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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sheila + Bill | Furman Engagement Session

She loves to run.  And bike.  And do almost anything if it involves being outside. And as fate would have it, he’s pretty much the same way. So one day, when they were both at the same cycling fundraiser, their paths crossed for the first time.  And ever since, it’s a pretty solid guarantee that […]

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Monday Musings

Oy!  What a weekend!  I’m not sure what it was about Saturday, but the day after I’m naming as the first day I’ve ever had a wedding hangover!  And it’s not because I drank too much (or anything other than water!) while I was shooting.  In fact, there was no bubbly to be found other […]

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Grace Church Spartanburg Campus Launch

Remember last weekend when my camera went into overdrive and worked from Thursday all the way through Sunday?  Well, here’s what we were capturing on Sunday!  I’ve been at Grace Church since January of 2005 (which makes it really easy to always remember how long I’ve been there!).  And when I started going, they had […]

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Strength and Hope

It seemed to come out of no where.  Ok, not NO where.  It came from some emails that I received yesterday.  There were ZERO ill words written in those emails, yet, I let them crush me. Dreaming is fun… it’s easy, it’s empowering, it’s energizing.  Making those dreams become a reality though?  It’s hard.  It’s […]

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Christen + David | Fripp Island Wedding Photographer

As we sat in their living room talking about the wedding, they told it was going to be unlike any other wedding I’d shot.  There weren’t going to be any decorations, there wouldn’t be any flowers, there wouldn’t be a traditional wedding cake, and while they were going to see each other before the ceremony, […]

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