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Merry Christmas!!

My hope is that your Christmas is full of joy, love, peace and wonder.  My hope is that you know or meet Emmanuel this week… God with us.  God sent His Son from heaven (from paradise!), to be born, grow, and live among us.  His greatest love though was shown when they did the unthinkable and God let His Son be crucified, let him be the ultimate sacrifice for sin past, present and future.  But His love didn’t stop there, He brought Christ back to life!  He walked again, he talked again, he fellowshipped again and when he did ascend into heaven to sit at God’s right hand and act as our mediator, he left the Holy Spirit to dwell in each of us.

My hope is that you feel and know that peace He brings… that regardless of who you’re with, who you’re not with, what you receive and/or place under the Christmas tree that you know that Christ is the only one can fill that hole you sometimes feel inside of you.

We will be with family and friends and enjoying this season the next few days so no blog post until Thursday…
Enjoy your Christmas, my friends, and know that I’m thankful for each and every one of you that visits this blog!

(Don’t forget… you have until midnight tonight to vote in the 2013 Canvas Contest!)

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