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Justin Alan | Columbia Birth Photographer | Lexington Medical Center

Justin Alan is actually named after his dad so he’s a II (a second!).  So they’ve nicknamed him Jac, which are his initials, and I love it!  Names that have meaning (even nicknames!) are so special and I love that Bailey and Justin chose to name and call their son this.  When Bailey first contacted me about photographing their birth, they weren’t sure if they were going to find out the gender or not.  Several of my couples did that in 2016 so I was beginning to think I was the only one wanting to find out what we were having before the baby was born ;-)

But by the time we met over Skype, they had realized they couldn’t wait that long and found out they were having a boy!

Bailey was due on New Year’s Eve so leading up to the end of 2016, she and I kept in close touch but 2016 went and 2017 came with no signs of Jac wanting to join us.  So less than a week later when she went to the hospital to be induced, she was surprised to find out she was already having contractions!

I kept expecting to get a phone call during the night that she was in active labor, but when I woke up Friday morning at 6am, I was surprised that I hadn’t been woken up by a call from Bailey.  So, we touched base and I decided to leave a couple hours later to arrive in Columbia by 10am.  With a snow storm coming in, I didn’t want to get stuck in the upstate and not be able to make it in time for Jac’s birth!

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-101 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-102 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-103 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-104 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-105

This brave girl didn’t have an epidural when I arrived.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-106 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-107 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-108

Justin was by her side through every contraction.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-109 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-110 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-111

Bailey’s mom was awesome!  And it was so sweet to see her and Justin taking care of Bailey the entire day.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-112 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-113 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-114 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-115 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-116

Bailey’s dad was there too, giving as much support as he was able to while watching his little girl suffer through so much pain.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-117 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-118 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-119 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-120 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-121 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-122

The tattoo on her wrist could not be more true about her.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-123Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-124 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-125 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-126 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-127 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-128

The photo above was the last one I took before Bailey decided that the contractions were getting far more intense than she ever thought possible.  And we all told her there was no shame in opting for an epidural.  Besides, I only made it two contractions (yes, TWO FULL CONTRACTIONS) before asking for an epidural.  Bailey went H O U R S.  So, she’s a hero in my book :-)

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-129 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-130 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-131 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-132 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-133 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-134

I was so glad she was able to get some rest that evening.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-135 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-136 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-137 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-138 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-139 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-140 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-141 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-142

After every check, we all anxiously waited to see how much she had progressed, so after this last one at 9:15pm, the doctor said she was 10cm!!  They wanted to wait one more hour to give Jac some more time to make his way down on his own and in turn give Bailey less time she would need to push.


I followed Justin to the waiting room to tell the family and Bailey’s mom was in shock :-)


And she was so excited to see her daughter before meeting her grandson!

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-145 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-146Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-147 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-148 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-149 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-150 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-151 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-152 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-153 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-154 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-155

Justin and Bailey were married on 11/11/11 so we were kind of hoping Jac would join us at 11:11pm…

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-156 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-157 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-158

He actually came just a few minutes later… as perfect as perfect can be!


Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-160 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-161 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-162 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-163 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-164Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-165

That first squeeze of your hand by your baby is priceless.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-166 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-167 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-168 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-169

Don’t even get me started on baby toes!

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-170 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-171 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-172 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-173 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-174 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-175 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-176 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-177 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-178 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-179 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-180

Look at Jac getting a good look at his mama!!

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-181 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-182 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-183 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-184 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-185 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-186 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-187 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-188Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-189

The grandparents and Justin’s sister were waiting to meet Jac on his way to the nursery.

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-190 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-192

And Justin’s mom was so proud!!

Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-191Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-193 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-194 Lexington-Medical-Birth-Photographer-195

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Andrew + Amy | Expecting Baby

I was so excited when I got an email from Amy last summer saying they had just found out they were pregnant!  It wasn’t too long after their wedding so there was a bit of shock (for them too!) but far more joy and happiness than anything else!

Ben and I didn’t know at that point yet that we’d be expecting our second baby so soon after Andrew and Amy, but after spending so much time with them leading up to their wedding, I knew I wanted to do maternity and birth photos for them.  It will be a little different since I’ll be so far along, but these two have been so understanding and when baby Reese comes in 5-ish weeks, they’re ok with me sitting down a bit more during his delivery than I normally would be :-)  But it will be worth it!!

It was chilly the day of their maternity photos, but I’m glad we were able to get them to Greenville for their session before the snow came.  The last thing we needed was for Amy and I both to be waddling around patches of snow and ice… yikes.

Thank you guys for asking me to be a part of this new season of life for you!  I am so excited and can’t wait to meet baby Reese soon!


