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Our Non-Trip to Portland

Last year, Ben and I figured out that we’d been to California almost every year since we’d been married.  So when his business trip to Portland came up, we figured we’d extend that tradition to “the west coast” instead of just California :-)

The plan was to fly out Wednesday evening, he’d have his meeting Thursday morning, we’d explore downtown a little bit that afternoon – and of course visit Voodoo Donut!  Friday, we were going to take Catherine to the Portland Children’s Museum and hopefully meet up with some friends, then head home first thing Saturday and make it home in time to watch the ACC Championship game!

However, it seems the Lord had completely different plans.  We haven’t seen rain in ages and the day we were flying out, there were some crazy storms that even brought some tornadoes.  We boarded and the rain subsided but we didn’t take off for another hour or more because the storms were affecting Atlanta also.  I was hoping our flight to Portland would also be delayed because of all of this but when we landed, it was showing it was still on time.

(PS – all of these are iPhone photos…
I brought a DSLR with me for Portland but since we never left an airport, I never pulled it out!)


Catherine did surprisingly well hanging out in our laps on the plane for almost 2 hours!


This was during the midst of the storm and then once we were airborne.


We booked it over to the gate where our flight to Portland was departing from and it was actually delayed!!  But, the doors were closed and there was no gate agent to answer any questions.  There were about 10+ people hoping to make it on the flight and when we finally found someone to help us, he was a ground crew member who went to get some answers for us.  But he came back to say they’d already closed the doors and were finalizing the passenger manifest and trying to depart.  So all of us stood there and watched the plane take off…. *sigh*

And to make it all even worse, we got notification on the Delta app that our suitcase had made it onto the plane while we were stuck inside the terminal.  When does that ever happen?!?!

So, after waiting for another age or two, we talked to Delta and figured out there was no way we’d be able to make it out for Ben’s meetings the next morning and decided to just come back home.

We grabbed some dinner at a sit down restaurant in ATL and then went to wait at our gate, where Catherine ran around with her 3rd wind (it was after 10:30pm at this point!).  When we boarded the plane to come back to Greenville, she was still wide awake and climbing all over us.  Not until maybe 5 minutes before landing did she fall asleep!


And what I’d hoped would be our “we made it to Portland!” photo turned out to be our “we’re back home and exhausted but safe” photo :-)  Catherine woke up as we got off the plane and went to figure out when we’d get our luggage back.  We got another notification yesterday that it was put on a plane back to Atlanta and then again when it was heading back to Greenville.  So hopefully it will be delivered today!


Our biggest concern was that Catherine’s sleep sack (that’s she’s slept in since we stopped swaddling her!) was in that suitcase along with her sound machine… but clearly she was too tired to even notice :-)


We don’t know the full reason God didn’t want us on the west coast this week, but yesterday, Ben was able to work from home so we still were able to have a full day with him!  And we’re getting to do some things at home this weekend that we would have missed otherwise.  So, we’re thankful for that too!

Happy weekend!!

Kirsten + Billy | A Charleston Sunrise Engagement Session

Schedules are a crazy thing.  We’d initially scheduled this session for a couple of weeks ago, but ended up needed to change plans.  So when I suggested a sunrise session the week of Thanksgiving, I wasn’t sure they would go for it.  But when Kirsten said they would do it, I knew it would be perfect!  I’ve never been in downtown Charleston at sunrise so this was a new view of the city for me… but oh my goodness, it was beautiful!  And the perfect backdrop for engagement photos.

These two met in high school when Billy would visit his aunt and uncle’s church and they were in the same Sunday school class. Fast forward several years to Billy’s birthday and Kirsten planning a special dinner in downtown Charleston to celebrate him.  Little did she know that towards the end of their meal at the Drawing Room she would receive the best gift of her life.

Billy got up to use the restroom but he was actually planning the details.  He had the live band announce what was happening and asked the valet to take photos.  She was so overwhelmed and it still gives her butterflies!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-101 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-102 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-103 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-104 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-105 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-106 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-107charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-108 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-109

While there’s a little discrepancy as to when he gave her this beautiful necklace, there’s no doubt in either of their minds that this was the first piece of jewelry Billy gave to Kirsten.  So of course we had to pair it with her engagement ring!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-110 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-111 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-112 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-113

You guys are so good at snuggling!
Plus… I’ve NEVER been down here when it was this empty.  Which just made their session even sweeter.

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-114 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-115 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-116 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-117 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-118 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-119 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-120

Before changing locations, we had to make a quick stop by the Drawing Room where they got engaged!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-121 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-122

You guys are so great… and I love downtown Charleston!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-123 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-124

We were not intending to stop at the Battery at all, but when we walked through and the light was this perfect, I insisted :-)

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-126 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-125 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-127

And I would say it was completely worth it!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-128 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-129 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-130 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-131

This is one of my favorite spots in Charleston!
Not to mention that Kirsten and Billy make it look so festive and Christmas-y!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-132 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-133

Kirsten mentioned that she wasn’t much a girl for “props in photos” but when she was out shopping and saw this sign that says “grace changes everything”.  It’s so perfect for them and who they are because of all God has done in their lives.  The Lord’s grace truly does change everything and I’m so glad she brought this to have it as part of their session!


