details for yourself :-)

What didn’t stress me out at all about the wedding was the ceremony.  I was excited about walking down the aisle to my groom while surrounded by all of our friends and family.  I was excited about writing our own vows to read to each other (although I didn’t think I would ever want to do that!).  I was excited about being the bride!  We met with Ben’s dad (who married us) about two weeks before the ceremony and tweaked things here and there during that time.  The only other thing were the decorations, which were simple, and my friend Melody took care of most of that!

Again, I want to thank Jana and Kim for their mad skills and creative eyes as they captured one of my most favorite days of my life :-)

I can’t remember whose idea this was, but I love the pictures from it!


Matt Kelley is our worship pastor at church and Elisha Petree interned last summer. To have them sing at our wedding was like a dream.

My handsome brother walked me down the aisle. I cried when I asked him, I cried when we were at the rehearsal, I cried when we got to this moment (and I might be crying right now…).  Brother dear, you are so special and I love you so much.

I realized while looking through this set of pictures of my brother and me that I don’t have a “pretty cry”! But this one isn’t so bad :-)

And then it was really time…

For those brides who are back and forth about whether to see each other before the ceremony… I want to reassure you that even with spending the few hours before the wedding with Ben, nothing could have taken away how beautiful and special this moment was.


I couldn’t hold back the tears at all…


My brother was trying his hardest to hold it together…

And Ben was doing all he could to keep tears from spilling down his face.

This, my friends, is how lucky I am… to have a man that loves me with all of his heart and can show it in his face without saying a word.

I love my church… and I just adore this building.  I think I might love it more than anyone :-)

We had some of 1 Corinthians 13 read in Spanish, French, and English.  Ben’s brother-in-law, who is Paraguayan, read the Spanish.
My “sister” read the French (my non-smiling face is me listening intently so I could understand the words!), and my sweet friend Diana read the English.


This one makes my heart melt.
Neither one of us made it through the vows without tears.


We decided to have a salt covenant during the ceremony and will be using the salt in our cooking.


And then… there was just one more thing to do!
I’d heard of this idea from another photographer and when I asked Ben about hiding my camera and pulling it out at the end of the ceremony, he was all for it!
Only Ben, myself, his dad, and Arica (my maid of honor) knew about it.

Jana’s picture…


My picture (that she captured me taking in the above picture).  EVERYONE is smiling in this! I love it!!


Then I took one of us…!


We LOVE this picture and may have talked about this moment more on our honeymoon than any other moment from the day :-)

And then it was finally and fully official.


Jana’s shot…


Kim’s shot…

Ben, these past seven months since 11/05/11 have been nothing short of amazingly wonderful.  Thank you for continuing to reject passivity, to pursue me, protect me and provide for me. You blow me away on a daily basis with your love for the Lord, for me, and His plan for us.  I love you so very much.

If you’d like to see more from our wedding, feel free to visit the old blog!

Elisha - June 6, 2012 - 5:05 pm

I love these pictures! Your right…I did need some tissues. Looking back at these shots taken a mere 7 months ago is going to continue to grow with more meaning and depth in the years to come!Exciting

lindsay neely - June 7, 2012 - 1:16 am

I know whose idea it was, but I’ll never tell….Kevin.



Growing up, I was that “well rounded” kid that was good at many things but didn’t overly excel at any one thing.  This didn’t bother me much until it was time to take the SAT and I needed to figure out where I was headed in life.  I took that test 3 times (mainly because I was trying to get a certain score because that’s what the Naval Academy required).  My score went up each time, which was good, but each time my math and verbal scores were the exact same.  The EXACT same.   Well, except for the one time that my math score was a whopping 10 points higher… So, even towards the end of my high school career, I was still as well rounded as ever.

For Christmas of my senior year of high school, I asked my mom and her side of the family for a “real camera” for Christmas.  I wanted one of those that looked like what the professionals used, with the big lens that could zoom and stuff.  I looked through some magazines (this was before the Internet was an every day thing) and found the Nikon N50.  It was about $500 and came with a lens (I don’t even remember which one).  So, at Christmas that year, as we celebrated with my mom’s side of the family in Washington, DC, I opened my first SLR camera (although I still didn’t know that’s what it was called!).  With it came a lens and several rolls of film from my uncle who was a photography enthusiast.  As I loaded that first roll and listened to it advance, I didn’t realize that with each click of the shutter and the sound of the film rolling by that I was slowly building part of my future.

As I was nearing the end of college and most of my friends were graduating (on time) I was looking into switching my major or transferring schools.  I was hoping to still get my degree from Clemson (which I did) but then maybe go to a 2 year program somewhere to get a photography degree.  But they all wanted four more years and I was out of money and out of patience for school :-)  So, I switched to a French major (from Mechanical Engineering… I know, I know, it makes no sense!) and graduated a year and a half later.  At that time, I packed up a couple of suitcases and moved to Brussels, Belgium, camera in tow.  As I taught English, worked with missionaries, and began to build relationships, I was still praying and trying to figure out what in the world to do with my life.  I remember telling someone that if I could do anything, it would be photography.  But even then, I had no idea what that meant or what that looked like or how I could get there.  My Nikon N50 was still chugging along but looking back, I still didn’t use it to its fullest ability.  But, it didn’t stop me from dreaming.

