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Birthday Month | Kruenegel & Shewcraft Adoption Giveaways!

If not for the Pursuit 31 Conference this year and last, I would not be introducing you to these two amazing women and their families today.  I’m still blown away by the community and relationships that God has allowed us to have because of this little black box I use to create photos.  If He’s done anything at all with it and with me, it’s been to introduce me to others who love Him and need Him and even help point me to Him over and over again.  And I’m SO SO thankful!

This year I met Abby at the conference just before worship one night and within a few minutes, she was telling me about her daughter Paisley that they lost a year ago.  In fact, the next day was going to be the one year anniversary of this precious girl getting to meet Jesus.  Abby and her husband Kevin have wanted a big family since they got married over 8 years ago, but their journey towards that has not been as easy as they would have hoped.  After having two miscarriages, they were blessed with their little boy, Thatcher!  And about a year later, they found out they were pregnant again.  But last fall, Abby went into early labor and delivered their beautiful little girl; 1lb 4oz and just 11 inches long.  The Lord gave them 8 wonderful, painful, exhausting days with her until He decided to take her home.

Abby shared the photos with me from that time in the hospital and I just cried looking through them.  She was so tiny and so precious and so loved… but to talk to Abby about it all a year later, you can tell that God is continuing to work in her and her family!  It’s still painful and always will be, but the good news is that they will be reunited with her in heaven one day!

So as a part of their journey and their desire to still have a large family, they have begun the process to adopt!  And I’m beyond thrilled for them!

Kevin, Abby, sweet Thatcher and Paisley Mae in their hearts!


The other sweet girl I met through this conference is Makenzie.  She opened up last year and told me that she and her husband had been trying to have a baby for several years but that they were also thinking about adoption.  She and I spent so many hours together at Winshape last year and have sent so many texts and emails since!  I love this girl to pieces and only wish she (like so many other people I’ve met in this industry!) lived closer to us!

At that time, Ben and I were still waiting to try for our own little one so I didn’t fully comprehend the journey Makenzie and her husband Brett were on.  And I still don’t.  But at least at this point, I have a better understanding of the waiting, the confusion, and the questions to God about why He chose for them to be on this particular path.

But the amazing part is that through all of it, their faith has only grown more strong and more firm in Him.  And at this point, they’re in the midst of the adoption process and just waiting on a little one to come and occupy the adorable nursery they have ready and waiting!!  (You can see it on her blog here, seriously, it’s so cute!)

Makenzie & Brett (photo by Sarah Lyn Photography)


Both of these families still have lots of expenses for the adoption process and as part of my birthday month, today’s giveaway will help both of them in their journey!  It’s a little more personal this time because I’m giving away two of my favorite prints that I took in Paris several years ago.  Two people will win and for each winner, I’ll be donating to the Kruenegel and Shewcraft adoptions!  I’m so excited!

Both of these signature prints were ordered from Artifact Uprising and are GORGEOUS.  They are 8×10 matte prints that are perfectly textured and ready for framing.  From Artifact Uprising’s website: “Inspired by the lost art of signing our work, we set out to create a print that felt like a fine art matte and image all in one. The result: an ultra thick frame-ready print with a textured matte eggshell finish.”

This one below is of Sacré Coeur through the clock at Musée d’Orsay. I went to the museum that day SPECIFICALLY to get this shot!  And I love it.  ParisPrints-blog-101

And this one of the Eiffel Tower??  I love how everyone is sitting, talking, people watching… and there’s even a bike!

ParisPrints-blog-102 ParisPrints-blog-103

There are a few ways you can enter today:

1) “Like” this post by clicking the blue Like button below.
2) Leave a comment telling me which print you would like if you win.
3) Head over to Instagram for more entry options!

I’ll be choosing two winners tomorrow morning so don’t save this until later!

If you would like to purchase a print of your own, I will be selling these 8×10 prints for $30 each through October 31.  All profits will be donated to both of these families for their adoptions!  Simply email me at sabrina@photographsbysabrina if you’re interested!

Grace Custer - October 23, 2014 - 10:01 am

Adoption is a beautiful thing and I’m so encouraged to see your heart to help others fulfill their dreams of adoption. (And I love both prints but I think I like Sacré Coeur through the clock at Musée d’Orsay best).

Christine Cantrell - October 23, 2014 - 10:04 am

love hearing these stories of amazing women… truly inspiring!… and absolutely love your Paris prints!!!

Shellie - October 23, 2014 - 10:09 am

I like the Eiffel Tower! I like what you are doing! ;)

Megan Selman - October 23, 2014 - 10:13 am

What a beautiful and inspiring post! I love how you are encouraging and supporting others. Both prints are amazing, and I love both locations, but I would choose Sacre Couer. Musee d’Orsay is my favorite museum, and I love Sacre Couer….these prints make me want to go back!! (FYI- it is really difficult to type on your phone without students seeing….)

Holly Howard - October 23, 2014 - 2:02 pm

Love your heart Sabrina. You are beautiful inside and out!
Love the Eiffel Tower print.

Taylor - October 23, 2014 - 4:06 pm

Sabrina, these are beautiful! I love both of them, but I would probably pick the eiffel tower (I know someone who would just LOVE it as a Christmas present!)

Marilyn - October 23, 2014 - 5:54 pm

Love your heart and your pictures! I know that we have never met but me and my kids LOVE looking at your pictures! :) Thanks for using your God given talent! Love the Eiffel Tower picture!

Karen Dekle - October 23, 2014 - 8:46 pm

Love the sacre couer. Adoption is awesome. So neat to read these stories.

[…] huge THANK YOU to everyone that entered the giveaway yesterday!  The two winners are… Ginny Rexroad Chan and Rachelle Chase!! So be on the lookout early […]

Andrew - October 29, 2014 - 11:48 am

So awesome! I am so encouraged by this giveaway! I remember how challenging our fundraising was and am thankful there are amazing friends out there like you that help share the burden!!

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