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Her Planned Due Date

Today was “supposed” to be the day we met Isabella Grace.  The plan was to drop Catherine at Ben’s sister’s house and head over to the hospital to check in at 11am.  Then the c-section was scheduled for 1pm today.  By this time, we were going to have Isa’s nursery ready, all of my work would have been finished over a week ago, and I would have stocked up on things for the house before I wouldn’t have been able to drive for a couple of weeks.

It’s been two weeks and a day, but I’m STILL in shock that Isabella came so early.  I’ll share more of her full birth story later but the day she came, I was exactly 37 weeks, so there was no reason for the doctor to stop contractions or to try and keep Isa where she was.  So instead of 1pm on February 21, she was born at 6:36am on February 6!  But her sweet spirit and her constant smiles (mostly in her sleep!) have brought us so much joy!  And as a friend pointed out, we’ve had two bonus weeks with her that we weren’t expecting!

An amazing thank you goes out to our talented friends who stepped in two weeks before any of us thought they’d need to for these photos!

Amy Keely came up to the hospital at 6am to capture her birth:

And then Kendra came to the hospital the next day for some Fresh48 photos.  It was the perfect chance to have photos (other than the birth!) of just us with Isabella.  She’s going to have plenty of photos with her sister so this was just about her :-)
To see more of this Fresh48 session, head over to Kendra’s blog!

Kendra Martin Photography

And finally, Courtney Malone came two weeks early to take Isa’s newborn photos at home.  Lots of people have been asking how Catherine is doing with her little sister and she’s always asking or calling for the “bébé”!  It’s so sweet.  This morning she even stuck her hands out to Isa (while she was dozing in the kitchen) to dance with her!  We’re just hoping she still wants to do that a year from now :-)
IsabellaGrace-7283  Once we start edging out of “survival mode” over here, I’ll post Isabella’s full birth story.  Until then, I’m SO THANKFUL for my amazing clients and potential clients who have been so understanding over these past couple of weeks since Isa surprised us by coming early.  I truly love having my dream job, but it’s even more worth it since I have dream clients too!

Introducing Isabella Grace

It’s funny (ironic probably) that the post from last Monday was the last birth I photographed before Isabella arrived.  Monday February 6 was Reece’s due date, but thankfully he decided to come a little bit early since our own baby decided to come THREE WEEKS before her own due date!

I’ll share the full story later, but Isa decided she wanted to come two weeks and a day before her scheduled c-section.  She was 7lbs 4oz and arrived (still via c-section) on February 6 at 6:36am.  She’s a week old today and we’re still in shock that she’s here… but we’re SO thankful!  She’s beautiful and healthy and our little family of 4 is over the moon (even if we are a bit sleep deprived before we thought we’d be!).

So for now, here she is… we’re completely smitten and I’ll be back to blogging after we’ve adjusted a little bit :-)


Cyn Taylor - February 13, 2017 - 9:16 am

Just beautiful, guys! Congrats!

melissa - February 16, 2017 - 9:43 am

Congratulations! Get some sleep when both little ones do, and don’t feel bad about it! :)

Coleman Reese | Atlanta Birth Photographer | Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Amy called me around 4:30am on Saturday, January 28 to say her water had broken and they were heading to the hospital.  I was excited for them but had torn emotions because my last wedding before maternity leave was that day too!  Amy had known that from the beginning though and since they’ve been in front of my camera so much in the last year and a half, she and Andrew were so understanding of whatever needed to happen.  But she promised to keep me up to date on everything going on.

The doctor actually sent them home later that morning for her to labor at home because contractions hadn’t fully started yet and she would be so much more comfortable in her own bed… and where she could eat!  I told her to try and rest as best she could and to let me know when they were on their way back to the hospital.

Later that evening, she sent me a text that they were back at the hospital and staying put until they had a baby, doctor’s orders :-)  But she hadn’t progressed much even though contractions were stronger so we decided we’d both try and rest and check in the following morning.

At 4:10am, she texted me that not much had changed but it had almost been 24 hours so she wasn’t sure if a c-section was in her future or not.  Her “birth plan” was to get the baby here safely so she was ok with whatever needed to be done.  Since this was the case, I decided to head on down and left my house around 5am and arrived at the hospital just after 7am.


Thankfully, the most important outfit was ready to be worn!  Go Tigers!!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-102 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-103 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-104 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-105 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-106 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-107 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-108 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-109 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-110 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-111 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-112 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-113

Turns out her water had not completely broken the morning before and the baby was doing perfectly fine where he was, so the doctor let her continue to labor through the morning.  Around 9am, she was 3cm and as soon as they fully broke her water, she immediately went to 4cm.  The next hour was fully of pressure and contractions… little did we know that Reese was working hard to make his way into the world because when Amy was checked an hour later, she was at 10cm!

