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Clemsongang Beach Trip 2018

This trip is one of my favorites and I’m SO thankful we make it a priority to go each year.  Last year I was super pregnant with Isa and 4 of the girls brought their babies with them!  So, this year, with Isa being the only baby there (since she’s still under 1 and still nursing) it was a lot more quiet :-)  But I didn’t get nearly as many photos as usual.

That’s ok though because sometimes it’s more important to be a part of the memories instead of trying to always document them.

So here’s a recap of our 5th year at Kiawah Island.  Five years in this same spot and we love it!


We usually take a bike ride and it was SO COLD this year that a break inside the grocery store (with a few coffees to go around) was very necessary!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-102 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-103

Isa tagged along in the little trailer that Jennifer and Allen brought for us to use.  As you can tell, she LOVED it!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-104 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-105 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-106 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-107

One of our favorite parts about the houses we rent is the view…


Girls, don’t hate me for posting some of these pictures!  It was too much fun playing Left-Center-Right and reverse charades!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-109 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-110 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-111 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-112 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-113

I so wish I could remember what each of these words they were acting out ended up being!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-114 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-115 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-116

And then our yearly picture… it’s always my favorite from the weekend.
This fall will also mark 20 years that we’ve been friends.  I just can’t believe it!

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-117 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-118 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-119 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-120 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-121

I’m not kidding at all when I say how much I’d love to photograph a wedding at the Oceans Course on Kiawah!
How gorgeous is this view??

Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-122 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-123 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-124 Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-124b Kiawah-Island-January-Vacation-photos-125

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