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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Oh Monday…

I don’t know why some Mondays are harder than others.  And it’s not that I’m dreading the week, I think I’m just mourning the weekend being over!  And why has no one been able to figure out the phenomenon of why the weekend goes so much faster than the week does??  Ok, it may have […]

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Make Your Wedding Your Own

Let’s face it, wedding planning is a job.  Why else would there be a profession of wedding planners out there??  I LOVED picking out a wedding dress.  I LOVED our pre-marital counseling.  I LOVED planning our honeymoon.  I LOVED coming up with an idea for our reception, but let’s just say that I’m VERY thankful […]

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Marianne + David | Greenville Wedding Photographer

Have you ever met someone who seems to brighten the room just by walking into it?  They’re someone who has a smile and a hug for everyone and no matter how horrible, no good, and rotten your day has been, they can walk up to you, give you a smile and a hug and your […]

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