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2016 Snow Days

I don’t know about you guys, but being “snowed in” is one of my favorite things.  We were so thankful to have power the entire weekend too because I know not everyone up the east coast (or even in our little city) kept theirs.  We’re also super thankful for all of the men and women who worked long and hard hours to keep and get everything running!

Ben came home Friday afternoon before things got too slick outside and as soon as he walked in the door, my shoulders relaxed and our weekend inside began!  We really didn’t DO a lot, but I did finally get Catherine’s 11 month photos and then we took her out in the snow for a little bit on Saturday.  Oh, and I also finally took down our Christmas decorations.  It was just a day shy of being a month after Christmas so I’m counting that as a win ;-)

I know I haven’t blogged every month’s photo(s) of her, but I’ve been using these as my cover photo on Facebook for the last year and I can’t believe that we only have ONE more time of doing this.  Just one more monthly photo of my sweet baby girl!  I honestly can’t believe it… and I could keep going, but the idea of trying to get her to lie still on her back for any amount of time is getting REALLY difficult.  So, one more it is!

This is the sweet one…


But this is the official one because c’mon… that face!


Ben was trying his hardest to get her to smile but she was NOT having any of it.


And these went side by side because they crack me up each time.  Look at that face!!!!  Total deadpan.


And then we needed one of her standing because it’s her favorite pastime right now.


Last year, the day we went into the hospital and the day before Catherine was born, it started sleeting as we were pulling into the hospital parking lot.  The week after we brought her home, it actually snowed.  So, we bundled up and took her outside for a few photos.  I don’t think I ever actually posted these but I thought it would be fun to put some of them together…


My tiny little baby is not so tiny any more…


She was so little!  And slept the entire time we were outside, of course.


She’s also learned how to stick her tongue out and does it ALL the time.


My two favorites…

Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-105 Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-106 Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-107

She also loves screaming… oh my heavens.  She is SO loud!



Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-109Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-110 Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-111

This one is my absolute favorite.


I joked with some friends that I wasn’t able to get a bride out in the snow, so I dressed a future bride in a white coat/hood and took her out instead ;-)

Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-113 Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-114 Catherine-11mos-snow-blog-115

We tried to get her to touch some snow and hold it in her hands, but she had no interest.  We also didn’t have any snow pants for her so we never sat her down in it to see what she would think either.  Maybe next year we’ll be a little more prepared!


I had to add this one because the sky was so soft and pretty Saturday night.  It was a pastel sunset made even prettier by the snow!


Shellie - February 10, 2016 - 9:18 am

Love these!

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