Oh you guys, this one is a favorite for sure!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-135 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-136 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-137 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-138 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-139 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-140

I adored spending the morning with these two and can’t wait for their wedding next summer!


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Harper James | Greenville Birth Photographer | Greenville Memorial Hospital

Courtney is a photographer herself so when she found me through Instagram and we met up to chat about their baby girl, we realized we had so many other things in common!  She studied abroad in France, I lived in Belgium after college (both French speaking countries).  We both met our husbands on e-Harmony.  We both love photography (obviously) and our first babies are little girls who were born via c-section after laboring for quite a while.

Even with all the unknowns of labor and delivery, Courtney kept a cool head through all of it.  Hers and Jim’s biggest desire was that their baby girl, James, arrive safely and that she and Courtney would be healthy!  And while the journey to get there wasn’t exactly as she had imagined, God brought their baby girl into the world bright and early Sunday morning with a healthy set of lungs!

For various reasons, Courtney was admitted to the hospital on Friday evening to be induced and when I arrived Saturday evening, she was progressing well and enjoying the time anticipating James’s arrival with her husband, her parents and Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel in the background.  Jim’s parents arrived, his sister and her family arrived, and Miss baby James was making even more indications that she was on her way!

But after a while, she must have decided she couldn’t do any more on her own.  In the wee hours of Sunday morning, November 20, after staying in the same spot for 6+ hours, the doctor recommended a c-section.  Courtney’s emotions flooded out through tears, but they were accompanied by a huge smile!  She was just thrilled to meet her baby girl!

You guys, James is PRECIOUS and I was so thrilled to be there with you and your families.  Thank you for welcoming me in, treating me like family, and Jim… thanks for taking care of two pregnant women in one room throughout the night!

I arrived Saturday evening just before Sunset and left again Sunday morning just after sunrise!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-101 thanksgiving-birth-photos-102 thanksgiving-birth-photos-103 thanksgiving-birth-photos-104 thanksgiving-birth-photos-105 thanksgiving-birth-photos-106

Her cup of ice chips were never far from reach :-)

thanksgiving-birth-photos-107 thanksgiving-birth-photos-108 thanksgiving-birth-photos-109 thanksgiving-birth-photos-110 thanksgiving-birth-photos-111 thanksgiving-birth-photos-112


It’s amazing what brushing your teeth can do for morale!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-114 thanksgiving-birth-photos-115 thanksgiving-birth-photos-116 thanksgiving-birth-photos-117 thanksgiving-birth-photos-118 thanksgiving-birth-photos-119 thanksgiving-birth-photos-120 thanksgiving-birth-photos-121 thanksgiving-birth-photos-122 thanksgiving-birth-photos-123 thanksgiving-birth-photos-124 thanksgiving-birth-photos-125 thanksgiving-birth-photos-126

We all were able to get a little rest… Courtney in her bed, Jim on his floor palate and they insisted I lay down on the couch.

thanksgiving-birth-photos-127 thanksgiving-birth-photos-128 thanksgiving-birth-photos-129 thanksgiving-birth-photos-131 thanksgiving-birth-photos-130 thanksgiving-birth-photos-132 thanksgiving-birth-photos-133

The tears of joy after speaking with the doctor!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-134 thanksgiving-birth-photos-135 thanksgiving-birth-photos-136 thanksgiving-birth-photos-137 thanksgiving-birth-photos-138

We weren’t sure if I was going to be able to go into the operating room, so Jim took their camera just in case.


But as soon as the baby was born (at 5:54am), the nurse came to get me!


She was here and perfect!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-141 thanksgiving-birth-photos-142 thanksgiving-birth-photos-143 thanksgiving-birth-photos-144

And being in there for this moment in these following photos was worth the long night…

thanksgiving-birth-photos-145 thanksgiving-birth-photos-146 thanksgiving-birth-photos-147 thanksgiving-birth-photos-148 thanksgiving-birth-photos-149 thanksgiving-birth-photos-150 thanksgiving-birth-photos-151

Courtney, motherhood looks amazing on you.

thanksgiving-birth-photos-152thanksgiving-birth-photos-153 thanksgiving-birth-photos-154 thanksgiving-birth-photos-155 thanksgiving-birth-photos-156 thanksgiving-birth-photos-157 thanksgiving-birth-photos-158 thanksgiving-birth-photos-159 thanksgiving-birth-photos-160

That sweet face!!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-161 thanksgiving-birth-photos-162

Jim got some daddy/daughter time while Courtney finished up in the OR.


