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Are You Afraid of the Light?

It sounds a little crazy, but when I first started this photography thing, I was afraid of light.  For a while, I prayed before every session that it would be an overcast day because the light would be even, shadows would be at a minimum and it would make my job a lot easier. But […]

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My New Blogging Schedule

There’s no doubt that what they say about becoming parents is true… it’s the most challenging AND most wonderful thing ever.  We are constantly amazed by this baby girl; watching her discovering the world around her has brought SO much joy!  And it seems as though there’s nothing her sweet smiles can’t make better. And […]

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“Your” Photos Aren’t For You

What are you talking about, Sabrina??  Of course my photos are for me.  Why else would I hire you to capture my wedding day/birth/senior portraits? Well, here’s the thing.  We were created to be in community.  We have family around us, friends that we hang out with, and co-workers that we see on a regular […]

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Fabulous Friday | Pursuit Community at Willow Florals

She won’t ever remember it, but this was mine and baby Catherine’s first outing to somewhere other than a doctor’s office since she was born!  She also helped me out by sleeping the entire time we were there :-) You’ve heard me talk about the Pursuit conference that I’ve attended the last couple of years […]

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