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House Project | Kitchen Sneak Peek

Guys, I just couldn’t wait.  I’m so excited about this kitchen and the closer it gets to moving day, the more anxious I am to get over there and get settled!  But the truth is, we have a lot to do before that happens… the house has to be cleaned (but there are some amazing ladies headed over there to do that soon!) and we still have a fair amount of stuff sitting around over there that either needs to be sold or just rearranged.  But, at our family meeting on Sunday (yes, Ben and I have family meetings!  I love it!), we put some actual dates on the calendar to knock some stuff out!

  • Tomorrow morning, I’m going over to paint the inside of the closets in two of the bedrooms.  We bought a bunch of stuff to better make use of the space in there (shelving stuff), but they desperately need to be painted first!
  • We have an entire room of things that need to be sold or just given away so those will be listed/posted soon.
  • We have a couch that we sold, but hasn’t been picked up yet.  But its new owner is coming Saturday to get it!
  • The fridge over there is fully functional but has a few scratches so we’re going to touch that up and sell it.
  • We have some mattresses and bed frames that need to be moved around to their new rooms.
  • And we need to pack more things at our current house (not to mention getting things ready here for renters!).

So, without further ado, here’s a peek at the new kitchen!  Once we get moved in, I’ll have more photos and details of what everything is and where we got it (hint: most things came from Home Depot!).

Kitchen Remodel

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