After we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Amy is, can we talk about how amazing her dress is??
PinkBlush Maternity for the win!

winter-maternity-photos-river-101 winter-maternity-photos-river-102 winter-maternity-photos-river-104 winter-maternity-photos-river-103 winter-maternity-photos-river-105

Y’all are so adorable.  I can’t get over it.

winter-maternity-photos-river-106 winter-maternity-photos-river-107 winter-maternity-photos-river-108

You also have some killer model faces!  Both of you!

winter-maternity-photos-river-109winter-maternity-photos-river-110 winter-maternity-photos-river-111 winter-maternity-photos-river-112 winter-maternity-photos-river-113 winter-maternity-photos-river-114 winter-maternity-photos-river-115 winter-maternity-photos-river-117 winter-maternity-photos-river-116winter-maternity-photos-river-118 winter-maternity-photos-river-119 winter-maternity-photos-river-120 winter-maternity-photos-river-121 winter-maternity-photos-river-122 winter-maternity-photos-river-123winter-maternity-photos-river-124 winter-maternity-photos-river-125

I love them all, but Amy’s dress and her hair just make her stand out so beautifully!

winter-maternity-photos-river-126 winter-maternity-photos-river-127winter-maternity-photos-river-128 winter-maternity-photos-river-129 winter-maternity-photos-river-130 winter-maternity-photos-river-131 winter-maternity-photos-river-132 winter-maternity-photos-river-133 winter-maternity-photos-river-134

I insisted we get a photo together since these babies are due so close together!
(Just as long as they’re born several weeks apart! haha!)


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Monday Musings | Snow Day(s)!

We don’t get a lot of snow in South Carolina, which is why it’s a big deal when we get even a little bit!  And even though I was a little nervous driving back to the upstate from shooting a birth in Greenville after all of the snow had fallen, the roads weren’t bad at all and God completely kept me safe.  In fact, the street where our house is was the worst of all of them!

So, here are a few tid-bits from the weekend:

  • Bread and Milk: the reason it disappears when snow is coming is because French Toast is THE perfect snow day breakfast (or dinner)!
  • On my way home from Columbia Saturday morning, I went to pick up my car from the shop after they’d done some repairs (I was in a rental). But I wasn’t dressed for snow AT ALL.  And in case you were wondering, slip-on Keds are not appropriate shoes for the snow.  Especially when you’re trying to scrape snow off your car and you fall through some thin ice into a puddle and soak your foot.
  • When your daughter’s foot won’t fit into her boots (even though they’re the right size), ziplock bags with rubber bands will work for playing in the snow!
  • We’ve been getting my (almost) weekly baby bump pictures on Saturdays so I was excited to get this week’s photo in the snow!
  • Even snow days on the weekend go slower than any regular day of the week.  I love them!

And because it’s necessary, a few photos of us and our little snow bunny in this year’s snow:

At first, she did NOT love it.  She actually never really warmed up to it, but she did love her Papa pulling her around on the ice!

2017snow_blog-101 2017snow_blog-102

So glad my mom was with us and was able to get this of all 3 of us!

2017snow_blog-103 2017snow_blog-104 2017snow_blog-105

3 generations in the snow!


So thankful for my hubby for getting these photos of our growing Isabella each week.


Oh my goodness… we love her so!

2017snow_blog-107 2017snow_blog-108

It’s also no secret how much I love our backyard… and if I wasn’t 8+ months pregnant, I would have ventured all the way down to the creek.  But, the back deck was as far as I dared go by myself.


But first, a photo of my feet and Isabella :-)


It was just so pretty!!

2017snow_blog-111 2017snow_blog-112

Trusting in 2017


I’ve never had a “word for the year” for my business, but as I’m trying my hardest to plan for 2017, set some goals, and look towards the future of Sabrina Fields Photography, the word that God put in front of me was TRUST.

And the best part is that this word fits into every area of my life.

  • Trust God with the weddings I do have booked and the ones yet to book.
  • Trust God with the birth of our baby Isabella in February
  • Trust that we WILL survive with a toddler and a newborn in the same house ;-)
  • Trust that He will provide amazing people and our wonderful family to continue helping us care for these girls as we shoot, work, attend church and just do life together.
  • Trust that He still has this business in His hands and has wonderful plans for it!
  • Trust that the ideas in my head WILL happen this year and not remain stuck in my head because of fear.
  • Trust that He gave me the gifts and abilities to capture memories and new beginnings for couples (weddings) and families (births) and that I AM doing what I’m called to do.
  • …there are so many more things but this list will be enough to remind me why this is my word for 2017!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

2016 Favorites | Diamond Rings

There’s a lot to be said about how precious a diamond ring is… how the diamond is created, how rare the stone is to begin with, how much pressure guys feel like they’re under when picking one out :-)

So when I’m photographing rings at an engagement session or on a wedding day, my goal is to not only try and highlight the diamond, but also the ring itself.  Because sometimes the setting is just as special as the diamond is!

My 2016 brides and engaged couples had some beautiful rings and I can’t wait to photograph some of them at weddings this coming year.  Enjoy this very bright and beautiful blog post!

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I do love some pops of color for photos of rings!!

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This photo was taken in Ephesians 5 inside the new bible that Frank gave Becklin when they got engaged!

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Sometimes it’s hard to get creative shots when time and locations have you restricted.  But because Cami and Topher did a First Look and had some time to sit and play the piano together before the ceremony (it was amazing!), this shot became a MUST!

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I do love pops of color, but when trying to highlight the setting…
a simple white background (or the bride’s wedding dress) is perfect!

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And then there was the time we bought some waffle fries at Chick-fil-A for a ring shot (because that’s where Sydney & Koury met!).

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