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Dori + Jeremy | A Downtown Greenville Engagement


I just can’t help but smile as I look through these photos.  I first met Dori the day we moved into our dorms at Clemson through a mutual friend.  And the very next day she and I walked from campus to downtown to attend First Baptist Clemson for church that Sunday.  We both ended up going to different churches while we were in school, but our groups of friends overlapped and we saw each other a lot between FCA, mission trips, weekend trips and just around campus.

After school though, we both ended up at Grace Church… as did Jeremy.  And while Dori actually met him several years ago and they had their first date at Starbucks, she wasn’t interested.  So, he gave her some space.  But thankfully he never gave up because Dori’s heart changed after several years and now she can’t imagine her life without him!

Jeremy, I know I’ve only just met you, but you seem like such an amazing fit for Dori and I’m SO thrilled for you guys!

I’ve said it so many times, but while it was hard to wait for God to bring my husband and I together (I was 32 when we got married), it was 1000% worth the wait.  And I’m confident Dori would tell you the exact same thing.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session in downtown and stay tuned for their wedding in June!

downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-102 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-103 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-104 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-105 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-106 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-107 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-108 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-109 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-110

Y’all are the cutest!

downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-111 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-112 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-113 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-114 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-116 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-115 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-118 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-117 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-119 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-120 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-121 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-122

I think this one of them laughing just might be my favorite!

downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-123 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-124 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-125 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-126 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-127 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-128 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-129 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-130 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-131 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-132 downtown-greenville-spring-engagement-photos-133

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