And he was SO smitten!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-164 thanksgiving-birth-photos-165 thanksgiving-birth-photos-166 thanksgiving-birth-photos-167

So thankful…

thanksgiving-birth-photos-168 thanksgiving-birth-photos-169 thanksgiving-birth-photos-170

This was so much fun too! Following Jim to tell the family that James was here and capturing their reactions was priceless!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-171 thanksgiving-birth-photos-172 thanksgiving-birth-photos-173 thanksgiving-birth-photos-174 thanksgiving-birth-photos-175 thanksgiving-birth-photos-176 thanksgiving-birth-photos-177 thanksgiving-birth-photos-178 thanksgiving-birth-photos-179 thanksgiving-birth-photos-180 thanksgiving-birth-photos-181

There is NO telling what was said, but these faces were worth posting! :-)

thanksgiving-birth-photos-182 thanksgiving-birth-photos-183 thanksgiving-birth-photos-184

Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!


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A Cooking Class in Paris! | La Cuisine Paris

When we were trying to figure out all that we wanted to do while in Paris this time, I brought up the idea of looking for a cooking class we could take.  Ben loves to cook and well, I like to pretend that I’m Sabrina in the movie “Sabrina” where in the older version, she moves to Paris and takes cooking classes (in the 90s version, she moves to Paris to work with a photographer!).  So, we both were able to enjoy it and make some tasty baguettes while we were at it.

Our friend Joel actually flew in from Hong Kong where he’s been for the last two years and met us for this cooking class first thing in the morning.  I’m not sure how much information I actually retained, but it was a lot of fun and the chef was great!  La Cuisine Paris does all of their classes in English and they have several different types of classes they offer, so we will definitely try another class when we come back!

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-101 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-102 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-103

The thing I love about classes like these in Europe is that you get people from all over… between us, Joel and everyone else, we were from South Carolina, New York City, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Australia and the chef was actually from Paris :-)

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-104 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-105 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-106 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-107 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-108

There was lots of slamming and stretching of dough for the baguettes.  Seriously, about 20 minutes worth!  But Joel was doing great and gave me the perfect shot to show what we were doing.


We also made what’s called Fougasse, which is similar to Italian focaccia bread.  We added rosemary to the dough and then added all sorts of toppings.


While those were proofing and the baguette bread had risen and was ready, we learned how to fold the dough and get the baguette shape.

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-111 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-112 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-113

Ben’s baguettes looked much better than mine did.


The fougasse is usually taken to dinner at a friend’s house so the key is to make it “sharable” with pieces to tear off (hence the cutting that’s going on).

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-115 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-116

Don’t they look delicious??


While those were cooling, we added the slash marks and cuts to the baguettes… I never knew scissors were involved at all!


Those two little guys?  We had extra dough so we made some rolls.  Mine had chocolate chips in them :-)

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-119 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-120

I was TERRIBLE at the slash marks!!

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-121 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-122

My scissored baguette looked much better.  Although I guess they tasted about the same!

la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-123 la-cuisine-paris-baguettes-124

The best part was taking our freshly cooked bread up to Montmartre to eat with some fruit and cheese!  Sadly I was too busy eating to get any photos :-)


Baby Bump Update | 22 weeks

I’m actually 25 weeks along already, but we didn’t take a bump photo last week and the week before that was in Paris.  And I didn’t really want to do a side-by-side with our front door in one photo and the Eiffel Tower in the other!  So, I went back a few weeks for the comparison photo :-)

It feels like Isabella is so much bigger than Catherine was at any stage, but looking at these photos, she doesn’t seems quite as huge as I feel like she is.  Life is so much different this time around since chasing a toddler around while growing a human adds another level of energy that is very difficult to muster at times.  But when I spent some time with one of my best friends yesterday who has two girls about 2 years apart, it gave me another glimpse into what our life will look like in about 5 years.  And I love the relationship those two girls have!

My prayer over our two is that God will be their main focus, their go-to, and the One they think of first for everything.  And other than coming to us, their parents for things, I pray that they will be close friends and always be FOR each other no matter what comes up in life.  I only have a brother so I don’t know what having a sister is like, but talking with several of my sweet brides whose sisters are their best friends, my hope is that Catherine and Isabella will have that from the beginning too!


And from what we can tell so far, Catherine is going to be an amazing big sister!
She loves giving bisous (kisses) to Isa and it melts my heart when I see her on her tip-toes to do so!


I’m still feeling pretty good and still doing crossfit about 3 times a week (although I don’t always want to go, I know it’s worth it).  Plus, Catherine loves roaming around the gym after the workout and doing her own workouts (climbing on boxes, doing her version of burpees (she kisses the floor each time, I guess because that’s what she thinks is happening when we do burpees!), rowing, doing ab-mat situps, stretching, and getting on the rings every so often).

I’m still working and shooting and feeling great about it!  There are several shoot this week (including our own family photos!) and I have a birth mom due next week so I’m waiting on the call from here that baby is on the way :-)  I have another birth mom due at the end of December, a wedding in January and one more birth mom due at the beginning of February.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s all so spaced out and I honestly have the best clients ever who are so patient with me (mostly when I need to stop and catch my breath!) and are so concerned with how I’m doing and feeling that the strain on my body isn’t even that noticeable.

We’re excited for the holidays and a little break time with family… but until then, there’s still lots of beautiful Paris photos to edit!  So be on the lookout for plenty of those on the blog soon!

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