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Fabulous Friday | My Loves

This morning, I got a call at 2:09am that one of my sweet birth moms was getting closer to delivering their first baby.  She was induced last night and none of us expected to even be at the hospital until later this afternoon, much less in the middle of the night.  But everything went so well and I can’t wait to share their sweet baby girl with you next week!

One thing this birth made me realize though is that in less than 6 months, we will be back at the hospital to meet our second baby girl… and I can’t wait!  Our experience this second time around will be completely different since it will be a scheduled c-section, but that doesn’t matter to be one bit.  We just want our sweet girl to arrive safely and to be healthy :-)

The second thing it made me realize is that I have two more births that I’m scheduled to photograph before we meet our little girl and I’m only going to get bigger and bigger as those approach!  So, I went today with that in mind and tried to shoot things a little differently than I usually do. But I’m so happy with the images!  It gave me confidence that I’ll be just fine at these upcoming births.

The third thing this birth reminded me of was that we have just 6 months left with Catherine as an only child… #allthetears.  She’s already growing up so fast and we LOVE this stage she’s in and I can’t wait to see her as a big sister.  But of course, I’m already worrying about having two in the house and my attention being divided and what all of that will look like.

Thankfully though, God has it all under control (because let’s face it, I never have and never will have it “under control”!) and He’s known since the beginning that we would have a family and I would be running a business as a work-at-home-mom.  So all I can do is continue to trust.  And sometimes that’s easier said than done :-)

Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m going to bed since I’ve been up since 2am, but I’ll leave you with two of my three loves snuggling the other night as Ben got her ready for bed. #allthefeels


Kristin + Cameron | A Lake Jocassee Engagement Session

They actually met at work… he was attempting to get into a room with a keypad entry and she gave him the code.  When it worked and he looked up to thank her, he flashed his biggest smile and she’s been smitten ever since.

I’ve actually known Kristin for a while but have gotten to know her over the last four years since we’ve been in the same community group at church!  So to be able to walk through this stage of her life with her and get to know Cameron better in the process, it’s just makes my job even sweeter than it usually is :-)

To say these two love the outdoors would be quite an understatement.  We’ve run into them several times over the last couple years as they’ve been dating and if they weren’t finishing a run or bike ride, then they were dressed for one and about to head out!  When he proposed, it was at the top of a mountain after they’d been hiking most of the morning.  She was completely taken by surprise, but it was absolutely perfect for them!

So when Kristin mentioned that they were thinking of going up to Lake Jocassee for their engagement photos and even taking their paddle boards, I was SO excited!  Not just because it’s a beautiful spot, but also because it’s SO them!

Thank you guys for inviting me along for your adventure these next several months!  I’m looking forward to your spring wedding!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-101 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-102 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-103 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-104 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-105 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-106

When Kristin first got Tilly, she brought her to community group and she was the SMALLEST and sleepiest little puppy I’ve ever seen.  And now, she almost comes up to my waist!  But she’s still just as sweet and she did so well for photos!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-107 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-108 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-109 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-110 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-111

Kristin’s ring is GORGEOUS!  Cameron, you outdid yourself with this one!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-112 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-113 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-114 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-115 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-116 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-117

You guys, I could NOT get over that view!  What a perfect location for photos!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-118 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-119 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-120 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-121 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-122 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-124 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-125 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-126 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-127 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-128 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-129 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-130 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-131 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-132 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-133

This one is definitely a favorite!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-134 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-135 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-136 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-137lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-139 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-138 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-140

Kayla + Nick | A Summery Downtown Greenville Engagement Session

Y’all know their engagement story because I posted about it last December over HERE. And if that was any indication of how their wedding day is going to go (which it might since I now have pregnancy hormones coursing through my body!), I’ll be teary eyed that day too.  But you guys, it’s going to be SO beautiful!!  Not to mention that these two are naturals in front of the camera.

It still blows my mind that they’re getting married in October, but I honestly could not be more excited for them and what God has in store for their future.  The Lord is definitely their priority, but when it comes to people currently walking on this earth, these two put each other first and it’s so obvious in everything they do.

I loved getting to spend time with both of them and even though our session was cut short due to traffic en route to our second location, it was still an amazing evening.  But, be on the lookout for another handful of photos of these guys because let’s just say I have a vision in my head and I don’t want to let it go!  So we’re working on getting that scheduled :-)


We started with froyo because that had been part of their engagement story… plus, it just goes along with summer!

bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-102 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-103


bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-105 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-106 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-107bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-108 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-109bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-110

Kayla, remember when I looked at the back of my camera and said how hot you were??  Well, here’s the proof :-)  Girl, you are stunning whether you’re grinning ear to ear or staring into my camera.

bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-111bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-112 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-113

Laughter!  So much wonderful, joyful laughter!


bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-115bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-116 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-117 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-118 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-119

bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-120 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-121


On our way to the cars (to attempt) to head to our next location, we walked past this house that Kayla said she’s always loved.  And really, it’s beautiful!  It also was perfect that their outfits coordinated perfectly with the house :-)

bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-124 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-123


Oh my gosh, y’all are seriously the cutest!




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Telling Ben About the New Baby

I want to begin this post by saying that my heart is hurting for those that long to be pregnant and to have a sweet baby growing in their womb.  We’ve experienced loss ourselves and while our journey has given us our own story, God is working in each of the women He’s created to give them their own stories too.  No story is better than another and even a positive pregnancy test nor the birth of a baby is the end to that story.  The beginning, middle and end to every story is Jesus and the hope we have because of him.

