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Monthly Archives: May 2014

House Project | Kitchen Ideas

We’ve painted two bedrooms and half of a bathroom at the house, which I was feeling so good about!!  Until I took a half day last week and went over to finish painting the bathroom.  I walked into the house excited to get something else marked off the list but the second I rounded the […]

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A Promise to My Clients

We grow up in a world full of other people.  And because of nature and society and of course our culture, we are compared to others.  Our talents get put next to someone else’s and ranked.  Our work gets listed amongst other’s and we get placed in order.  Our creative juices flow and what’s produced […]

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Monday Musings | Wedding Cakes

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is getting a slice of wedding cake… almost every weekend during wedding season!  We always wait until the guests have been served, but when it’s obvious that there is still plenty left, Ben and I get a slice (usually to share) between the two of us. […]

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Photos With Your Bridesmaids (& Groomsmen)

It’s funny what comes up in conversations with friends, especially when it comes to weddings.  Normally, I don’t talk about weddings or photography too much with my close friends (at least I don’t think I do….!), but if we are on the phone during the work day, then it’s bound to come up.  And during […]

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