NONE of us could believe it.  Not even the doctors and nurses! Most of us had made guesses that Reese would join us early to mid-afternoon.  But it wasn’t even noon yet!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-114 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-115Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-116 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-117 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-118 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-119 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-120 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-121 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-122

Amy and Andrew’s families were there and it was time to start pushing.

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-123 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-124 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-125 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-126

The best thing a mama in labor can have is an amazing support system.  And Andrew was EXACTLY that.  He was so encouraging and loving and never left her side.  He knew exactly what to tell her to encourage her to keep going and Amy was a rock star!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-127 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-128 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-129 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-130 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-131 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-132 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-133 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-134

After 25 minutes of pushing… Coleman Reese was born at 12:15pm.


While Amy and Andrew were overwhelmed with emotion, I was trying to hold back my own sobs.
And doing a really bad job with it!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-136 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-137 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-138Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-139 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-140 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-141 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-142Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-143 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-144Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-145

So many favorites, but this is at the top.

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-146 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-147 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-148 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-149 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-150 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-151 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-152Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-153 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-154 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-155 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-156

9lbs 7oz of cuteness!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-157 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-158Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-159 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-160 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-161

Insert ALL the heart eyed emojis right here…

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-162 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-163 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-164 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-165

Daddy had some skin-to-skin time before Reese met the rest of his family.

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-166 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-167

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-168 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-169 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-170

The grandmas were over the moon!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-171 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-172 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-173Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-174 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-175 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-176

And we all started crying again when Amy’s twin sister arrived :-)

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-177 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-178 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-179Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-180

Aunt Sarah was over the moon and immediately in love!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-181Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-182 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-183 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-184

Andrew with two of his three brothers (the other one was on his way!).


But he and his wife made it :-)


High fives from Andrew’s dad are so rare that something really big has to happen…. like getting married or having a baby :-)
So two high fives were given last Sunday!

Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-187 Atlanta-birth-photographer-Reese-188

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Katie + Adam | A Mauldin UMC and The Loom Wedding

It seems like ages ago when Katie and I were walking to and from Starbucks in between services at church and talking about life.  She was in the season when many of her friends were getting married and while she wanted that too (so much!), she was mostly worried because she didn’t know HOW to be single and to do it well while she waited on God to bring the right man into her life.  And boy did I know exactly where she was.  I remember that season of life so vividly because I wanted no one other than the man God wanted for me, but I also wanted to share life with someone instead of continually coming home to an empty house.

But any girl who has waited (no matter how difficult that wait has been) will tell you that it is WORTH WAITING for the right guy.  Even Katie’s bridesmaids were talking about looking back at the guys they dated or had been interested in and how clearly they could now see that each of those guys weren’t the right ones for them.  I know… it’s so much easier to look back and see that than it is to be in the midst of the wrong relationship or singleness and fully understand that.  However, tuning your ears to hear what God is saying to you or through those that love you is priceless.

Katie and Adam are such an example of all of this too.  You can read more of their story on their engagement post HERE :-)  And all of this was reflected on their wedding day this past weekend.  Every time I asked Katie how she was doing, her smile got bigger (because she was smiling ALL day long!) and said she was doing great!  It didn’t matter what was going on – or if we were outside in the freezing cold – she was happy and content and exactly where God wanted her to be.  And Adam?  Well, he was as cool as any groom I’ve ever seen and he was thrilled that it was finally time to make Katie his wife!

Friends and family celebrated with them all day long and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite images from the day!  Katie and Adam, I am beyond thrilled for you guys and this adventure you’re starting together.  I can’t wait to see how the Lord continues to use you!

Katie lived with her grandparents for a little while so they invited all the girls over there to get ready before the day began.

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-101 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-102 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-103

The ring on the right?  I about died when Katie told me about it… it’s actually two rings that join together to “hold hands” and while her Pop was in Vietnam, he wore the band with the hand on the right around his neck and her Nana wore the band with the hand on the right.  After her Pop passed away about a week before the wedding, Katie knew she wanted to somehow carry a piece of him with her that day.  So what better way than to wear this band that belonged to her grandparents?  A ring that signifies two becoming one.

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-104 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-105

And in case you haven’t had time to read their engagement blog post, her diamond ring actually belonged to her Pop’s great-grandmother!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-106 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-107


Katie is my second bride to wear Kate Spade Keds in the past year.  And I must say, I’m loving this trend!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-109 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-110Greenville-Winter-Wedding-111 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-112 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-113 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-114

Y’all know how much I love First Looks :-)

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-115 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-116 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-117 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-118 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-119 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-120

And their excitement proved yet again why they’re so worth it!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-121 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-122 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-123 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-124 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-125 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-126 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-127

I kind of wish I had counted the number of times Katie told me she was so glad they saw each other before the ceremony…
surely she mentioned it at least a dozen times ;-)

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-128 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-129 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-130 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-131 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-132 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-133Greenville-Winter-Wedding-134 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-135 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-136Greenville-Winter-Wedding-137 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-138 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-139 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-140Greenville-Winter-Wedding-141

Look how beautiful these ladies are!!