One of our pastors at church has said that when he and his wife were younger and having children, all he had to do was look at her and she would get pregnant!  Obviously he just means that God blessed them with the ease of getting pregnant and they both know and acknowledge what a gift that was and they don’t take it lightly.  But, that’s not our story, which is fine!  In my ideal world, I wanted to have our kids in the fall so they would be older in their classes at school.  My birthday is in October and I really enjoyed having an early birthday when I was growing up!  But, even though we started trying at the beginning of the calendar year, God kept saying “it’s not time.”

It shocked me each time because even the way my calendar is this fall, my last wedding is in early October so I though SURELY it meant we would have a baby in the fall!  But then we booked our trip to Paraguay and because of the Zika virus and the way I attract mosquitos, we knew it would be best if we put our baby plans on hold.  So again, God was telling us to wait.

But the planner that I am kept looking at our calendar for next year and with my first wedding in March, knowing I’d be having a c-section and need time for recovery, and wanting some actual time for maternity leave (not to mention that I’m in my mid-30s and not getting any younger!), it felt like our time was running out.  So when I took a pregnancy test at the very earliest that the box said I could and it was negative, I cried.  I was sad, I was frustrated, I didn’t know if something was wrong with us or if it just wasn’t meant to be for us that I get pregnant again.  And every single one of those emotions was normal and ok.  I just needed some time to mourn.

But of course, that’s when God was telling me to “just wait.”

The very next Monday a couple of things happened.  My nose was a little stuffy, but I wasn’t feeling sick.  And I was more out of breath than usual at crossfit (which is hard to do, trust me!).  However, both of those things happened when I was pregnant with Catherine so I was curious.  I also had one pregnancy test left at home so after putting Catherine down for her nap, I took it and was in shock when it told me it was positive.  I honestly could not believe it!  But, as always, God’s timing is perfect.

Just the day before, I’d seen some “Promoted to Big Sister” shirts at Target.  I looked at them longingly because I so much wanted to be buying one for Catherine, but I had no idea what size she would be when we finally would conceive again.  But as always, the Lord knew I needed to catch a glimpse of those shirts!  So, after she got up from her nap and we had lunch, we took a trip over to Target just for that shirt!

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So when Ben came home, Catherine and I were ready!  And I couldn’t have loved Ben’s reaction any more than I did :-)

Kendra - August 16, 2016 - 7:44 pm

Sabrina you have me crying again today!!!!! Gosh I am soo stinking happy for you guys!!!!!! <3

Nora - August 16, 2016 - 7:59 pm

So sweet!!! God’s plans are always better than our plans. Not always easier, but always better.
I was too dumbfounded to even try to think of a creative way to break the news this time. Topher saw my face and knew. Haha

melissa - August 27, 2016 - 12:40 pm

That is an AWESOME way to tell the big news! Congratulations to the whole family! Two little ones close together is a lot of work, but it’s fun to have and know that they will be buddies. :)

We Have News (Again)!!

Almost exactly 2 years ago, we announced that baby Fields was on the way… and in February 2015, Catherine Marie joined our little family!  So, we are thrilled to tell you guys that the week after Catherine turns 2, baby Fields #2 will make her arrival!

Yep, you read that right… It’s another GIRL!!
(Catherine’s shirt says “Promoted to Big Sister”…
and big thanks to Kim DeLoach for capturing this for us and getting Catherine to smile!)

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Since I’m over 35, we opted to go the route of genetic testing since the chance of a few birth defects increases after that age.  We are thankful that baby girl is perfectly healthy!  But along with that testing, since it’s genetic testing, they’re able to tell by the chromosomes what gender the baby is long before the 20 week ultrasound! It’s so crazy and amazing.

I realized after our last gender reveal party (which ended up being a ton of fun!), that party planning just isn’t my thing :-) So Ben and I opted to pick up the gender results in an envelope from the doctor’s office and go from there. We went to a baby clothing store where Ben picked out a boy outfit and I picked out a girl outfit (that were the same price). Forgive the iPhone pic below, but I didn’t want to pull out my DSLR in the store :-)


We then took both outfits up to the register and explained to the cashier what we were up to. She and the other girl working were so excited to help us out!  I’d brought a box with tissue paper in it so I handed her that along with the envelope with the results in it…while our backs were turned, she opened it and put the appropriate outfit and the envelope into the box and hid the other outfit under the counter.  We then turned around and paid for our new little bundle’s first set of clothes and headed out the door.

We went downtown to the steps of our church to set up my camera and open the box.  It’s the church where we dated, got married and have taken Catherine for the first year and a half of her life, so it was only appropriate that we find out if it was a boy or girl right there!

After Ben prayed for us and the new baby, we nervously and excitedly opened the box…

Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-101 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-102 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-103 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-104 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-105 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-106

Baby girl, we are so excited for you to join our family in February!  And even though she doesn’t realize it yet, Catherine is looking forward to meeting you too :-)

Karen seoap - August 15, 2016 - 8:13 am

We think girls are the best!!!!

Mommy - August 15, 2016 - 9:06 am

We are so thankful for this new little one God is adding to your/our family. Our prayers is for our 10th grandbaby as she grows and develops and becomes little sister one day to Catherine. We love you four so very much!
Mommy and Daddy

Jodi - August 15, 2016 - 3:32 pm

Yea! So very happy for you guys!!