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Fabulous Friday | Sending Off Film

It’s like I’ve taken a jump to 25 years ago when I got back from camp and had to send my film off.  I was so excited to get those photos back so I could keep reliving the week I’d just returned home from!  And for the first time in (literally) forever, I’m doing that all over again!

Last week at The Signature Atelier workshop in Paris and thanks to the Find Lab, each of us had the chance to shoot 2 rolls of medium format film.  And I’m afraid that even though I have no idea what the photos I took look like yet, I’ve found a new love.  It’s going to be torture waiting on these scans to come back but I am SO excited!  Trust me, you’ll know when they’ve arrived :-)


Paris in iPhone Photos

Last week was an actual dream come true.  When Abby Grace Photography first announced a workshop in Paris would be happening, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I’m usually thinking about Paris at any given moment, but there was something about The Signature Atelier that was too much to resist.

There is still so much to process and work through on my end since getting home (including about 500 photos to edit), but I thought it would be fun to start out by sharing my iPhone photos.

I arrived on Saturday and the workshop began on Sunday so I had about 24 hours to wander Paris on my own.  Most of my time was spent walking (for about 8 miles total) and sitting at a café, which is a perfect way to see Paris and it strolls by you.  That evening, I met up with Casey who was also attending the workshop and we went for a super late dinner (very European), had more adventures trying to get an Uber than I ever want to have again, and went to bed way too late!

I don’t want to add too much more commentary because I just want you to enjoy the photos :-)  But I would love to share the stories behind some of these if I see you in person!

Paris-by-iPhone-101 Paris-by-iPhone-102 Paris-by-iPhone-103 Paris-by-iPhone-104 Paris-by-iPhone-105 Paris-by-iPhone-106 Paris-by-iPhone-107

Can you believe this room??  It’s where I got to stay for a week!

Paris-by-iPhone-108 Paris-by-iPhone-109

Paris-by-iPhone-110 Paris-by-iPhone-111 Paris-by-iPhone-112 Paris-by-iPhone-113


I was so excited to see the Eiffel Tower again at sunrise and can’t wait to share those images!

Paris-by-iPhone-115 Paris-by-iPhone-116 Paris-by-iPhone-118 Paris-by-iPhone-119

I know these two images below seem to drastically contradict each other, but they’re both so French and they both happened in the same garden that was our backyard for the week.  And they both make me SO happy!

Paris-by-iPhone-120 Paris-by-iPhone-121 Paris-by-iPhone-122

Several of us decided to go into Paris one night to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up.  It was such a late night, but completely worth it!

Paris-by-iPhone-123 Paris-by-iPhone-124

My first time taking a picnic lunch to Versailles and my first time visiting Le Petite and Le Grand Trianon.


Seriously, I felt like I’d walked into Beauty & the Beast.

Paris-by-iPhone-126 Paris-by-iPhone-127 Paris-by-iPhone-128

I’ve never liked Creme Brulee… until this trip.


These ladies and a flower market… the perfect way to end our week!

Paris-by-iPhone-130 Paris-by-iPhone-131

Stay tuned for several more blog posts coming your way :-)

Fabulous Friday | Heading Home


I’m headed home from another incredible week in Paris.  There is lots to process and lots to figure out but I’m so excited for where Sabrina Fields Photography is headed.  God has been so amazing in my photography journey and I’m just beyond thankful.

So much more coming soon!!!

Workshop: The Signature Atelier by Abby Grace & Katherine Bignon

Fabulous Friday | Back to Paris I Go!


Part of me can’t believe today is here.  I’ve been anticipating this coming week ever since I first heard about The Signature Atelier workshop that Abby Grace and Katherine Bignon were putting on.  I arrive tomorrow morning, have a full 24+ hours all to myself and then I’ll be meeting up with our group for the week in a French home that’s just a 20 minute walk from Versailles.

It sounds like a dream, right?  I keep having to pinch myself to know that it’s real!

Paris is always an inspiration to me… most of France is that way.  The last time I took a week for a photography workshop in France, it made such an impact on me that I’m still living and working with those changes today.  And that was back in 2009!  So, I’m beyond excited to see what God has in store not just for this coming week, but for my business as a whole.

Plus, we get new head shots in a few days.  Guys, the last time I had head shots done was when I was pregnant with Catherine.  Clearly it’s time to get those updated!

I’ll be posting to Instagram (and Instagram Stories) so be sure to follow along there.  And I’ll do my best to add a blog post or two as well.

À bientôt!