It’s now 8 years later and while I’ve upgraded my camera twice and have learned most of what my camera does and how to manipulate the images that I want, I’m still dreaming.  And the best part is that Ben is dreaming with me.  We talked this weekend on our way down to Charleston for a beautiful southern wedding about what we wanted with our future, what we hoped it would look like and how we might get there.  It’s still a ways off, but it’s fun to dream.  I’ve always played it safe with my dreams though… I dream a dream and have a plan on how to get there.  Like when I wanted to be an astronaut (for real!). I was going to go to the Naval Academy, get a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and then apply to NASA.  Done and done.  But, God had other plans.  And those dreams were dashed.  So, I think ever since then I’ve played it safe.  I haven’t dreamed big dreams.

But, those days are over.  I’m dreaming big.  And I know there will be disappointments.  But that’s where we’ll grow.  We’ll learn and readjust and keep on going.

Right now, my next dream is to get a full frame camera.  It’s time to upgrade our equipment!  Hopefully we’ll be adding this beauty to our arsenal later this year :-)

What are dreaming?  Are you dreaming big?  Are you scared to dream too big?  Don’t be.  Because if you don’t dream big, you’ll never have the chance to even try to get there.

Katie - June 4, 2012 - 1:12 pm

I took the SAT 3 times too! And while my grades weren’t the same for the same subjects, by the ends I had gotten the same exact grade for ALL 3 subjects! weird! I had no idea you wanted to go to USNA, what a small world! I’m so happy for you for dreaming big, I hope your dreams become reality!!!!!

Laura - June 4, 2012 - 2:27 pm

Brasina – (bet you haven’t seen that in a while) – dream big and plan for your vision and slowly it will be yours! Love to see your pictures. Even if you dream big then change your mind (which I find I do alot) it still propels you forward.

Thankful Thursday | My Girls

In the fall of 2008, I was house sitting for some friends who were living abroad for over a year and essentially just loving life!  It was just me, myself and I and I was traveling a lot for work and involved in a small group at church and spent plenty of time with my friends… but one evening as I was washing dishes I realized that with where I was in life, there might be other ways that God could use me. I didn’t know about this verse at the time, but 1 Corinthians 7:32 says, “…an unmarried man can spend his time doing the Lord’s work and thinking how to please him.”  Because I didn’t have a family to care for, I was able to devote more time to other things and other people, so I started to pray through that.  Not long after that evening, I remember asking some friends to pray for this very same thing.  Now, while I’ve seen God work in many ways, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Him work this fast… that night another friend of mine called to say that they were in need of more leaders in student ministry at church.  What?!?  Yes, less than 12 hours after I’d asked for prayer, God answered.

The funny/ironic/crazy thing is that I absolutely never in a million years hadn’t really seen myself working with high school students.  Shoot, even when I was a teenager, I was intimidated by teenagers.  But, in reality, God had been working on changing my heart on that long before my friend called me.  So, after a couple of meetings with some of the staff in Student Ministry and visiting Wafuasi (high school program) one night, I ventured out to a d-group (discipleship group) of 9th grade girls.  Talk about intimidating!  There were at least 9 girls that night and they were talking like I’d never seen a group of girls talk.  And that’s saying something! :-)  But, as the night went on, I just felt pulled towards them and I knew that this would be “my group of girls”.

I remember thinking one night during their freshman year that the following 3 years of them being in high school would probably go pretty fast.  But I was excited (and still a bit intimidated) to see what God was going to do.  He has stretched me in ways that I didn’t know I could be stretched.  He’s faced me with situations that I couldn’t have predicted.  He has grown these girls into beautiful godly women.  And it blows my mind that tomorrow they will walk across that stage to get their diplomas and will officially be done with high school.

There have been so many times over the past several years that this day has come to mind… and I just couldn’t believe it would come.  Because even when it seemed ages away, I knew it would come quickly!  I’ve shed many tears this year just thinking about them graduating, where they’re headed off to, and how God is going to use them.  These are my girls!!  They’ve been such a big part of my life these past several years and we’ve walked through a lot together.  It’s a little scary because I keep thinking that there’s still so much to say, so many things to teach them or warn them about, so many things that I still want to talk through with them!  But, I guess it’s just a teeny tiny bit about what it’s like to be a parent.  One day, you just have to let them go :-)

Sarah, Ellie, and Sinead… I know it’s been a crazy four years full of change and laughter and retreats and mission trips and disappointment at times, but I’m so thankful you stuck with us (Ashley, Nicky, Stephanie and me!). I’m thankful that you clung to your faith and clung to Christ through all of it.  I’m thankful that you’ve shared your lives with me.  I’m thankful that you’ve encouraged me with your own faith.  I’m thankful that when I’ve failed, you’ve forgiven me.  I’m thankful for all that God has taught me through EACH of you.  My prayer for you girls – as well as the rest of the students! – is that you continue to cling to Him.  As Dan Dather said in his sermon a couple of weeks ago, I pray that you are walking so closely to Christ that the dust from his sandals covers you completely.

I love you girls :-)

Marla - May 31, 2012 - 1:25 pm

I’m so thankful that you’ve had this ministry with the girls. They’ve come to a milestone in their lives when really life just begins for them. You’ve had a huge part in their formation as godly women. May God show you and Ben what step to take next in serving in God’s family to make a difference in lives.
Much love to you from Mommy