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All I Wanted Was a Mother’s Day Photo

All of you seasoned moms out there are already laughing because you know where this is going…

I have this really sweet photo of my mom and I with Catherine on my first Mother’s Day in 2015.  And I love it!

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I’d hoped to get another one with both girls, but when mom came over for brunch, Catherine was asleep (she’d actually been sick that morning) so we got a photo with Isa and hoped to get one with both girls later on.


However, said toddler wasn’t interested in photos when she woke up.  But before the day was out, I was going to get a photo with my two girls!  Sadly, we waited juuuuust a bit too late.  It was way past bedtime and both girls were DONE.

These girls may hate that I’ve posted these one day down the road, but I don’t even care because they crack me up!  This is real life, my friends.  And it’s amazing!  I’m also super thankful that Ben just kept taking photos instead of waiting for “the right moment”!


Isa’s face…!

MothersDay2017-102 MothersDay2017-103

At least I did get some kisses out of the whole thing.


Toddler meltdown.

MothersDay2017-105 MothersDay2017-106 MothersDay2017-107 MothersDay2017-108 MothersDay2017-109

I’m not really sure who was getting more of a workout…
Catherine and her gymnastics, me wrangling both girls, or Isa exercising her lungs.

MothersDay2017-110MothersDay2017-111 MothersDay2017-112

This is me trying my hardest not to laugh directly in Catherine’s face :-)


So here it is.  The “official” 2017 Mother’s Day photo with a crying toddler and a spitty uppy baby.  And I love it.


melissa - May 17, 2017 - 5:01 am

Perfect! :)

Karen Swoap - May 17, 2017 - 6:37 am

This is your best post yet!!! Thanks for sharing the reality of motherhood!

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