And how dapper the gents are :-)  The grey suits and blue dresses looked SO good together!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-143 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-144 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-145 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-146 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-147 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-148 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-149 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-150 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-151 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-152 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-153 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-154 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-155 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-156Greenville-Winter-Wedding-157

I just love it!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-158 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-160 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-161 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-162 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-163

The First Look was wonderful… but look how many portraits we were able to get of these two before the ceremony!!
And then we were able to get even more afterwards too.

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-164 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-165Greenville-Winter-Wedding-166 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-167 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-168

These girls were having so much fun in their twirly dresses, I just had to share!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-169 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-170 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-171 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-172 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-173 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-174 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-175 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-176 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-177Greenville-Winter-Wedding-178 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-179

Oh my goodness, they’re married!!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-180 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-181 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-186Greenville-Winter-Wedding-182 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-183

Katie couldn’t hold back her excitement either :-)

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-184 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-185

After the ceremony and family photos, we headed over to The Loom to celebrate… and it was gorgeous!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-187 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-188 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-189

Katie asked her students for a photo of the wedding and some marriage advice… let me just say, this was SO adorable!
She’s going to treasure it for years and years!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-190 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-191 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-192 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-193Greenville-Winter-Wedding-194

This might be my favorite cake table of all time.  It’s so pretty.  And so yummy!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-195 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-196 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-197 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-198 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-199 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-200 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-201 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-202 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-203

The best part was Katie’s dad letting his hair down!!  Awesome dance, you two!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-204 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-205 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-206 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-207

And really, this was one of the sweetest mother-son dances ever.

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-208 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-209Greenville-Winter-Wedding-210

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-212 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-213 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-214 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-215

In case you’ve forgotten, Clemson is the 2016 National Championship team.  So Tiger Rag was a must before the reception ended!

Greenville-Winter-Wedding-216 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-217 Greenville-Winter-Wedding-218

One million thanks to the talented team of vendors who made Katie & Adam’s wedding so wonderful!

Ceremony | Mauldin UMC
Reception | The Loom at Cotton Mill Place
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | David’s Bridal

Invitations | Tates at Sea (designer), IG Graphice (printing)
Groomsman Suits | Belk
Makeup | Cindy McGrath
Hair Artist | Katie Glascow at Wisteria Salon
Florist | Paige McCarty
Videographer | Ben Weeks
DJ | The Party Machine, Jeff Hayes

Catering | Holmes Catering
Cake Artist | friends & family

Barbara Maslow - February 4, 2017 - 9:18 am

So perfect. I don’t who took these pictures but they are the best. Everything is so wonderful a wedding to remenber.

Monday Musings | Strength

The first birth I ever photographed was the night before I photographed a wedding.  I just knew that was the weekend I was going to start drinking coffee because the caffeine was going to be a must!  Well, that didn’t happen, it still hasn’t!

But what has happened is that I’ve learned more and more that my strength to do anything, much less at 36 weeks pregnant, is all because of prayers from friends and completely from God.  I knew for sure that after shooting a 9+ hour wedding day on Saturday that my body was going to be so sore and I would barely be able to walk.  And that was NOT the case at all.  The day seemed to fly by and I couldn’t believe it when I was pulling up to the reception.  Yes, I was tired, but my body was not exhausted like it usually is by that time on any given day of the week.


And all the while, I was keeping in touch with one of my former brides whose water had broken and was waiting to deliver her first baby in Atlanta!  At first we didn’t think I would be able to make it down for the birth because of the wedding, but like I told her, God knew before she had even told me she was pregnant that I would be just as pregnant, that I would have a wedding the same day she went into labor, and that there were all kinds of little details to be worked out in order for me to be there.


So, I trusted.  I trusted that God knew far better that He was doing than I did.  I trusted that whether I was able to photograph the birth or the day after that this baby boy would arrive safely and his parents would be gracious with me and how everything worked out.  I trusted that when he wasn’t born on Saturday, 5.5 hours of sleep Saturday night would be enough to carry me through another long day of shooting on Sunday.

I knew that the word TRUST was my focus for the year, but I didn’t realize I would have to lean into it so much so early in 2017!  But when you realize everything is out of your control, trusting what God is doing takes an incredible weight off of your shoulders and allows Him to fill you with His strength.

So thankful for my brides… and for my brides turned mamas :-)  Today may be a “bring me all the caffeine I can have while pregnant” kind of day, but even the exhaustion is completely worth all I was able to experience and capture this weekend!