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Other Favorites from 2013

This year I made a transition in my business that was… well… a little scary.  I decided it was time to only focus on my wedding clients and their engagements as well as to take on a limited number of births/deliveries a year.  So I wanted to say thank you to those families that trusted me this year with their memories!  Some of these in this post you did not see on the blog because it was after I’d made the announcement in the shift in the business.  But in that post, I’d also mentioned that I would still do pictures for close friends and family, so you’ll see some of them on here too.

Anyway!  It’s been so much fun wading through my files from this year and remembering all the things we’ve been able to do and photograph.  I know you’re sick of hearing me say it, but I’m SO THANKFUL that I get to do this for a living.  It’s been just over a year now that I’ve been at this full-time and it’s been so crazy to see how God has worked and is continuing to grow this business.  We really can’t wait to see what He brings our way in 2014!

Earlier this year we went to Nashville because my friend Arica had hit 70lbs down on her weigh loss journey.
(I’m expecting a call any day now to hear that she’s hit her goal of 100lbs!)

Ah, these two!  I’m always happy to document a marriage, no matter how long they’ve been married!

Speaking of weight loss and marriages, Shannon has lost over 100lbs in the last few years and for their 10 year anniversary wanted to get back into her wedding dress.
It was super hot that day, but it was SO worth it!

Especially when we went to the ocean to get some shots of her and Jason.  Ten years!!

And while we were at it, we got a few of their family too.  And I L-O-V-E this one!!

I took on a few maternity sessions this year… again, mostly for friends.

And was beyond blessed to capture the birth of two precious babies.

Newborns don’t always cooperate for me when my camera is around so again, these were mostly for friends
because they understood that I just wanted to capture them loving on their babies!

I also wrapped up this sweet girl’s “Baby’s First Year” session with her 6 months…

…and then 1 year old photos.  How adorable is she??

There were a few other sweet girls that were in front of my camera this year too.  I seriously could just eat them up!

And then of course… families :-)

Another thing that I’ve done a little of this year that I haven’t mentioned on the blog (since I’ve been focusing on weddings and births) is real estate.  I photographed some houses for friends last year and as crazy as it was, all three of those friends sold their houses within a week of listing it!  It was amazing!  Now, I’m not saying my camera has magical selling powers… but there might be something to it ;-)  Totally kidding!  But you have to admit… that’s pretty impressive!  So, this year, through conversation and friends and looking at a few houses ourselves and God orchestrating things the way He does, we realized just how important good photos are when trying to sell your home!  So, I did some shoots for some local realtors and I just love it.  Now, you won’t see photos of houses on this blog much (if at all) after this, but if you’re interested or know someone who needs photos to put their house on the market, you can send them here:

We’ve done some things for Crossfit Reaction

And of course some things for church when the need arrises (luckily we have several amazing photographers at church so between all of us, we can cover a good bit!).

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