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Grace | Class of 2018

Growing up, her dad would play the piano for her before she went to sleep.  And she knew that she wanted to be like him and to be able to play too.

I texted Grace one day about a crazy idea that had come to me… “What if we found a piano to put in the middle of a field for your senior photos?”  I had no clue how to even make it happen, but Grace was all for it and so excited!  She and her parents did most  of the work to make this happen.  Grace found the piano, several of us went to pick it up, then she and her dad gutted it to make it easier to move it around for her senior photos the next day.

Grace, I hate that I don’t get to see you as often since we’re at different church campuses now, but I’m SO glad you asked me to celebrate your senior year and take your senior photos for you.  Thank you and your parents for ALL you did to make this session happen.  It was amazing and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your session!


This is one of my favorites, especially in black and white.

piano-in-a-field-103 piano-in-a-field-104 piano-in-a-field-105 piano-in-a-field-106 piano-in-a-field-108 piano-in-a-field-111 piano-in-a-field-110 piano-in-a-field-112

So beautiful, Grace!

piano-in-a-field-113 piano-in-a-field-114 piano-in-a-field-115 piano-in-a-field-116 piano-in-a-field-117 piano-in-a-field-119 piano-in-a-field-121 piano-in-a-field-122 piano-in-a-field-123 piano-in-a-field-124 piano-in-a-field-125 piano-in-a-field-126 piano-in-a-field-127

Congratulations, Grace!  I’m so proud of the amazingly godly woman you’ve become and can’t wait to see where He takes you!

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