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Families | The Fowlers

You know how there are some people in your life that when you think about them you’re flooded with joy?  The impact they’ve had on you, the things they’ve helped you with, the tears they’ve let you cry, the journey you’ve been on together is all so deep that words never really seem to fit […]

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My Love for Black and White Photos | Anna at 3

I remember going to the store to intentionally buy black and white film.  That roll of 12 or 24 exposures was like gold and I was even more careful when that was in my camera than when it was a regular roll of color film.  I’ve always had a thing for black and white photography… […]

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Families | Baby Charlotte

Sometimes a family just fits into your heart like you wouldn’t have imagined.  And that’s kinda what Scott and Anna have done to me… along with their THREE beautiful children.  I met Anna almost 9 years ago when I started working at Upward and she’s the kind of person that you can’t help but want […]

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Families | The Groggs

First of all, can I get an amen for the warm weather finally being here to stay??  Second of all, I’m so glad to be outside and shooting more these days!  I like a break as much as the next person, but I LOVE what I do and I love being able to be outside […]

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