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Expecting Baby | Will + Jill | Hotel Domestique

There’s a little spot not far from Greenville that makes you feel as though you’ve actually taken a trip to Europe.  Which was a perfect fit for Will and Jill because they just returned from a trip to Spain… which I called their European Soccer Tour because of the stadiums they visited and the games they went to :-)

But we honestly could have photographed their session anywhere and it still would have been beautiful.  Jill, you are one of the cutest expectant moms!  Your joy radiates through your smile and it still puts a smile on my face to think of what amazing parents you guys will be.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-101 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-102

Jill… stop it.  You are too gorgeous.


I promise they aren’t professional models.

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-104 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-105 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-106 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-107

Her laugh is the best!

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-108 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-109 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-110 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-111 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-112 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-113 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-114 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-115 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-116 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-117 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-118 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-119 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-120 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-121

You guys… this one blew me away.  How beautiful is she?!?

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-122 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-122b hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-123 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-124 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-125

Now this, my friends, is golden hour!

hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-126 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-127 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-128 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-129 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-130 hotel-domestique-maternity-photos-131

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