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Catherine’s 3rd Birthday!

We knew February would be hectic with both girl’s being born in the same month, but I actually kind of love it.  It’s a month to celebrate THEM and the lives God has given them and the joy that they are to us!

The thing that’s been standing out to me lately is how nurturing Catherine is.  She’s always been this way but it’s been the sweetest thing to see it come out more since her sister arrived.  If Isa is upset, Catherine is quick to ask her what’s wrong and to put her arm around her or lean in close to comfort her.  If Ben or I get a “boo boo”, Catherine will walk us to the cabinet where the bandages are and put one on us with a kiss to help us feel better.

Baby girl, you were the first one to make us parents and these last 3 years have been crazy challenging but full of so much joy, laughter and more love than we could have imagined!  God created such a gift when He created you and chose us to be the ones to raise you.  We love you so much!

Photos by Jana Candler, Kim DeLoach, me and Kim again :-)

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