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Catherine | 15 months

When I went to get her up from her afternoon nap today, the light in her room was so soft that I had to grab my DSLR.  It’s been a while since I last took non-iPhone photos of her and since she turned 15 months today, it seemed like a good opportunity. She is always so […]

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Why We Took Anniversary Photos When It Wasn’t Our Anniversary

If truth be told, I’m sure we could find something around early May to call our anniversary… but we didn’t have these photos taken because it was our actual anniversary.  That’s not until November 5.  So technically, these photos were taken around our half anniversary!  But that’s not at all the point of this post… […]

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Connect Retreat 2016

Two years ago, Ben and I attended the Connect Retreat that some of my favorite photographers were hosting.  I remembered seeing posts of Zach & Jody and Michael & Katelyn at Winshape and knew they were up to something fun but didn’t quite know what until they told everyone about the retreat for married couples […]

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Back40Life | A Handcrafted Giveaway

Several years ago (the actual number shall remain unmentioned), I met this girl named Jodi at Clemson.  She loved the Lord and knew a lot about Him and somehow, we connected and she took little ole me under her wing to teach me all she was learning about the Lord.  Because of her, I know all […]

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