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Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Season I’m In

This month has been packed.  So much so that yesterday morning was the first time I’ve been at crossfit this month. The joke on social media is that October is to photographers what April is to accountants.  It’s just B U S Y.  But it’s no wonder because 1) October means it’s really fall 2) […]

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5 Steps to Family Formal Photos at Your Wedding

The pastor has pronounced you husband and wife, you’ve had your first kiss, and walked down the aisle feeling like you’re floating from the excitement and joy running through your veins!  I’ve followed you outside into the beautiful golden light before the sun sets to capture the memories of exactly what this moment feels like. […]

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Turner + Ben | Downtown Airport Engagement Session

The weather was less than ideal, but the 80% chance of rain had continued to drop and we’d all decided that we were going to brave this session no matter what the weather! Ben is starting flight school later this month so his opportunities to get off base will be fewer… but even with all […]

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Monday Musings | FriendTogs

You’re wondering what in the world this post is about, right?  Well, I saw a photographer friend use “friendtog” last week and while I don’t know if there’s a Webster’s definition yet, in my personal dictionary, it means a photographer (tog) who has become a friend and is someone that is incredibly awesome in all […]

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