Jackie + Jason | A Grace Church + Westin Poinsett Wedding

She said people kept asking her about the rain because the forecast all week wasn’t looking too promising for their wedding day.  But her response was what I hope any bride would say… “Come 5:30pm, Jason and I will have our ceremony and we’ll be married.  That’s all that matters about today!”  God had been writing their story for years, including 6 years of friendship before they started dating, and no rain or thunderstorm was going to stop this wedding day from happening.

And they were both in it with smiles and excitement and maybe a few nerves :-)  As I was getting my things ready for their wedding day, I couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic because Jackie has made cupcakes for at least a couple of my previous brides AND she was getting married where Ben and I were married.  I also haven’t photographed a wedding at Grace Downtown in at least 3 years and since we started going to the Greer Campus of Grace Church, we haven’t attended church at the Downtown Campus since last summer… so it felt SO good to be back there!

As beautiful as the church is though, Jackie and Jason would have been happy getting married ANYwhere as long as they were pronounced husband and wife at the end of it all.  Just after they walked up the aisle hand in hand, we went outside thinking the rain had stopped, but it was drizzling and didn’t actually stop for a while.  Thankfully, Jackie said several times that they trusted me and so we went for it!  We grabbed umbrellas from my car and did all of their portraits outside!  It was perfect!  These two are such adventurers (I mean, they got up at 4am for their engagement session on the top of a mountain with me!) that some rain on their wedding day was nothing.  Plus, it makes their photos that much more unique.

You guys, THANK YOU, for allowing me to be a part of your engagement and wedding.  And thank you to your incredible family and friends for welcoming me and Kim (my wonderful second shooter!) with open arms.  We loved every minute spent with all of you.  I hope Hawaii is treating you well and that you soak up some extra sun for me too!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-101 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-102 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-103 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-104 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-105 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-106 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-107 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-108

God has gifted Jackie with all kinds of creativity… including photography, baking, and calligraphy to name a few.
She hand wrote all of the signs for their reception!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-109 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-110 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-111 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-112 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-113

I’ve never been so thankful for all of the covered walkways at Grace as I was on this day.

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-114 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-115 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-116 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-117 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-118

Y’all, this little guy was SUCH a cutie!!


I seriously love these girls.  And the one on the far left?  She is a dear friend and a former Sabrina Bride too!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-120 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-121 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-122 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-123 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-124 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-125 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-126

Jackie… I LOVE this portrait of you!!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-127 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-128 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-129 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-130 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-131 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-132 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-133 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-134 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-135 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-136 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-137 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-138

I have vivid memories of being in this same hallway in my own wedding dress :-)

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-139 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-140 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-141 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-142 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-143 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-144 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-145 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-146 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-147 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-148 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-149 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-150 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-151 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-152 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-153 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-154

So thankful for the box of umbrellas that I’ve had for ages!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-155 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-156 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-157 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-158 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-159 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-160 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-161 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-162 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-163 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-164 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-165 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-166 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-167 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-168 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-169 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-170 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-171 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-172 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-173

You guys… walking in downtown in the rain was completely worth it.  Thank you for trusting me!!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-174 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-175 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-176

This is Jason’s dad’s Corvette… which these two left in at the end of their reception!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-177 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-178 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-179 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-180 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-181 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-182 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-183 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-184 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-185 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-186 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-187 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-188 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-189 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-190 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-191 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-192 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-193 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-194 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-195

We discovered the rain had STOPPED when it was time for their rooftop portraits!!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-196 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-197 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-198 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-199 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-200 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-201 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-202

We took a few minutes by the piano and this… this is a new favorite photo!


Legacy is a big deal.  Especially on a wedding day because it’s when a new family is created and a new legacy begins.  This photo encapsulates legacy.  Do you see the older gentleman sitting in the front?  He’s surrounded by his 18 grandchildren, his great-grandchild (with another on the way) and two grandsons-in-law.  What an incredible legacy to have captured in a photo!

Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-204 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-206 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-205 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-207 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-208 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-209 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-210 Rainy-Grace-Church-Westin-Poinsett-Wedding-211

So many thanks to all of the incredible vendors, friends, and family who made this day possible for Jackie + Jason!

Ceremony | Grace Church Downtown
Reception | The Westin Poinsett
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses |  Amazon
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Wedding Director | Leigh Allison Kelley
Reception Director | Chelsea McCray
Hair Artist | Liz Hamacher
Makeup Artist | Amberly Peschel
Florals | Costco
DJ | Uptown Entertainment
Officient | Scott Mozingo
Ceremony Musician | Brian Darnell
Wedding Invitations | Shine Invitations
Wedding Cake | Shannon at Lowe’s Foods
Catering | The Westin Poinsett

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