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Unplugged Weddings | My Thoughts

There are so many articles and blogs and Pinterest ideas about unplugged weddings.  If you Google it, you’ll get over 4 million results in about half a second.  Some of them are fantastic articles… there are ones that give technical reasons why guests’ cameras and flashes intrude with the professional photographer’s equipment, there are ones […]

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Photos With Your Bridesmaids (& Groomsmen)

It’s funny what comes up in conversations with friends, especially when it comes to weddings.  Normally, I don’t talk about weddings or photography too much with my close friends (at least I don’t think I do….!), but if we are on the phone during the work day, then it’s bound to come up.  And during […]

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You’re Married! Now What?

Wedding season is here!!!  Our first wedding isn’t until mid-April, but I’m already giddy with excitement over our 2014 weddings as well as just getting back into the groove of what we do.  And I’m so excited!  So, I figured with this time of year and weddings starting up, that it was the perfect time […]

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