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Fabulous Friday | New Head Shots

I’ve intentionally had head shots taken of me 3 different times in my 9 years as a photographer.  And this time it was long overdue since the last time I had head shots done I was 19 weeks pregnant with Catherine!  But, I think I’ve been waiting on these specifically since I would be in Paris and my sweet friend Abby would be the one taking them.  Y’all know how much I love Paris and well, Abby loves it too.  So it was perfect timing.

Head shots are a funny thing because they’re completely necessary (especially as a photographer!) but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s more difficult being in front of the camera by yourself than when you’re with someone else.  This is also the first time I haven’t had my camera in my hand for all of these shots so the aged old question of “what do I do with my hands?!?” kept creeping into my head.

But Abby was so calming and encouraging and pulled out ALL the quotes from Mean Girls at just the right times, which brought out that perfect “laugh like I just said something super funny” laugh because she did actually just say something super funny!

So I’m only going to share a few of these because 1) I feel odd posting a lot of photos of myself that aren’t bridal portraits or with my family and 2) you’ll see them on and around social media soon enough!

Thank you again for these, Abby.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen myself in film and those few are some of my favorites.

This first one is on film, as is the black & white one below.

SabrinaFields-headshots-Paris-101 SabrinaFields-headshots-Paris-102 SabrinaFields-headshots-Paris-103 SabrinaFields-headshots-Paris-104

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