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Monday Musings | A Piano + A Thank You


I had a crazy idea not long ago… what if we could find a piano to put in a field for Grace’s senior photos?  She’s been playing the piano for a while and it would be really cool to have this piece of her in her photos.

And you know what?  We made it happen!  She found the piano, I met her, her dad, her brother and a friend in a truck (with a lift gate thankfully!) to pick it up from the lady who was giving it away.  Grace and her family did some work on it, took the harp out of the middle of it, which made it drastically lighter, and then her mom and brother helped us move it for Grace’s photos.

Grace and her family kept thanking ME but this wouldn’t have happened if not for them!  It was just my crazy idea.  They’re the ones who made it come to life! So thank you guys SOO much!

And trust me, I can’t wait to show you more of these images!

Happy Monday!

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