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Getting Dressed Outside

I remember first seeing this idea on another photographer’s blog several years ago and thinking it was crazy… who gets dressed outside?? But then I realized how brilliant it was.

The truth is that not every bridal suite is beautiful with tall floor-to-ceiling windows to perfectly light the room.  But there is almost always a spot outside or even a hallway where the light is lovely, the background is picturesque and the bride can put on the finishing touches before seeing her groom.

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So how do I convince a bride to get dressed outside?  Well, by the time I arrive for the wedding day, we’ve likely done their engagement session and possibly a bridal session and I’ve been walking through the previous several months helping as they get ready for their wedding so we’ve been able to build a trust.  So, when I approach the bride and tell her that while she may think I’m crazy, putting her wedding dress and final touches on outside will actually provide better photos.


View More: Thankfully most of my brides tell me they will do whatever it takes to get the best shot!  So, I have her put her dress on to the point where all that needs to be done is to have the back zipped or buttoned up.  Then we can put on her jewelry and veil and get a few bridal portraits in that same beautiful light without having to move to a new spot.



The bridal suite may even be beautiful, but if there isn’t enough natural light and there is another spot that will work better, I’m definitely going to suggest it!

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